How to start a YouTube channel in 2024? Is it worth creating a YouTube Channel? Complete guide!

how to start a youtube channel

Ever wonder how to start a YouTube channel? How to start a Youtube channel and earn? What kind of YouTube channel to start for making money? Stay hooked on this article!!

There are many perks of starting a YouTube channel! Some of which are too good to be ignored. First of all, you can create videos where you can share your content of mind with like-minded people this will eventually help you grow and if your growth continues you can reach thousands or millions of people. Second, after successful growth you can monetize your channel and start earning this can become your full-time or part-time business. This channel can also help you in promoting your previously owned business.

Remember you are not the only one competing to create a channel there are many people out there sharing the same vision and goals as you. So, we will help you in Starting your own YouTube Channel by giving you tips to begin your journey right away.

Here is a complete guide on how to start a YouTube channel in 2023!

How to Start a YouTube channel?

Let’s start with the basics! To start a Youtube channel follow these steps and wallah! here are 10 steps you need to follow to start a YouTube channel!

1. Sign in to YouTube

The very first step you need to do to start a Youtube channel is to sign in to YouTube! It is very simple you just have to sign into your YouTube using your google account which can be created very easily. After creating your account, you have to click on the top right corner of YouTube where you will find the sign-in option.

  • Next, you have to click on the profile picture and select create a channel.
  • You will be asked to add your profile picture and your channel name which will appear when someone wants to reach out to your channel. Your name should be an interesting one according to the content you want to publish. Your profile picture should be square or round and be around 800 x 800 px.
  • Now click on Create Channel in the bottom right corner and your account will be created successfully.

how to start a youtube channel

  1. Verify your phone number on YouTube

Now that your channel has been created. You will add your phone number which will give you additional benefits. Adding your phone number will allow you to add videos longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails and appeal custom ID claims.

To add your phone number, click on your profile picture and select YouTube Studio from the menu shown. After selecting the YouTube Studio option, you will click on the setting menu which will appear on the right side of the screen. Now click on the Channel tab and select Feature Eligibility. Under the intermediate feature click on verify phone number and then you will have to follow some steps which will be provided on the screen

Remember to add a safe number that can be used at any time as the phone number will be your safety code.

  1. Add a video watermark and banner to your channel-start a Youtube channel!

A video watermark is a small logo on the bottom left of your videos this helps to promote your channel when viewers click on the watermark YouTube prompt them to subscribe to your channel. You can customize your watermark according to your channel and videos.

A channel banner is a long horizontal image that appears at the top of your YouTube home page this helps the viewers to know what kind of channel this is.

  • How to add a channel banner and video watermark?

Once you have decided and created your video watermark and your channel banner go to YouTube studio and click on customization on the left navigation bar. Click on the Branding tab and find the watermark and banner option. Click upload and add each of the assets on your channel.

  1. Find your YouTube channel topic to start a Youtube channel!

Your topic is the main thing that people will use to search for you on YouTube. So, your topic must be interesting as people are attracted to specific topics.

There are hundreds of topics from which you can choose.

  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business
  • Pets
  • And many more

But if you want to succeed and stand out you must find a topic within a topic for example if you choose sports as the main topic you must choose between Football or Basketball.

  1. Identify your target audience.

Once you have chosen your topic you must understand who is going to watch your videos, and what kind of audience are you going to target is your video made for kids or is it an information-purpose video?

Understanding what your audience need helps you improve your videos, and you can upload videos at the right time when your audience is online, and they will likely watch your video. Knowing more about your viewers allows you to know about their likes and dislikes which helps in making more enjoyable content.

  1. Find your competitors on YouTube

As a content creator, there will be hundreds of people who may share the same topic with you. But you don’t have to get in a quarrel with them or try to upstage their channel videos to boost your views. Having competitors is good as they may have the same mind as you and you can collaborate and be a source of motivation for each other.

  1. Create a list of videos.

It is better if you have a few videos in your inventory before posting your videos as this will give you time and freedom to think about new ones. You can research new videos and with time you will have built up momentum.

  1. Test your videos with keyword research

Now that you have videos ready to post but still to make sure that your videos reach the top spot you can do the keyword research. This is a process that tells us which word is being used by users to search for videos. If you know which search words your users are using you can get more views on YouTube, all you need to do is add these terms.

  1. Get the right equipment.

Did you know how much it costs to start a YouTube channel? Well, it varies on the type of content you are posting some may need a high-spec camera as they are posting videos on travel, so it depends on what kind of channel you are creating but it is important that you have all the necessary equipment as this will help to boost your views as the audience wants quality over quantity.

how to start a youtube channel

  1. Post your first video.

This is what you have all been waiting for, when will you be able to finally post your video as now as you have completed all the steps you can now upload the video. Hers how you can do it.

Go to YouTube and click on the camera figure which is located with the profile picture, now select upload a video. You can either select the videos from your device or drag and drop them. Now YouTube will give you some options by following them your first YouTube video will be uploaded successfully.

YouTube is one of the most used apps today and is growing repeatedly this growth is helping to promote many young talents, so it is now or never if you have the determination, follow these steps and start your channel today.

You can also create a blog for your channel! learn about creating blogs and monetizing them at how to create a blog and website!

 Conclusion-How to start a YouTube Channel?

Our guide on “how to start a YouTube channel” will help you create a Youtube Channel successfully. However, it is a guide on starting a channel. Once you have started a YouTube channel make sure you stay committed to it! Post a video/videos regularly and make efforts to monetize it! Never let your commitment and passion die, stay hooked to it!

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