5 Applications that you must have in your Phones!

Have you ever thought, what are the applications that you must have in your phones? Well, to be honest, this is one of the most research-oriented Articles that I am writing. We have not shortlisted just any 5 applications such as Facebook or so. This deals with essential applications that are handy in day-to-day life or that are useful in utterly problematic situations.

While going through many top 5 Application articles on the web, I realized most shortlisted ones were entertainment-oriented, mine are safety oriented. None of us is aware of the “uncertain” moments in our lives, yet as rational ones, we shall always be able to deal with them with certainty.

5 Applications that you must have!

Here are my top 5 picks of Applications, applications that you must have are mostly free and available for both iOS and Android users.


Even though if you have a transit facility, I highly recommend you guys to install a ride-hailing application to your devices. You never know your vehicle may break down at an important hour. Also, these Ride-hailing applications allow you to choose another point of pick up, so you can get someone or something picked whenever you want.

I remember I forgot my National ID card at home while I went for an exam, I just booked a Careem bike and got my ID card at the examination center! So yes, such applications are helpful even if you have a transit facility.

applications that you must have

Important features:

  1. iOS/Andriod
  2. Free
  3. works in different countries
  4. helps share maps and track ride


Our memories, important files and other things are now housed in our phones. Yet even the most expensive of phones can breakdown or can get stolen. So there shall be a backup of our data, a backup that is free of cost and easy to access anywhere. Dropbox is thereby one of the most reliable and well-designed cloud storage apps.

The best part of Dropbox is, it opens up and functions on multiple devices. It allows to share files, accesses them, and comment on them.

applications that you must have
Dropbox logo

Important features:

  • iOS/Android
  • Free (for heavy file usage, extra storage requires cost)
  • works on different devices at a time
  • easy to use


Food Panda/ Amazon Fresh/ Seamless

One of the applications you must have on your phone is a food delivery app. To be honest, we all need to have such an application that would help us with food catering. During the pandemic, it has become difficult to go grocery shopping with kids. Also, you never know when you run out of the kitchen stock. Thereby it is necessary to have a reliable option on your smartphones.

Some of the applications, which are even local, allow you to attain your groceries within few hours. Airlift is one of the examples yet is limited to few countries. You don’t need to worry about carrying onions and tomatoes after the office, you can get them delivered at the doorstep. Amazon fresh has one of the best products and obviously, the variety they have is amazing.

applications you must have


Most of these applications are free and charge a minimal delivery fee. Which in some cases is not applicable. Like on high purchases.


Another one of the applications that you must have is pocket.  It can be used to save videos, articles, and even emails is Pocket. Pocket is one of the reliable free applications that allow you to access your files at a click. I would go through the articles for my exams on the bus using Pocket. The best part is that its A.I feature recommends related articles which are of great use, at least for me!

applications you must have

Important features:

  • free
  • iOS/Android
  • offline features
  • reads out content


WhatsApp is among the applications you must have. While I believe most of us are using WhatsApp, for now, I am focusing on why to have it on our phones.  WhatsApp has revolutionized messaging and most of us are using it for its amazing features. This is a free application enabling you to send and accept messages, files, videos, audios and pictures.

It also allows to send current and live locations, send messages to yourself (click here to learn this feature). Also, you can share contacts, go for audio and video calling.

WhatsApp logo

Important features:

  • Free
  • iOS/Android
  • send/ receive files for free
  • stores in the phone to view offline


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