Best Gadgets of 2022

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We are looking back at 2022 with the trending news, trends, and now the Gadgets!

Amazingly, 2022 produced some pretty amazing devices! Despite all the supply chain issues and component shortages. Over the past 12 months, there have been plenty of interesting gadgets to experiment with. Including folding phones, headphones that defy convention, home beer dispensers, and portable gaming PCs. It has undoubtedly been a pleasure to follow the IT industry in 2022.

Some of the products we’ve chosen as the finest of the year are incredibly practical! While others are simply plain cool. The key thing they all had in common was that they each provided something slightly unique from their colleagues.

23 best Gadgets of 2022!

Let’s dive into the best gadgets of 2022!

GamePro VR’s Quest

Headsets will be our only access to the metaverse. Until a corporation persuades us to all implant data jacks in the shape of the Matrix in the back of our skulls. The Quest 2 VR headset from Meta, which won a Best of What’s New award in 2020, does not even come close to the capabilities of its new flagship headgear.

Front-facing cameras on the Quest Pro give the overall experience a touch of mixed reality. It can integrate digital elements as if they were genuine while simultaneously pumping a real-time feed of the outside world into high-res screens. Instead of a desk, use a virtual workspace. Find out in real-time how to fix a piece of equipment.

GamePro VR's Quest-best gadget of 2022
PC: pc MAG

Play fantasy video games in a grim environment. This kind of AR/VR synergy has been promised by gadgets previously, but Meta has moved it one step closer to reality.


Google Pixel 6a mobile

The Google Pixel 6a smartphone offers you a cutting-edge, powerful device for less money than you might expect. It creates quick-launching apps and pictures thanks to its Google Tensor processor. You won’t have any problems with the battery life either because it lasts more than 24 hours. This battery adjusts to you by learning your favorite apps and conserving energy on the ones you use the least.

best gadget of 2022
Google Pixel 6a mobile

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Amazon Kindle Scribe Writing Tablet

Ever wished for a large-screen e-reader? The 10.2-inch display on Amazon’s new Kindle Scribe is generously sized. However, as the name implies, it can be used for both writing and reading. that is, writing by hand. Using the accompanying stylus, you can annotate documents, make notes in books, or draw on a sketchpad. (Buy the specialized eraser premium pen upgrade.) Web and mobile apps let you read Kindle books, import PDFs and obtain articles using a Chrome plugin. Additionally, the screen of the Scribe features a built-in light for drawing in the dark.

Amazon Kindle Scribe Writing Tablet-best gadget of 2022
PC: verge

Giro Ethos Mips Turn-Signal Bike Helmet

Integrated lights, particularly those seen in helmets, are one bike technology innovation that excites us. The newest manufacturer of headgear with lights for commuting cyclists is Giro. With the help of a connected controller that is fastened to your handlebars, you can control the Ethos helmet’s front and rear LEDs, which have four light settings (solid, flashing, high, or low intensity), as well as their ability to function as turn signals. In cold weather, an optional eye shield provides additional warmth and protection.

Giro Ethos Mips Turn-Signal Bike Helmet-best gadget

Nikon’s Z9 Mirrorless Camera

High-end mirrorless cameras still have mechanical shutters that move up and down when you capture a picture when the lens is removed. With Nikon’s Z9, that is not the case. A super-fast, stacked image sensor that can shoot up to 30 frames per second at its full 45.7-megapixel resolution or at up to 120 frames per second if you only require 11 megapixels powers this professional-grade mirrorless camera.

Nikon's Z9 Mirrorless Camera-BEST GADGET OF 2022
pc: FStopper

By making this change, Nikon improved the camera’s overall speed and got rid of its greatest moving component, which is usually the first to break down after frequent usage. The Z9 can capture 8K videos for filmmakers and detailed, high-resolution raw files for studio use. It can also take tiny, quick bursts of jpegs for sports. Yes, it will capture the most luxurious selfies you’ve ever seen.

Amazon Echo Dot With Clock

A bonus feature of Amazon’s most recent talking speaker is that it also functions as a Wi-Fi extender. An existing Eero mesh Wi-Fi network can receive an additional 1,000 square feet of coverage from the fifth-generation Echo Dot with Clock. (Amazon is also enabling this feature on some older models of Echo speakers in addition to other new Echo speakers.) Additionally, it includes improved clock display technology that can scroll through data like song titles and outdoor temperature, as well as enhanced sound quality.

Amazon Echo Dot With Clock-best gadget of 2022
PC: the verge

Pixel 7 Pro Google

One of the best phone cameras ever is found in the Pixel 7 Pro. In 2022, the Pixel 7 Pro’s software-based photo upgrades reached incredible new heights thanks to Google’s in-house Tensor processor. Sure, regular shots look beautiful in the day or at night (Google Night Sight is still the best), but using the incredible 30x zoom lens on the Pixel 7 Pro is when the truly game-changing moment occurs.

Pixel 7 Pro Google-best gadget of 2022

The Pixel 7 Pro produces images that make it appear as though you are almost standing next to the subject, even when you zoom in all the way on something far away. These photographs set a new standard for smartphone photography in terms of sharpness and clarity.

Additionally, you may check out the smallest details on microscopic objects with a new macro focus feature. Also included are a new Unblur tool and the same fantastic Magic Eraser tool for removing distracting objects from photographs.

Archer Omni Router by TP-Link

Due to the popularity of mesh Wi-Fi networks, single-point routers have fallen out of favor, but TP-AXE200 Link’s Omni could change that. Each of its four antennae moves automatically at the touch of a button to maximize its signal based on where you need the internet the most in your house.

Archer Omni Router by TP-Link
PC: TP link

Since placing router antennas has been a nuisance for almost 20 years, it is encouraging to see a major networking provider simplify the process. The various configurations can direct signals uniformly across a space or reroute the antennas to concentrate coverage in a single direction.

The AXE200 is a powerful router inside and out. The router can achieve speeds of up to 11 Gbps by utilizing Wi-Fi 6e, and its eight-core processor controls antenna movement and enables HomeShield, an integrated security system.

Hand-Held Music Maker RukusFX

Check out the RukusFX hand-held music mixer with an integrated microphone if you’ve ever felt that your life is missing a soundtrack. This musical device designed for Gen Z can produce unique remixes based solely on your hand gestures.

Hand-Held Music Maker RukusFX
PC: Walmart

You punch, swipe, twist, or flick your hands to personalize the song after choosing it from 120 preset tunes or uploading tracks from your PC. Thank goodness, your RukusFX commotion won’t be heard by anyone else thanks to the headphone jack.

Apple Watch Series 8

Even while some Android-based rivals are hot on Apple’s heels, the wearable market leader is still Apple. Though the business debuted the tough and outdoor-ready Apple Watch Ultra, its most recent iteration of the original Apple Watch is recognized for advancing the wearable aims of the tech giant with new ovulation monitoring and an enhanced temperature sensor for health and sleep tracking.

Apple Watch Series 8-best gadget of 2022

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo

Although the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo was officially introduced in 2021, it wasn’t until early 2022 that it was made available worldwide. This hybrid instant camera, which pairs a 5MP sensor with an Instax printer, fuses contemporary technology with retro design sensibilities. To give your holiday party shots that Instagram-worthy throwback vibe, it also comes with 10 lens modes and 10 film effects.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Although Samsung’s wristwatch is the most stylish of the trio, it isn’t just about looks. Thanks to a bigger backplate on the watch face, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers improved sleep tracking and coaching and moves closer to the Apple Watch in terms of biodiagnostic monitoring. However, fashion is important to certain people, and Samsung’s collection of watch straps is the most striking one available, even though they are (like everyone else’s) proprietary.


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The newest Android tablet range from Samsung is large and packed with features. The Galaxy Tab8 Ultra takes the prize because of its larger camera interface and Auto-Framing feature for video conversations, however, the other devices in the line are fantastic upgrades for the top non-Apple tablet. For opening several windows and connecting the tablet to your Samsung PC as a second monitor, its 14″ display is the ideal size.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 With 5G

The 5G Surface Pro 9 offers a glimpse of what the line’s potential may hold. In noisy settings where reliable and consistent noise cancellation is necessary, it may be the finest device for video calls and video conferencing. It can thrive as a media and gaming device and pave the way for future optimization by adjusting the infrastructure to free the CPU and GPU of some social processes.

Apple iPad Air

The iPad is synonymous with tablets, and Apple’s refresh of the iPad Air feels like the brand’s best product this year. It’s ideal for all leisure-related use cases, but adding the M1 chip also elevates it to the level of a professional device. The iPad Pro isn’t replaced, but it does make a cheaper gadget that can accomplish some of those things. It’s the closest Apple has come to equilibrium in recent years.

iPhone 14

Tech nerds have been fretting over the notch on top of contemporary iPhone displays for years. Although it ostensibly helped to reduce the bezel surrounding the display, it was also annoying. Apple made the audacious decision with the iPhone 14 Pro to leave the notch in place while improving its usability.

The Dynamic Island, which expands, shrinks, and animates all over the place to display notifications, play the music you’re currently listening to, and remind you of that timer you set 20 minutes ago, has replaced the annoying black spot at the top of the screen.

Apple skillfully transformed a once-annoying limitation into a feature that iPhone consumers now can’t live without. Dynamic Island gave Apple’s high-end smartphones fresh life in a year where we anticipated the new iPhones to be primarily iterative. Despite this, “Dynamic Island” won’t be recognized for having the year’s finest feature name.

Airpods Pro

The most recent AirPods Pro is identical to the first model’s AirPods in terms of appearance and cost. They don’t have any glitzy new features, but they improve on all the wonderful aspects of the original AirPods Pro.

The battery life can last up to seven hours on a full charge, the sound quality is still great, and the active noise cancellation blocks out twice as much background noise as before. They were the best AirPods available when Apple introduced the AirPods Pro in 2019. Turns out, when it came time to update them this past year, not much needed to change.

AnkerMake M5 3D Printer

While 3D printers are fantastic for businesses, they have also found a place in homes as a fun toy for people to play with (so long as you aren’t making ghostly weapons!). The first 3D printer created by Anker is effective for both purposes and prints at a faster rate than its rivals without sacrificing quality. It provides users with a tool to build according to their whimsy at a price that is enticingly lower than that of more expensive equipment, opening up exciting creative vistas.

Sonos  Arc

The Sonos Arc soundbar offers premium audio and smart home integration in a stylish package that fits perfectly with the rest of the decor in your living room. The sub-$1000 device offers a soundstage that won’t compel you to buy a subwoofer if you don’t want to and is compatible with Dolby Atmos, Google Assistant, and Alexa for hands-free operation. It’s a full package with lots of customization options, depending on how intricate you want your home theatre experience to be.

ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

While Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Fold, which will debut in 2020, will be the first foldable computer, ASUS has also claimed a first with the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED, which is the first foldable to employ an OLED display. The laptop, which was named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022, has a 17.3-inch display that folds into two identical 12.5-inch panels.

Different configurations are available, including Desktop, Laptop (with Bluetooth keyboard), Laptop (with virtual keyboard), Tablet, Reader, and Extended. At P219,995, it’s costly, but it’s unquestionably something for early adopters who get enthused about new designs for gadgets like this one.

Samsung Freestyle Smart Projector

The Samsung Freestyle is the one device on this list that you could possibly use to wow your friends. Not to mention that its barrel can swivel a complete 180 degrees, this adorable smart projector is able to be set up almost anywhere in your home, giving you access to the whole home theatre experience. Although there are solutions that are more reasonably priced, Freestyle’s innovative and useful design makes it difficult to ignore. Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony WH-1000XM5

Occasionally, earbuds are insufficient. The finest tool for that in 2022 was Sony’s $400 WH-1000XM5 headphones, which let you completely tune out the world around you while working intensely on a project or relaxing at home. These bad boys feature some of the best sound quality in town despite not having a memorable name or a flashy appearance (you could easily mistake them for any other set of black headphones).

Unlike with other headphones, you’ll never find yourself wishing the volume was a little bit louder. Furthermore, they are ideal for blocking out noisy neighbors, roommates, or coworkers in any circumstance thanks to best-in-class noise cancellation. On a full charge, the battery may operate for up to 30 hours. That cannot be obtained from any earbuds.

Xiaomi’s 12S Ultra smartphone

For the production of films and images that exceed the capabilities of built-in hardware, smartphone cameras are equipped with AI. With its 12S Ultra Android phone, Xiaomi has adopted a new strategy. It boasts a genuinely outstanding and comparatively large array of 1-inch and 1-inch sensors. These are hidden behind Leica’s renowned German lens designs.

It still offers AI and computational power. That you’d anticipate from a contemporary flagship phone camera.  But it supports processing with technology that goes much beyond what you’d find in a regular handset.

The 1-inch Sony sensor is comparable to what you’d find in a specialized camera. It is fully utilized by the 50-megapixel primary camera. Both the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras have 12-inch processors. Which are likewise substantially larger than the majority of their smartphone rivals. Before the circuitry processes a single pixel, the additional space enables improved light collecting and overall image capture.


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