Smart Cricket ball Launching In Pakistan

Fawad Chaudhry, the Minister of Science and Technology confidently expressed to launch the new smart cricket ball that will be made in Pakistan. The balls will be made in Sialkot, the city which is famous for making sports goods and exporting it around the world. Also known best for providing Footballs at the Grand Fifa Tournaments.

The Minister has confidently declared to produce the smart cricket balls in Pakistan soon. Manufacturers in Sialkot city who are famous for producing the finest sports goods will manufacture the balls.

The partnership between Kookaburra Sports and SportsCor

In 2019, the renowned Kookaburra Sports in partnership with SportsCor manufactured Kookaburra Smart Ball. A SportsCor electronic chip is placed inside a regular Kookaburra cricket ball.

The electronic chip makes the cricket ball “smart”. It allows the operators to perform various functions with it and obtain variety of information. However, the ball has not been launched officially and is still in testing phase.

How does the smart cricket ball work?

smart cricket ball

The electronic Chip placed inside the ball transmits the information from the ball back to the app installed or to other smart devices. The chip is capable to measure the speed and revolutions of the ball at different stages. It can also collect data that will prove useful in tracking the Decision Review System.

The invention of agriculture drones and smart cricket balls in Pakistan will bring innovation in Pakistan science and technology field.


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