10 Habits that are destroying your kidneys

Do you know the habits that are destroying your kidneys?  Well, most of us are unaware. Our kidneys are two beans-shaped organs that lie below our ribs that play a crucial part in our body functioning. It purifies the blood and filters all the toxic substances and help to remove them in the form of waste. We all are quite aware of the kidney’s functionality and their importance but despite this fact, we all are unaware of the habits that are destroying our kidneys like a silent killer.

Yes, our kidneys help in maintaining a balance of the fluid in our body. A bad kidney means bad health because it can’t filter your blood anymore. Hence it is a must for everyone to take care of our kidneys and avoid the food that harms our kidneys.

10 habits that are destroying your kidneys

These are 10 habits that are destroying your kidneys, thus, make sure you change them for good!

  • Excessive Protein diet intake:

Although Protein is healthy for our bdy growth and development but do you know that taking too much protein can eventually lead us to bad kidney issues? Yes, taking too much of protein diet can severely affect your kidneys and overtax them.  Too much protoein or meat can cause too much acidos that is impossible for the kidney to eliminate fast and purify your body. Thus people who prefer to go on a protein diet must consult their doctor first or they must take care to keep a balance in their diet by eating fruits and vegetables too.

habits that are destroying your kidneys

  • High blood pressure:

People with high blood pressure are also at high risk of damaging their kidneys. Such people should reduce their salt intake and must consult their doctor for medication. Taking too much salt means too much high blood pressure and this is one of the habits that are destroying your kidneys. Salt must be reduced from the diet as much as possible as it causes the blood pressure to rise and kidney stones formation too which ends in kidney damage.

habits that are destroying your kidneys

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  • Dehydration:

Our body contains nearly 60% of water. Thus water is a crucial part of our body and kidneys too help to keep the water level balanced in our body. For, all those who don’t have the habit of drinking excessive water can cause their kidney damage. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration which ends in the shrinking of the kidneys.

  • Overusing painkillers:

Pain killers too lead to damaging our kidneys. Pain killers like ibuprofen, aspirin, Naproxen, etc are dangerous for the overall body if they are used in a large amount on a daily basis. Yes, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics can help you to alleviate your pain and relax you for some hours but in the back end, it has a harmful effect on your kidneys that you are probably not aware of at that time but will regret in the future. Hence before taking any sort of pain killers you must recommend your doctor and also consult him for a better option.


  • Excessive sugar intake:

People who love to have too much sugar must read this first. Too much sugar intake leads to obesity and high blood glucose level in your body. This causes diabetes. On the other side, an obese person is more likely to develop hypertension than a normal person. Hypertension and diabetes are the two main causes of kidney failure. If you need healthy kidneys and perfect health then it is the time to reduce your sugar intake.

too much sugar

  • Excessive smoking and drinking:

Smoking is injurious to health. This is the sentence we have often heard since our childhood. Smoking is injurious to health and so is drinking. Too much smoking leads to mouth, lungs, and heart disease but the bitter fact is that it also leads to bad kidneys.

habits that destroy your kidneys

A recent study claimed that smokers have protein collected in their kidneys that is hard to flush thus ending up in kidney diseases. Similarly, heavy drinkers are also more likely to develop acute kidney injuries that later cause severe damage to the kidneys that is irreversible.

  • Steroids for bodybuilding:

In our society men have developed a habit to consume steroids for bodybuilding. It is often seen that our youth has been addicted to take steroids for bodybuilding or muscle growth. The bitter fact is that such steroids usually end up scarring our kidneys making it hard to purify the blood. Swelling, and sudden heart attacks are also the result of using steroids.

  • Not taking enough sleep:

Yes now this is the point that most of us will not believe is true.  So here we will explain to you how not getting enough sleep can cause kidney diseases.  A kidney needs a healthy body to work perfectly. Deprived sleep or sleepless nights can make you feel sick and tired.

Our kidneys have to work 24 hours a day and their cycle gets disturbed if a person is suffering from a sleep disorder or not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause kidney function to decline much faster than others because our kidney’s workload cycle is regulated by the person’s sleep and wake cycle which helps it to coordinate with the workload. Hence it is true that early to bed and early to rise, make a person healthy and wise. So from now onwards just shut all your activities at night and get a night of proper sleep for almost 8 hours a night.

  • Sitting still and idle:

Who succumbs to this statement that sitting still can damage your kidneys? A recent study has shown that a person who sits for a long time or sits idle has been linked with a number of diseases, among which kidney disease is the top.  Sitting for a long period deteriorates the blood sugar level and also affects the blood pressure of the body. On the other side physical exercise regulate blood pressure and promote a healthy kidney life.

  •  Carbonated drinks:

here is bad news for all the carbonated drinks lovers. Taking too many carbonated drinks and sodas can lead to kidney issues. However, this study was later changed. Recent studies say diet sodas and drinks lead to more kidney issues as compared to sweetened drinks. More than 30% of people who preferred to take diet sodas developed more kidney issues as compared to those who took regular sweetened sodas.


In the end, theplanettoday.com has published this article with the intention to prevent the spread of kidney diseases. These ten habits are destroying your kidneys silently day by day. Kidney diseases are fatal and most painful.  Hence one must take care of his diet and prevent from developing diseases.


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