The Inspiring Story of the founder of Panasonic

Unfolding the inspiring story of the founder of Panasonic, Konosuke Matsushita

If you have lost all hope thinking you are not capable to do anything then here is the most inspiring and motivational story for you. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic was neither a rich man nor was he educated. The only thing that made him successful was his belief in himself. He had a firm belief to do something and he did. Now his company is among the top fortune 500 companies.

This real story motivates us and guides us to never lose hope. Moreover, it gives us a lesson to always believe in yourself. Never think you are inferior to someone or you have no power to do something big. Every person is born to achieve his dreams. Here is an inspiring story about the founder of electronic Giant Panasonic that has an annual income in billions.

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Early Life of Konosuke Matsushita

Konosuke Matsushita was born on November 27, 1894, in a very poor family and in a small farming village in Japan. They lived in a small house. They had very little money to feed good food to their children. The family was even unable to send their children to school to proceed with their studies. Hence, Matsushita had to leave his school. He left his studies at the age of nine. He was entitled to work from a very small age to support his family. This left him totally uneducated and illiterate.

He started working at a small shop to gain some working experience. His life was not easy at that moment. His day started at the crack of the dawn with the cleaning of the store he worked in. He had to open the store early morning for the customers. Later he had to look after the children of his employer. His life went on like this for a few years. He received a single five-sen coin as his daily wage that seemed quite valuable and worthwhile to him.

After some years, his destiny showed him a new path. When the store in which he worked went out of business and he had to look for a new job. He got employed at a bicycle store where he was treated very well by his employers. He spent five years working there and left the job when he found a new job in an electronic company. His father never wanted him to leave his bicycle store job. On the other side, Konosuke left his job to find a job that would give him some free night time to complete his education.

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Job at Osaka electric Company

When he was 15 years old he started working in the electricity appliances company, he started taking interest in sockets, lights, and bulbs manufacturing.  This was the time when cars were becoming popular. During his working period at Osaka electric company, Konosuke learned that electricity will be the wave in the future.

He was given the project of wiring the major theater that enhanced his ability and skills. During his job at the company, he used to work during the daytime, and at night, he started learning the skills on his own by manufacturing the bulbs and sockets. He started experimenting on his own.

There came a day when he succeeded in making a new version of bulbs all by himself. He felt happy at his new invention but all his happiness collapsed when his employer called his invention useless. When he showed his invention to the company’s owner, instead of inspiring his new invention his boss said this is never going to work. “No one will buy this.”

The inspiring story of the founder of Panasonic

He was rejected by the owner of the well-known manufacturing company but still, he believed in himself. At that moment, he thought about doing something himself. He wished to start his own company and become his boss. He discussed his idea with his friends and family members and all of them opposed him saying, he cannot do this because he is uneducated.

At first, he thought to start his own company but the thing that restricted him from doing this was his permanent job. He was the inspector at the company working at the highest post of technicians. At that point, he also feared that he might lose his permanent job. He had no money, experience, or any education to get another good job. Thus, he changed his mind but promised to do something after saving some money.

How he launched the Panasonic Company?

founder of panasonic

When he turned 23, he was able to take a big decision. In 1918, he managed to establish his new business. He saved some amount for his survival and to start his own manufacturing company.  First of all, he rented a double story house for his manufacturing company and launched his manufacturing company with the name Matsushita Electric Warehouse Manufacturing company that later became Panasonic. The start was very small. He opened his company in his small house. He left his stable and permanent job and started manufacturing bulbs and sockets at his home. Without any employee, he and his wife managed to work day and night to manufacture some sockets.

The sad part as founder of Panasonic

The saddening point was that no shopkeeper was willing to buy from him. He got no orders for months. Later the months turned into a year. He was unable to sell even a single product. Konosuke turned bankrupt. He sold out his furniture and also borrowed some money for his survival. He thought about giving up his dream and return to his previous job thinking his boss was right, there is no value of his products.

First order changed his fate

One early morning he thought to try his luck for the last time. He left his home early morning roaming in the streets to look for any order to survive for one more day. Feeling disappointed, he was about to give up when a miracle changed his destiny. He got his first order of 1000 pieces. This was the start of his luck. Later he expanded his business by manufacturing a new attachment plug and a two-way socket.

Now years have passed. His small company that started from a small house with zero employees has turned in to giant electronic company. This company has more than 250,000 employees and a market share of around $20 Billion. The products manufactured in his company are now sold worldwide. No matter several electronic companies have made their way to the market, but still Panasonic is known as the most reliable and famous company.

All this was made possible by Kōnosuke Matsushita, a man with no money and education. If you are also in pursuit of success just believe in yourself and never let anyone underestimate you. Survive in every situation and wait for a miracle to happen, just like the one that happened in the life of the founder of Panasonic.


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