How many Career choices at Amazon do I have?

Explore 100s of Career choices at Amazon!  

We at ThePlanetToday are creating awareness about career choices.  And how to pursue them. We have already talked about a Career with Google. However, another great organization that is allowing people to work from around the world is none other than Amazon. Do you know that there are a number of Career Choices at Amazon?

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational technology company having roots in America. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. While we love shopping at Amazon and attaining a great many services. It is one of the most influential forces in the world. It has the ability to influence economies and cultures. It is known as the most influential brand in the world.

Amazon took the world by storm during Covid-19. It is known as the most successful organization during the pandemic. Its online services helped the customers attain goods and services at their homes.

Are there Career Choices at Amazon?

The Technology hub has a number of employees. It has wide career choices for people around the world. The data shows that in the US alone, Amazon has employed 1.1 million people.  Thus, it is safe to say that there is a good number of career choices at Amazon.

Amazon is also offering career choices from home. Post-Pandemic, the company is offering remote careers to people. This is allowing people in different parts of the world to become part of Amazon.

Career Choices at Amazon

At Amazon, there are as many as 28 teams. Offering jobs to more than 10,000 individuals. These teams even offer jobs to students. One can explore a career at Amazon in different fields. Here are some of the career choices available at Amazon:

  1. Amazon Ads team
  2.  Alexa Team of Amazon
  3. Start a business at Amazon
  4.  Transit services team
  5.  Web Services team
  6. Amazon consumer affairs team
  7. finance and global business service team
  8. Human resource teams
  9. market place
  10. Health storefront and tech
  11. eCommerce foundation team
Amazon careers

Thus, there is a career choice at Amazon for people with business to people with skills. If you have skills such as finance, management, marketing, e-commerce, engineering, or others, there is a place for you at Amazon. You can explore as many as 100,000 jobs at Amazon. Look into Amazon Team to see where you fit the best!

Online Career Choice at Amazon

Want to pursue an online career at Amazon? Well, the good news is that Amazon is providing a number of online career choices for you. The online jobs at Amazon are not ordinary. They can help you earn as much as $170,000! Here are some online career choices at Amazon:

  1. AWS partner trainer
  2. Digital services and Alexa support associate
  3. Customer service associate
  4. Benefit support specialist
  5. Technical writer
  6. Content acquisition manager
  7. Art director
  8. Business developer
  9. Software development engineer
  10. Learning Specialist

Which is the best career choice at Amazon?

Nevertheless, all career choices at Amazon are amazing. Starting a business with Amazon to being a part of Amazon is amazing in all possible ways. There are vast Career choices at Amazon. And all of them would be great. However, as people deem the best career choice as one that is highly paying, here are some highest paying careers at Amazon:

  1. Director Amazon
  2. Software Development Manager
  3. Senior solution architect
  4. Principal data scientist
  5. Technical Program manager
  6. Service Developer

How difficult is it to be a part of Amazon?

It can be very difficult to be part of Amazon. The reason is that even though there is an array of career choices at Amazon.  Everyone wants to join it. They receive hundreds of applications every day and select only those who are most capable of handling the job. Thereby, to start a career in Amazon, you need to have experience, skills, and confidence.

Thus, do apply at Amazon and try your luck!

Where are Amazon offices located?

Here are some of the countries you can locate amazon at:

  1. Germany
  2. Netherlands
  3. Belgium
  4. Itlay
  5. Georgia
  6. Spain
  7. India
  8. Mary Land
  9. US
  10. China
  11. Colombia
  12. UK
  13. Slovakia
  14. France
  15. Austria
  16. Romania
  17. South Africa
  18. OH
  19. Ireland
  20. Scotland
  21. Japan
  22. Dokota
  23. Sweden

Is it worth exploring Career Choice at Amazon?

While it is always worth exploring job opportunities at renowned organizations. As they offer great perks. You can get various benefits. These are discounts, vacations, paid leaves, job security, enjoying pay higher than average national pay, and much more.

But in some cases, these organizations have been called out for poor catering to employees. During a pandemic, there was a campaign against Amazon for putting the lives of its employees at risk. They are also known for extended working hours. Reviews about the working experience at Amazon are mixed, as by Glassdoor. Some say the work pays you off well and that the health benefits are great. The culture is supportive and professional. Yet, some say that one cannot manage work-life balance!

But, you never know how good it turns out for you!


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