ezBike – Pakistan’s First Electric Bike Sharing Service

The National Incubation Centre (NIC) in Islamabad powered by jazz has launched EzBike. EzBike is an electric bike. EzBike was launched recently in Islamabad. The main aim of this service is to reform the transport industry of this country.

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They have launched an application for this service. Through this application, users can unlock the bike and ride it to their destination. When the user reaches his destination he can park it in the assigned zone. The EzBike in Parking can be used for the next user ride to book.

How it Works?

EZBike app is available on both IOS and Android. Users can logon to the app and find the nearest bike to book. Once booked, the bike will be reserved for the user for 15 minutes in which the user can walk up to it and scan the QR code to unlock it. Ride to your destination, lock the bike and get the trip receipt! Simple as that!

EzBike Payment

The user needs 5 rupees to unlock the bike. Then 5 rupees for every minute is charged until the user reaches his destination. For example, the total amount for using EzBike for an hour would be 305 rupees. The user can also pause the ride and it will reduce the rate in the total amount to a low of 2 rupees.

How to pay your amount on EzBike?

The payments can be done through Jazz Cash. Ezbike has done a partnership with the cellular company Jazz through Jazz xlr8. They have done this partnership to smoothen the payment process for the service.

The CEO of Roamer Technologies, Mr. Mohammad noticed that only 10 percent of the people own a motor vehicle.

We are trying to provide these bikes to most people. This service of EzBike is very cost-effective and it is very environmentally friendly. It will help with better transportation in Pakistan. In a world of the pandemic affected by the COVID-19, EzBike service provides a safe way to travel with minimum chances of getting effected. It will help people to move while keeping social distance.

The launching ceremony of EzBike was arranged at NIC Islamabad. Many known dignitaries were present at the event.

The minister states that:

“It is a very important and proud moment. It’s a proud moment that different innovative companies are launching in Pakistan (EzBike)”.

They also state that:

“We cannot make progress without these types of new innovative companies. As the future of Pakistan lies in these information technologies”.

The e-bike or vehicles like this play an important role in the mobility market of Pakistan. The government should support this new startup technology.

The minister also said that the service of EzBike is also available and useful to the women also. It provides them a faster and safer way of commuting. He also said that we will keep supporting these types of projects in the future.

EzBike Partner with Jazz

Syed Aminul Haque mentioned the partners jazz and others:

“We will like to congratulate all the public partners such as Ignite, Jazz xlr8, and Teamup.”

Companies like EzBike have come to another level when it comes to the transport of the public. Mr. Hadi said that as in the situation of coronavirus people will feel safe when they ride their own vehicle.

Roamer Technologies has to send more than 2,000 vehicles within the following year. This helps those people who want to travel alone. They mean to acquire a large number of dollars foreign Direct Investments. It will profit our economy and our GDP in Pakistan.


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