The Fastest Charger – Take Benefits from Type C charger

The modern age is all about fast, compact and reliable devices. Also, a single piece of hardware can now perform multiple functions. Take the example of a smartphone that has now become a professional camera and an office suite. In this era, we have all had to take time to plug in our USB cable the right way in the first go: and still getting it wrong.

Well, that issue has been solved by the USB type C. We have all seen or heard about type C chargers but why are they such a big deal?

Here is why type C chargers and cables are a game changer and are expected to stay for a long time.

Fastest Charger Type C charger


No need to worry about which side you are plugging into your phone or laptop. The USB C port is the same from both sides which makes it really easy to use and less vulnerable to damage. Of course, Apple’s lightning cable has this sorted out already but Samsung and Huawei previously used ports that were not so reliable. So, if you forced in your cable the wrong way, you might even harm your phone.

Smaller in size

The compact size of the USB type C port each purpose is solved by the USB type C. The USB type C allows you to charge your device, transfer data between two devices, listening to audio and delivering 4K Ultra HD videos.

Fastest Charger Type C charger

Manufacturers can now build even more compact devices since USB type C is not only small but multipurpose as well. By removing additional ports, devices can not only be made more compact but also lighter in weight.


The hassle of having different ports for different purposes has now been overcome by USB type C. C port is used for connecting devices, charging your laptop and connecting external media. Lenovo followed suit and almost all tech giants are now using USB type C ports in abundance. Apart from ports of various shapes and sizes, our devices can now have ports of the same type for different purposes. A pretty good example is Apple’s MacBook which has a single USB C port for all purposes

Fastest Charger Type C charger


The USB type C standard can be truly considered universal since ALL the companies have adopted this standard including Apple which has a reputation of doing things differently. Apart from laptops, Apple has also announced that the new Ipad will be featuring a USB type C port.


The USB type C supports the USB 3.1 standard which means that it can transfer data at crazy fast speeds. Theoretically, the data transfer rate is up to 10 Gbps.

More power

A Type C charger is the quickest way to charge your phone! It provides more power for fast charging. Devices are now equipped with bigger batteries which requires faster charging. Type C charging is the best source of charging in the modern era since it can provide up to 100 watts or 3 amps of power. Also, type C cables are capable of powering almost any device, like printers and monitors.

The USB Power Delivery (PD) Protocol uses USB type C to charge devices 70% faster than the existing USB protocols.


There is no need to throw away your existing cables if your new device supports USB type C connectivity. There are numerous adapters available for every type of port. Just find the one that fits your requirement and that’s all! It’s as easy as that!

Fastest Charger Type C charger

A word of caution

One thing to worry about while buying USB type C cables is that they might not follow the proper USB type C standards. For example, a phone is set to charge at 2.5 amps and the laptop can provide a maximum of 2 amps for charging through cable. A faulty USB type C cable would draw too much power for the laptop to handle and will hence damage the laptop’s port or even worse: the laptop.

A great tech advancement that is expected to last for a good period of time. With all its exciting features, the USB type C has become a very popular standard. Just be careful when buying adapters or cables because the ones that do not follow the standards might harm your device.

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