How technology has changed our lives? Role of Technology in 10 Major fields of Living

how technology has changed our lives?

Technology which was invented by man himself has now changed the life of a man to an extreme extent. It is involved everywhere and in everything of our daily life. The man was a King when he invented technology but now he has become a slave of technology. We can say that it is changing our lives every second and we have become addicted to it. Here is The Planet Today’s thoughts on how technology has changed our lives.

We cannot retaliate technology as the only making of gadgets and other things. The history of technology is too old. It started with the early man when he invented tools for hunting the animals and for his protection. Later the invention of fire, clothing, and shelter, all these were the technology of that time. The biggest invention in history was the invention of the wheel which gave birth to different inventions.

Humans developed technology to ease their life. They invented many new technologies to solve his day to day problems. However, these man-made technologies have affected our lives positively as well as negatively.

Over the years, it has revolutionized our World.  If you are an 80’s or 90’s kid you might have witnessed numerous variations from computer to laptop, palm tops, mobile phones, smartphones, etc. In the past few years, various changes have occurred, one of the biggest changes is the switch from videotape to CD’s/DVD’s and now it has also vanished. Modern technologies have taken their place. Every year many new inventions are made that are far more advanced and unique from the previous one that a person cannot resist himself to use that invention.

How Technology has changed our lives on a daily basis

First of all, we should say that the technologies have changed our lives by increasing the speed of time. It has totally changed the ways of our living. We cannot even think of our life without technology. The things that seemed impossible or took a long time in the past can now be done in just minutes.

how technology has changed our lives

The development of technology has also led to so many new inventions, it has given us better luxuries. It has made us capable to use different gadgets. Technology is involved in our daily life in every corner of our home even our food cooking is involved in technology, we use ovens, microwaves, and electric stoves, etc.

It is impossible for us to calculate the amount of technology we use in our daily life. Most of the items we use in our house are automated. Our houses are safer than before with advanced technological solutions, like door locks, security cameras, lights, etc. we have LCDs, the Internet, Mobile phones and we are aware of the news from different corners of the world. Today, technology has made it easier for us to pay our utility bills and transfer money in just seconds sitting in our homes.

The negative thing is that we have become a robotic human who are bound by technology. In the past people could easily calculate on their fingers, they can even calculate the largest number without using any device but today we are looking for a calculator for even calculating the easiest number. We have become the slave of the luxuries provided to us by technology.

Technology and Farming

Technology has made farming far more sustainable and smart with self-driving tractors, Agricultural drones, GPS Technology, water uses and precision, and many other modern technologies. It has changed our farming to business. Nowadays farmers use mobile apps to calculate the grass in their field. That saves their time and money too. In the past farmers used pesticides and insecticides to protect its crop but now with the invention of GM Crops and BT Crops, the excessive use of pesticides have been decreased.

how technology has changed our lives

On the other side, the FitBits for the cows, genetic production of plants, cooling facilities for crops, and development of animal feed and irrigation of plants are some other examples of technology in our agriculture industry.

Technology in Education

Technology has totally changed our methods of education and learning. If you ask your parents or grandparents about their ways of education, then you will understand how much we have changed our education methods.

In the past, it was not easy to get data, information or knowledge so quickly and with flexibility as we get it today with the help of internet and various books, educational videos, and audios. Technology has expanded access to education.

 technology changed our Education

Now a person of any age and at any place in the world can get himself educated, he can get enough knowledge he wanted. There are several online schools, online education system where you can get enough education. Besides this, modern technology is also used in our education.

In the past, people use atlases, encyclopedias, and dictionaries to get information but now we can get any type of information at our fingerprints. Today students can use tech apps for education on their mobile phones.

Students are loving to study, it has become like a game for them, and it has made education more convenient and more fun. Children tend to understand much better with the help of practical and visual explanations.

Technology in Business

Technology has changed our business methods. The long paper files and paperwork or storing data is now taken by computers and laptops. In short, technology has also made our business easy. We can get new ideas and methods for our businesses. There are thousands of business methods, business apps, and thousands of people who are ready to solve your problem in any business field.

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Machine learning business intelligence tools, predictive analytics are new methods to conduct, operate, or manage your business.

tech in Business

Now technology has made it easier for our women to open several online businesses. They can sell their things on the internet without roaming in the streets and can directly get their income from the bank or at their doorsteps. On the other side, it has sped up the production process we can easily measure the quality of our product. It also helps to reduce the production cost and speed up the monthly profit. You can use several marketing applications to analyze your business.

Technology and our Lifestyle

Technology has changed our lifestyle totally. In the past people were more productive, they were busy leading a normal and sensible life. They have time for everyone, they use to care for humanity, share their feelings and moods with their loved ones, they loved nature and expressed their feelings and emotions.

Today we only care for technology, we prefer to spend our lives on social media, using the internet, watching TV, playing videogames rather than giving time to our families, playing out with our friends. All we care for us just for our better lifestyle that is equipped with every useful gadget and machine that could help us in our day to day work. We have made ourselves unnecessarily busy. Now we can never ever expect our lives without these tools.

Technology and Communication

Gone are the days when people have to wait long for letters or travel far from our homes to attend the phone calls. Nowadays we have social media, mobile phones, laptops, internet with many videos and audio conferencing mobile applications that have made our communication far easier than before. In the past, we could only imagine about video calling which was not possible at that time.

New technology

Technology and Human Behavior

Many studies on humans have suggest that human behavior has changed so much from the far. Now their mood swings in seconds. Now the human patience level has also started affecting in seconds, it moves from high to low and low to high. In the past, people had more patience than today.

It is also said that nowadays human behaviour depends on the likes and comments on his posts and on the replies of his messages. He is least bothered about the people sitting near him. The man has started searching for friends on social media without knowing that there are several friends sitting near him.

In the past, people were living in less stress and pressures than today. Today human being is living under unnecessary stress and under unknown pressure. Technology has negatively affected our behaviours. In the past depression was something unknown but today every 3rd person is suffering from depression.

Technology and our Critical Skills and Thinking

We can say that technology is the killer of our skills and talent. Most of us tend to do business and jobs rather than inventing anything or showing up our skills and talent. Technology has almost killed our critical thinking. We don’t want to think about anything. We spend our extra time on social media activities.

In the past, people tend to move kilometers just to collect data but nowadays we have become so much idle that we are waiting for everything ready. Reading books have been disappeared from our life. We do not have any time to think or research. We want the result easily, and the negative thing is that we cannot understand easily without seeing visual examples.

Technology and our health

If we talk about health, it is not wrong to say that people in the past have more stamina to fight with diseases. They were physically as well as mentally fit.  They use to live a longer and better life. Nowadays we have more medical equipment, tools, and medication process to fight with several diseases. The number of diseases has also increased with the passage of time and the sad thing is that now we have very little stamina to fight with diseases.

Doctors have invented the cure of every disease but still, they are not sure about the life of the patient after operating their several cases. Our hospitals have modern tech equipment, operation theatres, and modern medical machinery but the life span of the people has also gone less and filled with tensions, worries, and several disorders. Today the people remain restless in their sleep and it is the negative effect of the technology.

Today, Doctors can attend their patients over calls, operate them from miles away and treat diseases that were once unrecognizable, in a matter of minutes.

In the end, I should say that we have become a slave to such things, mobiles, robots, machines, and the internet. It is inside our body targeting our blood and emotions.

Technology and travelling

Since the day early man invented the wheel, most of the inventions were inspired and undoubtedly it was not created for transportation but indeed it gave a new phase to our transportation. Now we can travel distance from one place to another or any part of the world in just hours.

Our journeys have become easier and convenient with the help of modern transportation technologies.  Since the last three centuries, technology in our transportation is working more efficiently. Over the last few decades, the automobiles industry is experiencing technological revenue as these vehicles are taking the world by storm.

Digital Maps like Google Maps have brought ease to travelling. We can see routes, destinations, traffic density, estimated times and much more on these maps. Hybrid and electric cars have become common. These cars are comfortable, luxurious, fast and pack a ton of features with minimum maintenance costs. To bring even more innovation to travelling, automobile companies like Tesla have introduced the auto drive feature and implemented it much effectively.

how technology changed Travelling- The planet today

Everyone among us is crazy to buy a well-developed and new facilitated engine for his use. Today, we cannot even imagine our life without this means of transportation, like cars, trains, airplanes, buses, because it has become our basic need.


In the end, Hope you like our thoughts on how technology has changed our lives and I should say that the future of this world will be quite different from what it is today. It is quite more interesting and convenient. We can just imagine that the future will be the age of the machine.

Our next generations will have driverless cars and many other new inventions. Robots which were human invention is now coming forward to rule the world. No doubt to say that there will come a time when only robots will control this world.