Google Drive feature| Will Delete Trash after 30 Days from 13 Oct

Did you know? Google Drive Will Delete Trash after 30 Days from 13 Oct? This is the Google drive feature being implemented from 13th of October!

Yes, you heard right Google Drive is Changing and Updating its features. The official’s feed site for G- suite and Google drive updates notifies users about the changes they are going for. The officials disclosed the matter in September 2020. Yet, the feature will roll out from almost the mid of October the 13th, 2020.

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What’s changing in Google Drive

google drive policy change

So, G-Suite Blog notifies that from the 13th of Oct, they are changing Google Drive Policies. The changes are for the Trash feature that is used in Drive for Deleted items.

Previously, Any item that been deleted from the inbox, or from any other folder is stored in the trash . It remains in the trash until the user itself delete it from there by using the feature “Delete forever”. But now, with the new update from 13h October 2020, any file that goes into the Bin / Trash will automatically delete after been there for 30 days.

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Also, it’s been stated in the official news that this policy will act on the items that are in your trash previously too. That means the item that deletes in past and is still in the trash, will delete after 30 days from 13th October.

This deletion process will start automatically. Thus, If you think you have anything Important in your trash you can save it before 13th October.

Impact from Google Drive Changes

  • To Every End User of Google Drive

Additional Details on Policy Change

  • The policy update will affect any trash items that are deleted by using PC, Laptop, or mobiles.
  • Admins of Drive can restore trash within 25 days for the users who are active in shared content. The User can delete the content intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Any Retention policies set by admins are not affected by the change. The Retention policies can be set in Google vault.
  • Google drive has a File stream option thus files set to be trash in this will also affect by the change. But Backups and sync will not affect it. Use the below image to check your sync setting.

Policy Roll-out pace

The initial time to roll out this feature is immediate. That is, on 13th October 2020. While an Extended rollout is expected to be of 15 days or more.