Tips for Job Interview. 4 best tips to nail a interview in 2023!

To start a career, it is essential to nail the interview. Here are some tips for a job interview. 

While being selected for an interview is an outstanding achievement, this is not the end. I know the journey had been long. One feels accomplished from applying, giving tests, being shortlisted to finally being called for an interview. Only 20% of people get called out for an interview.  But the interview is also important to pass. You need to get through the interview otherwise, you may just not get selected for the job.


Do you know that only 50% of candidates pass their job interview? The reason is that certain tips for job interviews are essential to help you showcase your knowledge and skills. The impression you are trying to give might not be the one required for the job. There are certain tips for job interviews that will help you grace the job interview.

Tips for  job interview-Preparation

Job interviews can be crucial. They can cause you anxiety and excitement. But the right preparation will help you elevate your confidence and chances of being selected for the job. Here are all the tips for job interview:

1. Know your interview type

Different organizations hold different kinds of job interviews. This would depend upon the situation and upon job type. Most organizations prefer face-to-face job interviews. However, during covid and expanding technologies. We are seeing trends toward telephone interviews. Telephone interviews are also used as primary interviews.

Here are some common types of job interviews:

a. Face-to-face interview

Typically, many organizations call for face-to-face interviews. Thus, most tips for job interview are focused on face to face interviews.  However, these types of interviews are crucial. You need to be dressed properly, you need to have got an emotional connection with the interviewer and you shall be confident. Thus, those who have good soft skills tend to have a competitive edge. Working on soft skills will help you get through a face-to-face interview. Make sure you are not over-confident not under-confident.

Tips for a Face-to-face Job Interview

If you are going for a Face-to-face job interview, then you should definitely benefit from the following tips for job interview!

tips for job interview

  • Get dressed modestly and appropriately

    Dwell into research about the organization. See if they have a certain dress code or not. For interviews always dress modestly. Wear an outer coat, and formal shoes and carry yourself elegantly. For men, trim your hair and beard, and do not walk in casual shorts or tees. Wear casual shoes, casual shirts, formal dress pants, and a formal hairstyle. Females should prefer buns, with low makeup and small heeled shoes. Do not wear pencil heals, go for coat shoes instead. 71% o job rejections are due to improper dress codes.

  • Things to take along for a face-to-face interview

    Always carry your confidence along with you. 61% of job rejections are because of no-eye contact made by the candidate.
    Lack of smile, voice shaking and low voice, and poor CV cause 56% of rejections.
    But along with that, you need to bring forth your CV, and certain required original documents. Make sure you have an appropriate email address on the CV. Also, all information jotted o
    Also, carry your job interview letter.
    Have a pen and a notepad
    Carry your laptop: this depends upon the job type
    Some water, juice, or snacks if you feel low as you wait and feel worse in anxiety

  • Be there on time!

    Make sure you are on time. Do not let anything make you late. Also, do you know that 5% of the candidates get rejected in job interviews as they are late for it?

  • Work on your soft skills

    Since the 1980s the demand for soft skills among employees has increased by 91%. There are only some jobs that would not require you to have social and soft skills. Others would require you to work in teams, meet with clients, and have time management and decision-making. Thus work on your soft skills to boost your confidence during a job interview.

b. Telephone Interview

A telephone interview might be used for an online job or for sorting a large number of candidates. Thus, this is a kind of preliminary interview. For instance, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon may first have a telephone interview to access the candidates and shortlist them. You have to make sure that you at least have half for the telephone interview. Make sure the room is not noisy. Nonetheless, make sure the place you are selecting does not have signal issues. Keep your phone charged.

C. Video Interview

Video interviews for jobs are now trending. Especially after and during the pandemic. Most jobs that are remote also require a video interview. A video interview also lasts for about half an hour. Such an interview shall access you similarly to a face-to-face interview. So from dressing to confidence, requirements would be the same. Yet, some additional requirements are:
Keep your laptop/device charged
Have a good and active internet connection
Have a proper place: sound free and with tidy background

2. Tips for job interview: Know your Organization

The best tip for a job interview is to research your organization. What is the organization you are going to for an interview? How important this organization is to the economy. Also, collect information like size, locations, possible clients, and progress of the organization. You can be asked about competitors. You can also be asked about certain solutions to fix emerging challenges. Questions like attaining a competitive edge are common. Similarly, current challenges and issues are also among the common questions asked in job interviews. Keep a track of organizational culture, worth ethics and other necessary information.

3. Prepare for anticipatory questions

To be honest, Job interview questions are not out of the world. A survey shows that the most frequently asked questions in job interviews are:

  • Please introduce yourself.
  • What makes you interested in the job?
  •   Tell us why should the company select you.
  •  Briefly tell why you need this job.
  •  How did you get to know about this job?
  • What kind of working environment are you expecting?
  •  How do you manage to work under stress and in crucial times?
  •  Do you prefer working alone or in teams?
  •  Why do you want to leave your current job?
  •   Best thing the previous job taught you?
  •  Demos: a software engineer might have to solve a software issue, and a sales and management-related candidate might be given a situation.
  •  Questions on current political-economic issues are also part of certain interviews.
  •  Be ready for situational-based questions, related to your field. An SEO may be asked how to rank a website whose performance is low.

4. Best tips for a Job interview, a summary

Let’s put all the tips for a job interview in conclusion!

  1. Jot down some questions: In most cases, you are asked if you have any questions. Saying “no” would mean you are not interested in the job. You can ask questions like:
    What type of candidate do you prefer for this job?
    The best thing about working in this company?
    What is the reason for the success of this company?
  2. Practice answering: Have a demo of yourself. Talk in front of the mirror. Have fluency. Correct your grammar. Build your confidence. Have an eye-contact. You can even ask your friend to help you out.
  3. Know Your roles and Responsibilities: Always make sure you know about the job, job responsibilities, and terms and conditions. They can ask you questions related to it or you can have a question related to it.

How did you like our guide on tips for job interview? Also, read about Best Career options here! 


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