Is Adnan Sami an ISI agent? He Just Confessed? – People Bashing and Trolling on Social Media

Adnan Sami is a familiar name for the people of India and Pakistan. Adnan Sami is Musician and Singer by profession. He had gained his earlier education in London where he was born.

Who is Adnan Sami?

Adnan Sami, is an Indian singer, musician and a music composer. He has also known for his polished acting and for being a pianist. He has contributed in Indian and Western Music. For his services in the music industry, Sami has been awarded with  Padma Shri (which is the India’s fourth highest civilian award). 

Sami has also been unmatched in music. He has been certified as the”the first musician to have played the santoor and Indian classical music on the piano”. International magazine has reckoned him as the fastest keyboard player in the world. He has been called as the keyboard discovery of the nineties.

Whilst, Adnan Sami Khan is a Pakistani as his father Arshad Sami Khan was a member of Pakistani Air Force. He has settled in India for good.  In 2016 he became an Indian citizen.

After settling in Pakistan and gaining success in music, he faced trouble in marriage. He divorced his wife, Zeba Bakhtiar and went to India to seek Music opportunities.

He has been living in India since 2001 and has not returned back. Even though his father, Arshad Sami Khan had served Pakistani Air Force, people of Pakistan had found his son less patriotic. Pakistani claim that he has been choosing career over nationality and thereby supports India over Pakistan.

Why are People Bashing Adnan Sami on Twitter?

adnan sami

However, the light hearted nation, went forth trolling the artist and thereby claimed that he was an undercover ISI agent that Pakistan has sent.

The social media was full with tweets which claimed that he was on a mission in India and that he is Major Sami and that people shall not hate him!

adnan sami

Funny Twitter Memes on Adnan Sami

adnan sami

Even Shaan Shahid Trolled him

What was the response by Adnan Sami?

He confesses!


People in Pakistan are so outraged by Adnan Sami’s response to the current situation and in recent times whenever tensions between two nations have escalated. Pakistanis have taken to social media to frame him as an ISI agent and want India to bash him as well. The trolling level is amazing and Pakistanis are wishing that somehow India turns against him as well. People like Adnan Sami give priority to fame, not moral values, believe the people of Pakistan. Indo-Pak tensions have always been high. Artist persuing career and work opportunities is not something that has made the nation upset, rather actors like Mahira Khan, Veena Malik, Marwa Hocane and others have succeeded in getting work in India. However, the people of Pakistan are upset with Adnan Sami as he has forgotten his roots. His father was a dedicated officer and he has turned his back on Pakistan just for sake of career. Thus, the outrageous nation bashes him for his personal choices! 

Adnan Sami’s son and ex-wife are proud Pakistanis. His son, Azan Sami Khan has a enchanting voice and has made a great name at a young age. The people of Pakistan love him and respect him. He is a leading actor and a musician. Azan Sami Khan is not bashed for being son of Adnan Sami and it has been seen that Azan Sami tends to remains silent or diplomatic over his father. He does agree that he respects and loves his father as there is no replacement for a father! 

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