5 best Fruits for diabetic patients

What are the recommended fruits for diabetic patients? Can people with diabetes consume all type of fruits? Which are the diabetic friendly fruits?

Diabetes is one of the most rapidly growing diseases of the world. Today, the young and the old are either at the risk of developing diabetes or are already diabetic. More than 9% of US population is fighting diabetes. This is indeed alarming as US is a highly developed country. However, the scenario in developing and under-developed countries is much worse! This is the reason that we need to take measures against diabetes!

A little insight into our health

The declining health of the youth and the old is an alarming situation. We need to make sure that we create awareness about healthy pick-ups and ways we can improve our health.

The Planet Today is thereby striving to produce write-ups that will help you guys know about developing a healthy life-style, choosing food items that are full of health benefits and ensuring you are updated with all the great stuff.

Diabetic patients and fruits!

In this write-up, I will be telling you about those fruits that are not only considered the “friends of diabetic patients” but are healthy as well. The real purpose of this write-up is that most people consider avoiding fruits as soon as they are diagnosed with diabetes. I have experienced that when any of my relatives are diagnosed with diabetes, they are advised by all to avoid fruits as they cause high blood sugar levels. This is without doubt a depressing matter for the fruit lovers.

However, we realized that there are some fruits that are really good in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. A diabetic patient can eat fruits, he only needs to know that which fruits are best for him. Please make a note that avoiding fruits will not do any good to your health but will worsen it! Quantity of fruits and the fruit selection is vital here.

I would also like to say that only avoiding starch, sugar, drinks and carbohydrates and eating fruits without considering their sugar content is not healthy for a diabetic patient. People must be aware of what is good for them. Eating a whole mango and then complaining that “God knows why my sugar level strikes” is somewhat foolish!

As I said, selection and quantity matters!

Fruits for diabetic patients 

There are some fruits that have high sugar content than others and thereby shall be “taken in small amounts” by the diabetic patients. (Make a note that I am not saying avoided here). For instance, mango is one of the fruits with the highest sugar levels and can be taken in small proportions over days. This means that over 2-3 days you can divide a mango up and give your taste-buds and body a treat.

According to the Unites States guidelines, a diabetic and non-diabetic patient must have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day (consider “and” here please). A single serving is equivalent to a size of a baseball!

5 Healthy and recommended fruits for Diabetic patients

Fruits for diabetic patients, that are recommended by doctors are as follows!

Citrus Fruits: a healthy refreshing choice!

Citrus Fruits are the ones that are rich in Vitamin C. The most common Citrus fruits are Oranges and Lime. Both are not only great source of Vitamin C but are also low in Carbohydrates.

Health Benefits

A single orange a day would not only help in fulfilling the Vitamin C requirements of the body but are also refreshing and nutritious.


For a diabetic patient, sugar level is most important. An orange contains only 14 g of digestible sugar, 15 g of Carbohydrates and 62 calories. This makes orange a favorite pick for diabetic patients.

Fruits for diabetic patients

Berries and Strawberries: high in Anti-oxidants, low in sugars!

Well, how says one cannot eat berries when they are suffering from diabetes? Berries make upto best Fruits for diabetic patients!

Health Benefits

Blueberries, Red berries, raspberries, black berries and Strawberries are great for diabetic and health patients as they are rich in Anti-Oxidants that help fight diseases. Packed with Vitamins, Fibers and anti-oxidants, the berry family is the diabetic-friendly healthy choice.


A single Serving of blue-berries or a one-third cup of berries is packed with 62 Calories, 16 g of Carbohydrates and 4-5 g of sugars. Strawberries have a gram of sugar each and rich source of Vitamin C.

Fruits for diabetic patients

Peaches: A Healthy sweet treat

Health Benefits

Even though they are sweet, they are a treat! The Peaches are a rich source of Vitamin A and C, fiber and potassium. They are great for regulating the blood-sugar levels while providing energy to the body.


A medium-sized peach that is half-ripe contains 13 g of sugars only! The fiber content is good for regulating the blood sugar levels.

Fruits for diabetic patients

Apples: Always a right choice

Health benefits

Adding an Apple to your diet is one of the best moves that one can make. An apple is a source of essential Vitamins and fibers. This would help you enjoy a good digestive system, improve immunity and enjoy a low carb fruit.


A single Apple that is recommended to eat with its peel would give as many as 77 calories and 21 g of Carbs. It mighty be juicy but it is low in calories and sugar content.

Fruits for diabetic patients

Grapefruit: a low-sugar breakfast pick

Health benefits

A grape-fruit is low in carbs and sugar yet is a complete healthy meal. Thereby, it is recommended to incorporate it in your breakfast.


A medium sized Grapefruit would give you 11 g of sugar only helping you enjoy health and taste. It is rich in Vitamin C and is rich in anti-oxidants. You can toss it in salads if you don’t like it as a whole.

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