WhatsApp business features that you must try for your business!

WhatsApp Business features allow small and large businesses to communicate and interact with their potential customers effectively. WhatsApp business is a separate application just like WhatsApp, yet is meant for businesses. The free WhatsApp Business application is available on both Playstore and Apple Store. It has some fantastic features you must try if you are an Entrepreneur.

The Planet Today is here to brief you about some of these amazing WhatsApp Business features that would help you with your business!

The 10 powerful WhatsApp Business Features

It’s 2022 and most businesses are working online and online. While we can say that technology along with the pandemic-forced lockdowns have allowed most businesses to go online. Tools for operating and interacting with customers had been in demand. Thus, the WhatsApp business application was invented and reinforced with amazing features to fulfill business needs. Although, WhatsApp initiated this application keeping in view the small businesses, yet today, with its amazing features, it is being used by big and small businesses.

The WhatsApp business features not only allow you to interact with your customers effectively but also helps in saving time. The features help in enhancing the buying and selling experience.

Here are some of the WhatsApp business features that you must try for your business:

  • Creating a Business Profile using the WhatsApp business features

The WhatsApp business features will help you create an informative business profile that will help potential customers to view essential information. By setting a business profile, using the WhatsApp business feature you can put up the name of your business, and show your email, website, operational timings, and location. You can set up your profile picture which will help customers know about you.

WhatsApp business features

You can also get a verified mark by WhatsApp after you are able to verify that you are the owner of the business.

How to set up a Business Profile?

To set up a WhatsApp profile, you will need to download the application. Then go to “open settings”, and “business settings” and there locate “profile”. The new WhatsApp feature will help you set an attractive profile!

  • Set Up quick replies!

With the new WhatsApp business feature, you can save time and give instant replies to your customers. We often know what are common queries of our customers relating to the products being offered. For instance, my business often receives messages relating to the product’s availability, price, delivery time, and colors. Thus, I have customized my messages and given out instant replies to such queries.

How to send quick replies?

Open up the chats, press “/” and locate the saved messages that you want to send.

  • Set up greeting messages with the WhatsApp business features

In order to keep your customers hooked and not want them to feel bad with late replies, you can set up a customized greeting message. This will help customers know that you will reply shortly. So as soon as a customer messages you, they will be greeted with a customized message. letting them know that you will connect with them shortly for queries. For instance, I have a customized message that says, Hey, Thank you for contacting us. We will be handling your queries shortly!”

How to set up greeting messages?

If you want to set up greeting messages, then you will have to follow these simple steps on your WhatsApp Business App:

  1. Settings
  2. Business settings
  3. Greeting messages
  4. Edit
  5. save
  • Label your customers with the latest WhatsApp business feature

You can now label your customers and group them. So that you know which contact belongs to which category. These labels would depend upon business type. For instant, you can have labels for national and international customers. Then, you can have labels for new and loyal customers. You can label them w.r.t their payment status. Thus, this will make you easily locate a customer and remember them. You can group your different customers and make life much easier.

How to label a new customer?

To add a label for a new customer, all you need to do is to go to Client’s chat, click the menu on the right corner, then head for the “Label” option. You can either use a saved label to group them or use a new one for them. Click save and done!

  • Automated messages in non-working hours

Want to be hooked with customers even when you are off? That’s easy with “Stay-away” messages. Similar to Greeting messages, these messages are automated. Yet, they are delivered when your business working hours are off. For instance, a message received at 10 pm and your working hours are 9 am to 5 pm. Then, in such a case, the WhatsApp business feature will allow you to send an automated message which is customized. For instance, mine says,

“Greetings, thanks for connecting with us. We will connect you during our working hours”.

I have customized it for sending after working hours, you can select send always or schedule sending!

How to set automated messages?

  • Settings
  • business settings
  • away messages
  • activate away messages
  • Access the WhatsApp messages statistics with the latest WhatsApp business feature

Want to know about WhatsApp message statistics? For instance how many messages have been sent, delivered and read? All you will have to do is to enable WhatsApp statistics.

How to enable WhatsApp statistics?

  • Menu button
  • Business settings
  • Statistics
  • Helpful business messages

yet another great WhatsApp business feature is that it helps to set up interactive messages. These messages help you connect with the customers and redirect them to desired pages or give them a quick reply. There are two types of messages namely the quick reply and the CTA. The former is all about setting options so that you and your customer won’t be adding them manually. For instance, my business offers both pick-up and delivery. So I have options in WhatsApp which help me send a quick message.

Please select:



So now, I don’t always have to type this message! Also, my customers just have to touch the option, not type it!

The CTAs on the other hand, redirect the customers to my website. You can set up any desired page. This way, I don’t have to search on my web page and type down. Also, I am sure that my customers will be reaching my website!

How to set up helpful and interactive business messages?

These are not complicated, yet require coding. Learn here: Setting interactive business messages on WhatsApp

  • Have an attractive Catalogue  with WhatsApp business features

Catalogs are one of the ways to help customers look at your products. It also gives your business a professional look. So, if you want to showcase your products you can use this amazing WhatsApp business feature. This feature will the customers know your products, have a look at say your menu and make them aware of what your business is offering. This way, they are clear about what you offer and you don’t have to dwell into unnecessary queries.

WhatsApp business feature

In your catalog, you can add
product codes

How to create a Catalog with WhatsApp Business feature?

While there is nothing so technical about it. I would recommend you watch this video for a better understanding!

  • Create a Collection with WhatsApp business features

Now you can create Collections on your WhatsApp using the WhatsApp business features. This will help create folders for your diverse products. So that your customers can browse what they are looking for. For instance, a furniture retailer can make his collection of Beds, sofas, chairs, tables, and others.

You can update and change collections whenever you want to!

How to create a Collection in WhatsApp?
  •  WhatsApp Business app
  • Chats tab.
  •   More options
  • Business tools
  •  Catalog
  • Add a new collection.
  • name your collection.
  • NEXT.
  • Select the catalog items for the collection
  • DONE.
  • Integrate WhatsApp with the Facebook shop

Now you can have an integrated WhatsApp and FaceBook. You can even have a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page.

To integrate the two, you need to have a WhatsApp business app.

Have a Facebook page, be an admin

Create a shop at Facebook Commerce Manager

Add WhatsApp number

  • Enable WhatsApp Payments

You can now allow customers to pay you through WhatsApp! This feature is limited to US, India, and Brazil. You can Follow this link to learn about WhatsApp payments.


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