Best exercises for lower body weight loss (with illustrations)

The best exercises for lower body weight loss will help you shed the fat from the desired area, thus, keep hooked to learn how!

What are the best exercises for lower body weight loss ?

While lower body weight is challenging, all you need to know is the right ways of shedding it off. The belly fat, the hips, and thighs have the most stubborn fat accumulation. This fat accumulation is not only problem-some but also makes you look odd. The mothers after giving birth, or males after shedding those extra kilos often face lower body fat as stubborn fat.

However, only being on a diet is not the solution. Exercise is equally important. By exercise, I mean the right kind of exercise. Exercises have been developed to hit certain areas. For Instance, there are exercises for fat loss and then there are exercises for muscle development. The right kind of diet accompanied with the right kind of exercise will help you shed the extra fat from the desired area. In our case, lower body!

Let’s just accept it, not all of us can hire a trainer, or go to the gym because of our routines! We have commitments and financial issues that don’t let us go to the gym or have a trainer who would guide us rightly. However, if you are kind of a person who loves to research over the internet, then you might as well find a cost-effective solution. And we have it for you!

Best Exercises for lower body weight loss at home

The best exercises for the lower body at home are listed below. However, keep in mind, that exercising is tough. You should also know what to eat before and after the workout for beneficial results. At start, people have high motivation, and they end up doing strenuous exercises. Never do that, it will cause muscle damage. Start low, develop stamina and strength, then go for hard ones. I have listed all the best kinds of exercises, but I would not recommend them all for beginners. Start with maximum 15 minutes in start! With time, you will develop the strength and stamina to stretch exercise time over an hour! Be motivated to reach that goal!

Always Warmup!

Before starting any exercise for the lower body, always warm up. You can do so by simple exercises, walking, few jumps. Always start off by warming up yourself for 5 minutes!

1. Walk accompanies by jogging

No tools, no worries. Plug in your headphones and walk. No track doesn’t matter. Go for those bumpy roads dude! But, mind me, don’t count those minutes talking with neighbors and friends across the road in walking time. That is why I recommend headphones! Walk and jog along. This is one of the great exercises for the lower body as most effort is being made by the legs. Also, don’t fetch a Mcflurry while you return. Remember your goals! I would recommend a walk on empty stomach, you can have a few dates before the walk.

2. Cycling

Let’s revive childhood memories. Why always go for a long drive, when you can go for a long ride? Cycling is the best exercise for the lower body. If you are an Asian female, you might not have that much social acceptance over cycling. You can either invest in an indoor cycling machine, or all you need to do is to lay flat on the floor with your back touching the floor. Then, lift your legs and hips and start rotating your legs as you are cycling. This is not as easy as you think, in the start 5 minutes will stretch! So be kind to yourself at the start!

3. Walking on the stairs

Walking up and down the stairs is a great exercise for beginners who wish to lose lower body weight. Be careful though. If you have bumpy, slippery, or uneven stairs, then you should avoid this. You can use a small box, cushion, or any low-height hard surface to go up and down on them.

4. Jumping Jacks

We loved to do jumping jacks in the PT session at the school. It was so fun to match with the rhythm. Jumping jacks are easy to do. All you need to do is stand straight with arms by your side. The next step is to lift your arms straight across the shoulders while jumping and opening your legs. Then, give yourself a little jump and allow to meet both your hands above the head while your arms are straight.

best exercises for lower body weight loss
Illustration by Dreamstime

5. Squats

One of the most famous lower body exercises is squats. this is the best exercise for lower body fat loss. They look easy to do, however, can be challenging. You need to know the perfect way of doing so! All you need to do is stand straight with your legs wide open. now, push down your body by only moving your knees down by the time you are able to be in a position of the squat. Now, again go back to the original position by only moving your knees. . For support, keep your arms straight in front. You can also have a weight in your hands.

6. Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are considered the best exercise for weight loss.

This is the best exercise for toned hips and thighs. All you need to do is to lie flat on the floor, but your knees shall be bent in a way that your feet rest on the floor in a flat position. Your hips shall be apart. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor hip-width apart. Now, raise your arms up towards the ceiling, squeeze your buttocks and raise your hips off the floor. stay in this position for a few seconds.

7. Single-Leg Hip Bridges

This is an exercise similar to Glute bridges, however, with a slight difference. Have the same position. Rest flat on the floor, with hips wide apart and knees bent with feet flat. Now, flatten your one knee keeping your foot flexed. Then raise that leg until it is in line with the other thigh. Then push your hips up.

Picture: Shamim Trainer

elevated. Pause and slowly come back to your starting position.

8. Bird Dogs

One of the best exercises for the lower body is Birds Dog. Put knees under the hips and hands under the shoulders. The spine shall be straight. Raise and extend one leg and lift it. Simultaneously lift the opposite arm reaching out the shoulder. lock this position for a few seconds.

best exercises for lower body weight loss
illustration by dreamstime



How did you like our article on the best exercises for lower body weight loss?

You can add any form of exercise to your routine for a perfect body and mind. Remember, metal fitness is also related to physical fitness. Eat right, have a good exercise regime, and enjoy life. You can opt for aerobics, yoga, dance, or any form of exercise from walking to pilates, that suits you!


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