All you need to know about Career at Microsoft

We are exploring the possibilities of having a career at Microsoft! 

While The Planet Today explores all the renowned organizations for Careers. Microsoft is yet another one on our list with Google, Amazon, and many more!  We know all of us to have the urge of working at renowned organizations. Not only that having a career at Microsoft helps in enjoying a salary higher than the average national wage, but it also adds greatly to reputation, CV, and perks.

Thus, here is all that you need to know about starting a Career at Microsoft!

Why have a Career at Microsoft?

Well, if you ask me, why not have a career at Microsoft? Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies. Its products and services are known to the world. Being not only a pioneer but also a constant market competitor.  Microsoft enjoys fame and the limelight. Founded by Bill Gates, Microsoft holds the empire in the world of technology.

Microsoft’s most famous and used product is the Microsft word, excel, and PowerPoint. Well, we all have used them, right? Not only this, Microsoft an American Multinational cooperation produces software, consumer electronics, and much more. Nonetheless, it has its own Search engine, a gaming console, and the acquisition of LinkedIn, Skype, and GitHub.

However, if you think, you are the only one wanting a job at Microsoft. Think again perhaps. As Forbes list Microsoft as top 5 major technology companies that the employees are desperate to be a part of. Since the world is moving toward technology and we are witnessing a constant Technological revolution. Thus, the Technology industries and companies are growing rapidly. Thereby,  be software engineers, IT specialists, or Sales managers, many want to work for Microsoft.

What Careers are there at Microsoft?

There are a number of careers at Microsoft. However, here are a few to mention:

  1. Administration
  2. Business development
  3. Communication
  4. Consultation
  5. Customer services
  6. Corporate
  7. Data Centers
  8. Sales
  9. Design and creativity
  10. Engineering
  11. Englaveism
  12. Business leadership
  13. Finance
  14. Hardware Engineer
  15. Human Resources
  16. Retail
  17. Research
  18. Real Estate
  19. Manufacturing
  20. Marketing
  21. Learning
  22. Quantum Computing
  23. Marketing
  24. Project and Product Management
  25. Supply Chain
  26. Software Engineering

High Salary Career at Microsoft

Here are some of the High salary careers to look forward at Microsoft:

  1. Software Engineer II (base salary: $117,675)
  2. Hardware Engineer ( Base Salary: $102,500)
  3. Senior Software Engineer ( Base Salary:  $149,296)
  4. Program Manager ( Base Salary:  $128,664)
  5. Senior Program Manager (Base Salary:  $143,504
  6. Technical Program Manager (Base Salary: $120,338)
  7. Senior UX designer (Base Salary:  $120,000)

Culture and Work Environment at Microsoft

While we would love to work at any renowned organization.  Thus, working at Microsoft is not an easy task. Being selected at Microsoft is hard and it is even harder to retain the job. There is competition. Tough one that is. Hundreds, if not thousands are eyeing your position. Thus, you have to be worthy of the seat you occupy at Microsoft. Thus, a Career at Microsoft is not a bed of roses!

According to a reputed report, Microsoft ranks among the top companies with the best culture. It has a culture and work environment where employees love to work. The employee satisfaction rate is high. Thus, the company makes sure that it values its customers.

Nevertheless, there are many fringe benefits for the employees! Such as:

  1. employee development programs
  2. retirement plans
  3. employee stock purchase plans
  4. performance bonuses
  5. equity incentive plans
  6. worker’s compensation plans

Microsoft even gives parenting classes, allows employees to have health insurance, and opens avenues for investing in health. However, the best part is the flexibility to work. Microsoft is allowing people to work at flexible timing, have plenty of vacations and have a work-life balance!  Also, there is enough diversity. You can find people from different races, ethnicities, and nationalities at Microsoft. Thus, making it one of the best companies to work for.

Locations for Career at Microsoft

Well, there are many locations for a career at Microsoft. Microsoft is a global company with offices and work opportunities around the globe. Thus, here are some notable locations for a career at Microsoft:

  1. North America
  2. Latin America
  3. Europe
  4. India
  5. Asia Pacific
  6. The Middle East and Africa
  7. China

Thus, covering the almost entire globe. The expansion is not reducing, rather Microsoft is penetrating into different countries. Thereby, seeking a career at Microsoft may not cause you to move from your own location!

Is there an online Career Option at Microsoft

Well, perhaps. You can work remotely at Microsoft if you have a genuine reason to do so. Microsoft has not clearly mentioned any remote jobs. However, its job flexibility caters to remote jobs. These jobs are usually offered to single mothers. Or mothers who wish to work from home, and anyone who has a genuine reason to have a remote career at Microsoft. Thus, none of the job openings will mention “remote”.  Until you ask for it. However, this is what the current status is. The news is that Microsoft is working on remote jobs as well!

How to Apply for a Career at Microsoft

Well, there are certain ways to apply at Microsoft. Thereby you can avail of the most convenient option. Nonetheless, here are some:

  1. Apply online on Microsoft: Search for a job.  If there is a vacancy, apply at Microsoft careers.
  2. Use LinkedIn to get in touch with the recruiter
  3. Use various platforms for jobs that allow you to connect to employers
  4. Create a free profile at Microsoft and apply for the job whenever there is a vacancy

What is the process of selection at Microsoft?

Perhaps, getting a job at Microsoft is not easy at all. And mind me, the process of selection is even more difficult. First, for each post, they have hundreds of capable and competitive applicants. Thus, making the task of selection even more difficult for Microsoft. Thus, they do take time in selecting the best.

So, the  process of selection at Microsoft is as follows:

  1.  Application
  2. Phone screening
  3. Phone interview
  4. Face-to-face interview
  5. HR interview
  6. Formal offer

Are you looking forward to having a career at Microsoft? Best of luck with it! But then, it is neither easy to secure a position there nor it is impossible. Keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals!


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