Best tips for a healthy liver( top 5 & updated for 2023)

A healthy liver is a gateway to a healthy life. Liver issues and problems are common, but they can be cured with simple food adjustment and changes in lifestyle! Let’s read how to attain a healthy liver!

Why is the Liver important for us?

While the liver is important for us, a healthy liver is also important for the body. When we talk about the human body, we often neglect the role of the liver. For many, the brain and heart are the two most important organs of the body. nevertheless, all the body organs are vital. All Body organs perform a function that is necessary for everyday life. All body organs need to be healthy for you to enjoy health.

The liver is among the most important organs of the body and performs multiple functions. In most simple words, the Liver intakes all the blood leaving the stomach. it processes the blood, breaks it, and balances it. Also, it tends to create nutrients along with metabolizing the drugs. These functions allow different body organs and parts to utilize the blood in the required manner.

Thus, the Liver is known for producing proteins, cholesterol, and bile. It helps in storing vitamins, minerals, and  carbohydrates. It breaks down the byproducts of the metabolism and breaks down the toxins.

How to maintain a healthy liver?

If you are worrisome about your liver and want to maintain a healthy liver, then you are at the right place. You need to be extra careful if your family has a history of liver issues. However, you never know, which habit of yours might cause liver issues. Thereby, following deals with best tips for a healthy liver. We will also be dealing with the habits that you should forgo for the best health of your liver.

1. Avoiding weight to avoid fatty liver

The extra weight, which is the fat, not only deposits beneath the skin, it also deposits on the liver and heart causing them to deteriorate their functioning and life. The fatty liver is one of the most unhealthy forms of livers.
One of the fastest growing liver diseases in fatty liver which is obese triggered. High levels of fat in the blood (hyperlipidemia) and high levels of cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) are the major cause of Fatty liver. .Hit for Body Mass Index (BMI). Consult someone who can guide well about healthy weight loss tips. The best one is to avoid weight loss pills. Go for walks, exercise, cutting off carbs and sugars.

2. An Active and healthy lifestyle

Lets define a active and healthy lifestyle. An active lifestyle is one where you are physically active. You talk care of the body by having walk, jog or exercise. A healthy lifestyle is one which helps in improving the health of the body, which starts from eating healthy, having good sleep, dropping all activities that endanger human health. For instance smoking is not a part of healthy lifestyle. excessive intakes of sugars is not a part of healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet is a part of healthy lifestyle.

You need to incorporate fruits and vegetables to the diet, move to as such organic food as you can from the processed food. Limit the use of junk food and carbonated drinks! This will improve the blood flow to the liver, wont push one towards developing a NAFLD. The aim is to improve the functioning of liver and reducing the stress on the liver.

3. Avoid/Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is injurious to health and the liver. While many Alcoholic drinks, as per the studies, are root reasons to multiple health diseases. It has been proven that excessive use of alcohol in the diet can cause damage or destruction of the liver cells and scar your liver.

healthy liver

If you can’t quit alcohol, consult your doctor about the maximum intake. On the other hand, smokers are vulnerable to get a  liver cancer. Excessive smoking can cause similar toxic effect on liver as some excessive drugs have such as the  paracetamol.

4. Avoiding the illicit drugs and contaminated needles 

Any non-medical drug that is used by young and adults allows to shrink the liver. Medical researches prove that illicit drugs cause damages to liver cell, block the flow of bile or both. these are known as   hepatocellular and  cholestatic disorders.

healthy liver

the worst part is that about 9.2 percent of population aged 12 in America uses drugs such as marijuana/hashish, cocaine (including crack), heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants. the contaminated needles, tend to pollute the blood. these are mostly used by children taking drugs. in some hospitals, there might be such cases.

5. Protection against hepatitis

Hepatitis C and B are transmittable diseases. To prevent oneself from getting hepatitis B or C, one shall not share toothbrush, razors, needles and shall avoid unprotected sex. Hepatitis B has a vaccine, but C has no cure till date. These diseases  can cause damages  to liver, such as liver inflammation.

Which Foods are good for liver?

  1. Coffee
  2. Grapefruits
  3. tea
  4. grapes
  5. blueberries
  6. pear
  7. beetroot juice
  8.  Brussels sprouts
  9. broccoli
  10. mustard greens
  11. Nuts
  12. Fish
  13. Olive Oil

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