Top 5 Security Companies in the UK

UK is the 6th biggest economy in the world. It houses major industries at a large scale and these businesses require security services to conduct their day to day operations. According to a report by Infologue, the top 5 security companies according to annual turnover and market share are given below:

Rank      Company Name                               2021 Estimated Turnover

1              Mitie Security                                          £942,800,000

2              G4S Secure Solutions                        £375,572,000

3              Bidvest Noonan                                    £300,000,000

4              Securitas Security Services           £250,000,000

5              OCS Group UK Ltd                              £190,000,000

These are regulated private sector companies operating in the disciplines of Guarding, Transit, Close Protection, Door Supervision, Security Guarding & Keyholding, and Public Space Surveillance.

As seen from the figures, these companies are creating substantial amounts of revenue.

How it all started

At the start, Security guards were responsible for guarding shipments, investigating incidents, and offering consultation to businesses. Security companies were offered licenses in 1915 by the state of California which then gave them a more focused approach and greater authority.

In the early 2000’s the British security companies emerged due to the war in Iraq. The requirement came when reconstruction NGOs and Governments requested armed security, trainings were needed for Iraqi security services and risk analysis and convoy escorts were required. It was estimated that 100,000 private security contractors were working in Iraq at that time. US and UK security services companies played a vital role in this era and this led to the boom of private sector security.

How Security Services Companies Have Evolved in the UK

When we talk about Security Services, we often picture security guards standing outside a hotel apartment. However, security services have evolved over time with the provision of modern solutions. Roles of security guards have also changed with time as digitalization and automation have changed the dynamics of every industry.

The need for Modern Security

Security services have evolved in three areas: Physical, Operational and Systems.

  • Physical security aims at securing a premises through security measures such as barriers, access control and fencing.
  • Operational security is the manning or guarding of an area with processes, trainings, and policies.
  • Systems security is focused on the security measures in technology. These countermeasures can be firewalls, biometrics, facial recognition, and authentications used to protect people and data.

With the evolution of technology security guarding services became more advanced but the need for protection also increased with modern criminals. The volume of businesses has also increased which further increased the need for security companies. Another important factor is the need for security to protect data. Data is the most important and valuable asset for any company or person in the modern world. The modern world must now be safeguarded with top-of-the-line security systems for day-to-day operations.

Industries in which Security Companies operate in UK

Security companies in the UK are providing dynamic services in all industries. Furthermore, security services have become the need for every industry whether it be retail stores, construction companies, hotels, government agencies, industrial businesses, and banks.

Emerging Security Companies

Security needs have evolved over time and now it is not just about wars, it is about protection for day-to-day operations of businesses and homes. The security industry has many new entrants providing diverse range of services like MBS Security FM. These companies are providing security to banks, offices, and homes. We might not realize but we a security guard at the gate of every office building.

Moreover, to ensure quality of services, the SIA (Security Industry Authority) UK has put out some guidelines and rules for every company to follow. SIA authorized companies are trusted by people since they uphold quality and provide reliable services to customers.


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