Which are the top universities in the world?

Which are the top universities in the world? Should I go to the top universities of the world?

Choosing a University for studies or for seeking a profession is one the most difficult tasks. You need to have your research done and make a sound choice. While, in this article, I will be telling you about the top universities in the world in 2022, I don’t want you to only shortlist these. Before I even start, I wanna tell you that most of these Universities are located in US and UK.

So, All those big names like Havard and MIT are here! If you are planning to live in UK/US or living, give a try in these Universities. Other than that, we at The Planet Today, wish you all the best for the future. For those, just here for general information, we hope you’d like our efforts!

While there are different lists, we did like to assure you that the top 5 universities are not much changed over the past. Their ranking shifts but more or less, the list contains 90% of the same universities. So we are hoping that there will be some major changes in the future! But for the latest 2022 categorization, which uses 13 academic indicators, the following are the top 10 universities of the world:

1. Havard University (U.S)

One of the oldest and most popular Universities in the world ranks 1st as the top university. Founded in 1636, the University stands with pride in Massachusetts. It is reckoned for the most research papers and for its largest academic library. More than 20% of students there are foreigners! Thus adding greatly to diversity. It enrolled 21,575 students in different disciplines and programs last year.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT is also located in Massachusetts. With 11,000 students enrolling this year, the University had 60% of its students enrolled in graduate programs. It has five schools: architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts, and social sciences; management; and science.

which are the top universities in the world?

3. Stanford University (U.S)

Living in the U.S means having access to top universities of the world and Stanford University is one of the most recommended on our list. It is standing with pride since 1885. It is located in California’s Bay Area. 50% of the students enrolled themselves for graduate-level education. Stanford has 7 schools, most of which are famous for the graduate level education. 30% of the graduate students are foreigners while 8% of their undergraduates are foreigners.

4. University of California–Berkeley

Yet another amazing University in the U.S is the University of California—Berkeley. It is a few miles from San Francisco in the Bay Area. Founded in 1868, most of the students enrolled in undergraduate programs. The university offers 350-degree programs and has 14 schools.

top universities in the world

5. The University of Oxford (U.K)

To be honest, I was planning on top 3 Universities, but I extended it to 5 to include a university out of the U.S and finally, we have one from the U.K! The University of Oxford, ladies, and Gentlemen, is one of the most popular Universities.

The University supports immense research, adds greatly to the body of research, and offers more than 900 scholarships for graduate programs.


While it is important to study in a reputed university, don’t let the circumstances let your dreams down. I have tried highlighting that most students in these Universities apply for graduate programs. Thus, helping you see that if you are an undergrad, you can apply to universities near you! Best of luck with your studies and University students!


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