12 animals that are being brought back from extinction

Now with the advancement of science and different studies on nature, scientists are trying to resurrect some of the unique species of animals. Here is the list of some of the species of the animals that are being brought back to life after they went extinct from the world.


The Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf belonged to the Thylacine species. They were the largest carnivorous marsupials. This dog-headed and stripped animal was quite reminiscent to the tiger. They went extinct some 80 years ago. The last one Tasmanian tiger was spotted in the year 1933. Some claimed that the last Thylacine died in the year 1936 in Tasmania’s Hobart Zoo. In the year 2008, the scientists managed to recover Thylacine genes from a 100-year-old preserved specimen which they think have paved the way for the de-extinction of the species. Now Thylacine specie is also among those animals that are being brought back from extinction.

Animals brought back from extinction Thylacine

Woolly rhinoceros

Woolly rhinoceros were similar to the modern rhinoceros but were covered with thick and long hair on their bodies. They could easily survive in cold and harsh weather.

Woolly Rhinoceros

They went extinct through human hunting. Several remains and corpses of the hunted animals were found throughout history. now the scientists are trying to extract the DNA from the remains of a 10,000 years old corpse or remain of a baby woolly rhinoceros and they are trying to bring back the species through cross-breeding.


Aurochs were the wild, large cattle that were mostly found in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The species went extinct after 1627. The scientist who have been examining different cattle species are now trying to resurrect them. They are trying to resurrect Aurochs through the genes found in modern cattle.

animals brought back from extinction Aurochs


The Quagga was a species of plains zebra that went extinct in the late 19th century. It was a bit different from the common zebra, its body contains only limited brown and white stripes mainly on the front part of the body the back was brown and without stripes that looked similar like a horse.

Animals brought back from extinction Quagga

Quagga went extinct nearly a century ago and are now being brought back to life through selective breeding by a group called Quagga project.

Siberian Cave Lion

Siberian Cave lion is known as cave lion because their remains were found in the cave. Two frozen Siberian cave cubs were discovered after which the scientists are trying to clone the specie so that these animals could be brought back from extinction.

frozen siberian cave lion cub

Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex or Iberian wild goats inhabited the Cantabrian Mountains. The main Pyrenean Ibex species went extinct while the subspecies have survived. The last goat of this species was alive until January 2000. Scientists performed several failed attempts to retrieve this species.

Pyrenean Ibex brought back from extinction

It is also the first animal to was successfully cloned out of extinction. Unfortunately, it could not survive for a long. It died of a lung disease only a few minutes after its birth. The scientists are again recreating the species through the process.

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Steppe Bison

Steppe Bison resembled the modern American bison species. The species was over 2m tall at the wither, weighing nearly 900 kg. It had a bit different horns from the American bison. In July 1979, a mummy of steppe bison was discovered. Scientists later preserved it for further experimenting.

Animals brought back from extinction Steppe Bison

Later in 2016, a tail of an ancient steppe bison was also recovered from the Siberian Perma forest. After this recovery the scientists are trying to obtain DNA from the tail. This DNA will later be used to clone the extinct species.

Irish Elks

Irish Elks is one of the largest species of the deer that ever exist. The giant species got extinct due to their giant shape. It is believed that the antlers of the Irish elk’s became so large that they could no longer hold up their heads and it got entangled in the tree that killed them. However, some studies claimed that they died of starvation.

animals brought back from extinction irish elks

The species got extinct many thousands of years ago but are now considered a potential candidate for de-extinction for the Long Now Foundation.

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly mammoth was the same size as modern African elephants. They coexisted with early humans who hunted them for their bones, teeth, tusk and made tools from it while used their flesh for food. The species went extinct nearly 10,000 years ago due to their excessive hunting and climate change. Now the scientists believe that this species could be recreated through several means.

Animals brought back from extinction Woolly Mammoth

The species is currently on the cusp of resurrection. Scientists are trying to create a hybrid embryo in which, mammoth traits would be programmed and then implanted an Asian elephant

Gastric Brooding Frog:

Gastric Brooding Frogs or platypus frogs were commonly found in Australia. This species of the frog incubated the early stages of its offspring inside the womb of their mother and the mother give birth to the offspring through her mouth.

Animals brought back from extinction gastric brooding frog

This unique species went extinct in 1980. Since March 2013 the scientists are trying to bring back the frog from extinction through the cloning process called somatic-cell nuclear transfer.


Dodo the famous bird found in Mauritus Island went extinct due to human hunting. The last one died in the year 1681. The nearly intact Dodo skeleton was found in 2007 after which scientists are trying to collect the DNA and resurrect the extinct species.

extinct animal dodo bird
Extinct birds London :Hutchinson,1907. http://biodiversitylibrary.org/item/119044

Cuban Macaw

Cuban Macaw was a species of a macaw. It was called Cuban macaw because it was commonly found on the Island of Cuba. The species went extinct due to deforestation, weather changes, and hunting.

animals brought back from extinction Cuban Macaw

The last Cuban macaw was shot in the year 1864 after which it went extinct. Scientist are trying to resurrect the species through cross-breeding of different macaw species. They are also among the list of the animals that are being brought back from extinction.


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