Which are the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan? (2023)

The top 10 online shopping sites are the ones with high customer retention and reviews in 2023! We have selected ones with diversity and versatility! 

The trend of online shopping or e-commerce is getting popular day by day in Pakistan. Electronic Commerce (e-commerce), allows the consumer to buy the products directly from the seller over the internet. It could either be done using the web browser or using smartphone apps. In this article, The Planet Today discusses the top 10 best online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Majority of our population loves to purchase their favourite items through online shopping. Due to various online shopping sites you do not have to run from store to store and can easily get your desired items delivered at your doorstep without any hassle. The main problem is that most of our people are not very much aware of the proper sites for online shopping. Besides this, there are some people with a very bad experience of online shopping.

However, it is not wrong to say that there are some people who deceive people through online shopping but not all of them are alike.

The top 10 online shopping sites!

1. Daraz.pk

top 10 online shopping sites
daraz.pk online shopping

Daraz.pk is by far the best online shopping site in Pakistan. It earns the number 1 spot in our list of top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan. It offers more than 3 million products of different varieties including grocery, dresses, electronics, computing, mobile phones, books, beauty products, fashion accessories, kid’s collection, basic home appliances, kitchen tools and all that you need. Its payment and warranty methods are very simple. It mostly offers delivery through leopard courier.

In case you are not satisfied with your product you just have to complain online or by calling their helpline, and they will replace your product.

Besides this, you can also become a seller on this site and open your online store to sell your products.

2. Yayvo.com

top 10 online shopping sites

Yayvo.com is an online shopping portal of TCS. Previously it was named as TCS Connect. It stands on the second number on the list. It offers a wide variety of products with different payment options for its customers. This is not all, it is the premium site in Pakistan where you can buy your favourite cricket or soccer match ticket to enjoy first-class entertainment. Yayvo.com prides itself for only selling the original product at your doorsteps on time.

3. Goto.com.pk

top 10 online shopping sites

Goto.com.pk is on the third number of the list. It is emerging as the most used online shopping portal of Pakistan by bringing a reliable, hassle-free and convenient online experience on your fingertips. No matter where you live, Goto.com.pk will deliver your order anywhere in any part of the country within 3 to 7 days of your order placement. It has an easy return and exchange policy. The order placement, payment, and delivery methods are quite simple. It delivers your products at your doorstep with cash on delivery advantage. So, try the goto app or website to place your first order.

4. Kaymu.pk

top 10 online shopping sites

Kamyu.pk is an online shopping portal for both buyers and sellers. Here you can also become a seller for selling your desired products. This online shopping portal lets the buyer and the seller trade with each other. If you are a buyer you can get different brands and range of products easily.

5. Allmytech.pk

top 10 online shopping sites

Allmytech.pk pronounced as ALL MY TECH is one of the leading and no 1 online technology store of Pakistan. It offers mobile phones and varieties of accessories, car accessories, earphones, smartwatch, hard drives, fitness and health accessories, laptops, power banks, wireless chargers, Wi-Fi routers, and much more.

Majority of the people have given positive remarks about this store. It offers you original products with cash on delivery and quickest delivery all over Pakistan. Besides this, it also sells original and branded accessories obtained from all around the world which they claim tos directly buy from the manufactures to ensure quality products for its buyers.

6. Homeshopping.pk


Homeshopping.pk is known as the largest store for online shopping in Pakistan. You can shop all type of products from clothing to electronic gadgets and other needs while resting at your home. It offers reasonable prices. Its payment method includes COD, easy paisa payment, debit card, and HSN EMI.

Homeshopping.pk provides you secure shopping of all items with 24-hour checking and replacement warranty. Furthermore, the most reliable thing of this online shopping portal is that it provides home repair warranty on almost all of its electronic products.

7. Shophive.com

Shophive.pk, launched in 2006 is now among the top online shopping sites of Pakistan. It is offering excellent online shopping service and also offers after sale services. It is offering products with almost free shipping all over the country. Through shophive.com, you can easily get smartphones, computers, and laptop at retail price and easy delivery.

Shophive believes that by providing excellent after sale services it will create long term relations with its customers. Many Pakistani, as well as many International companies, are providing their products to shophive.com. So if you are looking for some good tech products, go checkout shophive’s inventory.

8. Chezmall.com

Chezmall.com online shopping website

Basically, originated from China, Chezmall.com is emerging as the largest online shopping store of Pakistan. It is known for introducing the best local and international products. It offers exciting deals and discounts up to 90% for its users.

Now you can shop your favorite designer apparel or latest gadgets, in-demand laptops while sitting on your couch. You will get your favorite item delivered at your doorstep in the shortest amount of time. Chezmall.com provides its customers to pay through different options such as COD, Debit or credit card of HBL, any master or Visa card, Internet Payment gateway or Mobicash.

9. ishopping.pk

ishopping.pk top pakistani shopping site

Ishopping is offering online shopping services to its users with the almost free delivery system. It also provides services at best rates. It deals in selling video game consoles, tablets, home theatres, media players, clothing, fashion and beauty products for men, women and children, gadgets, tablets and PCs and much more.

Ishopping.pk allows its users to shop quality merchandise of top brands in a much precise way. The prices are not too high and are the same that you find at the retail outlet of your brand.

10. Telemart.pk

online shopping by telemart.pk

Telemart.pk is an outstanding and one of the biggest online shopping ventures of Pakistan that offers you an extensive and exclusive range of products along with its consumer-friendly purchase policy.

Telemart.pk provides you with extremely economical products in numerous categories from your kitchen items to electronic appliances. It also has a pharmacy where you can shop for your health items like injections, painkillers, ointments, lotions, etc. Its supermarket provides you with your basic household items. It also offers a warranty on each and every product to ensure its customer’s satisfaction.


So, there we have it, the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan! Many international online shopping sites are also operating in Pakistan (even Amazon has stepped into the game) however, we have kept our focus on sites operating from Pakistan only! Hope you like it, give us your opinions in comments.