Best job search websites-Updated for 2023!

Nowadays, there are plenty of recruitment websites available. However, not all of them are worth your time. Regardless of your industry or location, the best job sites should make it easy for you to search for new employment.  And they also include helpful features that make your job search more efficient. Through resume matching or even social media blasts, each site will streamline the hiring process a little more.

If you are looking for reliable, successful job boards, read on!  We have compiled a list of the top free job boards and most popular recruitment sites in the world.

7 Best job search websites


Since Indeed is the world’s largest and most popular job search site! It is no surprise that it ranks at the top of our list. Furthermore, Indeed’s job feed is accessed by many smaller third-party job search websites and newsletters. Indeed is a great job search site for employers seeking qualified candidates from various backgrounds.

The Indeed search engine provides comprehensive results for job seekers. If you are searching for a job, you can narrow your search. These are on basis of different criteria such as:

  • expertise
  • location
  • permanence (part-time, full-time, contract, etc.)
  • starting salary
    The overall rating of Indeed indicates that it may be the best job search site for employers and job-seekers, and since it is the most popular, it is an excellent place to begin your search.


As one of the most accessible job boards, ZipRecruiter is a good choice for job seekers who are just beginning their careers or have little experience with computers. An extensive job database is available in conjunction with the straightforward approach. Using this site is similar to a job search engine, so it will immediately be familiar to you. You will see a list of relevant positions once you enter your keyword, location, and the distance you are prepared to travel.

You can quickly parse the results: the job title, the employer, and its location are presented alongside the first line of the job description, and by clicking on a likely lead, you can view its full report. Sometimes, employers use ZipRecruiter’s Quick Apply feature, which allows you to submit your application immediately. In contrast, in other cases, the advertisement directs you to a third-party site where you will be able to submit your application.

ZipRecruiter offers an extensive profile section where you can list your work and education histories, a biography, and a photograph. You can also upload your resume and list your social networks – all of which will be used in your application process. Additionally, you may add skills and professional certifications. There is also an app available through ZipRecruiter, so your job search can continue.


LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional websites, and it isn’t just a job board but a social networking site and educational resource. It is estimated that more than three-quarters of a billion people already use LinkedIn, making it the most popular job board in the world. It is known as best websites for job search!

This makes it an ideal tool for networking, forming new professional relationships, and posting a job. As you look for a job, it is beneficial to see who works for any potential new employer, see if you already have contacts, and research your prospective employer.

If you step away from the social feed of Facebook, you’ll discover a solid set of features for searching for a job. LinkedIn has many job openings, and you can filter them according to various parameters, including contract type, location, industry, and level of experience. This website offers a more significant number of filters than most other job search websites.

In addition to showing if you already have contacts within the company, job listings also allow you to see how many people have applied for the position. It is also trendy on LinkedIn to use the Easy Apply functionality, enabling you to apply for jobs with a single click.

Best job search websites


Few job listing sites can hold a candle to regarding name recognition. The Monster job site was one of the earliest examples of online job postings and dates back to the early days of the internet. Although Monster is no longer the number one job search site in 2022 and has some fierce competition, it remains one of the best job search websites for prospective employees and employers.

As for employers, Monster provides its job listing board and distributes your postings to hundreds of local news websites across the country. You can reach a broad audience through this method, and there is no limit on the number of applicants you can accept. In addition, Monster’s extensive catalog of job descriptions and listing templates are available to you, allowing you to streamline the job search process further, and you may search for potential candidates.

Monster is similar to other major job search sites in that professionals seeking employment can upload their resumes and search the job board for vacancies based on criteria such as starting pay, hours, field, and other specifics.

In addition to providing information on finding employment, negotiating salaries, and acing job interviews, Monster also provides some advice and tips. Moreover, Monster offers a very well-designed mobile application that allows users to “swipe” through job cards to quickly apply or pass on vacancies as they appear in their feed.


One of the largest job sites in the country, CareerBuilder, is also used by Fortune 500 companies like Hilton, Amazon, and Wells Fargo, so you know it must be doing something right. It is easy to browse jobs by industry or title. The site has good filtering options that allow users to drill down further: a job can be complete or part-time, a contract, seasonal, or gig job, you may choose an appointment with a specific salary range, or you may choose a career with remote work or effortless application process.

The site offers straightforward job descriptions and the option to apply directly from the site and save listings for later viewing. There are some other features provided by CareerBuilder that go far beyond this. For example, it has a tool that evaluates your profile and resumes to present you with jobs relevant to your skills and requirements.

As well as having salary search tools, a career advice hub with valuable articles, and an easy alert creation feature, the app also has a mobile version for Android and iOS. As a recruiter, you will also find that it integrates with over 70 applicant tracking systems.

A further advantage of the website is that it is free for job seekers. In addition to its free access for job seekers, it also offers valuable features and an extensive database of employment opportunities, making it an excellent site for those looking for employment.


Glassdoor is our favorite pick in best websites for job search! 

There are a few things that differentiate Glassdoor from the rest of the job search websites. Although the site offers job listings, it also functions as a review site, similar to Yelp. It provides job-seekers with more in-depth research experience by allowing employees to share their insights and experiences with companies they have worked for.

Glassdoor offers more than just basic job information, such as base pay, tenure, location, etc. It also provides information about leadership ratings, employee recommendations, and overall satisfaction ratings from employees and former employees.

For businesses, Glassdoor provides several unique opportunities for building their brand, promoting their reputation, and attracting top talent. The advantage of this job search site over many others is that employers are obligated to appeal to professionals. Glassdoor is most suitable for companies wanting to attract employees.  As of late, competition for employees has been fierce in the market.

In addition to posting a job listing, you can do much more with Glassdoor. Recruiters can learn more about why prospective employees should consider working at your company. Also, they get to know how to improve their experience. All these make it easier for them and allow you to attract candidates.

If other job search sites are not supplying you with the talent you require, or if you are a job seeker seeking more information about your potential employer than you usually receive from job listing sites, Glassdoor is the right site for you.

Google for Jobs- the best job search websites!

Google is known as one of the best job search websites!  For Jobs displays job listings from third-party websites across the internet, Google is among the top! Also, it is designed to assist job seekers in finding the best listings. Which is based on their Google searches or the area of their interest.

Technically, it is a free service.  Yet you must include some HTML in your job posting for it to be picked up by Google for Jobs.  So you cannot directly post a job listing to the service. Nor can you pay an additional fee to increase its visibility in search results. However, if you use the appropriate SEO keywords, AI and machine learning can organically improve your job post’s visibility.

Having said that, if you wish to keep your hiring website and the job listing itself you can. For this, you may post your position on a site that Google for Jobs already indexes. When tweaked, it can be a simple and cost-effective way to increase the number of viewers your listings receive.

Which are the best job search websites?

Well, all the given job search websites are great. Thus to give a verdict on the best job search websites is difficult!  Many have been able to provide employees with the employers and organizations they have been looking for. Today, Linkedin is one of the top-rated websites for people looking for jobs! It helps connects employees with employers

Finding a job can be a challenging process. There is a great deal of time and effort involved, as well as demoralization and exhaustion. The work is similar to a job in many ways. Set realistic goals, such as how many applications you send every day or week, and exercise if you can. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat as healthily as possible, and try not to worry too much. Your job search will be easier and more fruitful if you follow these steps. Have a happy life and a healthy one!

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