The deadly cold weather of -30 degrees in large areas of US has already killed 5

Large areas of US have been hit by deadly cold weather which has been named as “once in a generation” deep freeze by the meteorologists. It has been predicted that the temperature in the Midwest will further fall to -30 degrees Celsius. The chilled temperature would be accompanied by strong winds that would make cold even worse.

Alabama and Georgia that are located in the far South would also receive heavy snowfall. Illinois is expected to receive 6 inches of snow while the State of Wisconsin is expected to receive as much as 24 inches of snow.

The harsh cold weather across the US has already taken lives of 5 individuals. With such deadly predictions, more lives are at stake. Thereby emergency has been declared in Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, as well Alabama and Mississippi.

Ricky Castro, who is the National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist views that such weather conditions would be making history.

How are people living in such conditions?

Life is more than miserable in these states as hundreds of schools have been closed down, people cannot travel as flight operations have been canceled. People are not allowed to come out of their houses for more than 10 minutes as they would be affected by the Frostbite. The chilly winds have caused the risk of frostbite to spur.

The people of Chicago, who are well used to of cold temperatures, have been warned to expect a long, freezing and dangerous cold. The mayor of Chicago has ensured setting up of warming centers for the outdoor sleepers who are estimated to be 80,000 in number. Even the Chicago police have reported that the robbers are robbing the police at gunpoint for jackets and coats. The local media informed that the Canada Goose Jackets which cost as much as $1,100 are the favorite targets of the robbers.

People are being warned of taking deep breathes. They are even advised to speak as minimum as they can.

Some major tweets regarding the deadly weather

PETA, which is an organization protecting animals and their rights have asked people to keep their pets inside. They have also urged people to take care of animals in this deadly weather and to bring them indoors. In their tweet, they said:

“Animals can DIE in cold weather. Bring them indoors ASAP!”

President Trump just tweeted:


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