How to create a CV that gets you hired for your dream job in 2024!

how to create a cv

A complete guide on how to create a CV that gets you hired! How to formulate a CV and CV-making tips that will ensure hiring! Read below!

Dreams jobs not only require skills and experience you also need a good CV.  Having a good job is a dream of every person but it cannot be accomplished until you have a strong and good CV. A good CV gives a jump start to your career. Having a good CV is very important for your interviews it attracts the interviewer and all your skills and education, and other accomplishments are highlighted which makes it very easy for you to get hired. In this article “how to create a CV that gets you hired”, we will talk about CV tips that can help you while creating your CV.

What is a CV? How to create a CV that gets you hired?

Before knowing how to create a CV that gets you hired, let’s see what a CV is actually. A curriculum vitae (CV), also known as a “Course of life”, contains all the information about your education, experiences, skills, and achievements used when you are applying for a job. It enables the interviewer to understand your abilities easily. A good CV attracts the interviewer, and you can get your dream job.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

Now, we often get a question what is the difference between a CV and a resume? In order to know how to create a CV that gets you hired, you need to know how is a CV different from a resume.  There is a lot of confusion among people about resumes and CVs. Some say these are different some say they are the same thing. Let’s clear up this confusion as well.

CV and Resume are almost the same things. So once you get to know how to make a CV that gets you hired, you can also make a resume that can get you hired! Different names are given in different places. CV is mostly used in UK Europe and Asia whereas a resume is mostly used in US Canada and Germany. These both are created the same way except a few changes are done. These changes can be easily done, and you can convert it in a few steps, for example, if you are living in the UK and you got your job in the US you can simply convert your CV into a resume just by minor changes.

CV also includes some extra things.

  • Full home address
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender / Marital status
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Languages

CV can be easily made, and you can change it according to your skills and achievements that you have made later.

Format for a CV

Choosing the correct format for your CV is the most important thing to unleash how to create a CV that gets to hired! Good formatting is the essence of making a CV that gets you hired. The format should be more appealing and attractive. It is one of the main things that outstand your CV and you should be careful while selecting the correct format.

Here are some formats you should consider.

  • Reverse-chronological CV format
  • Functional CV format
  • Combination CV format

What should a CV look like?

CV depends on what kind of job you want to want to acquire. All companies have their criteria which you have to fulfill to achieve the following job. You should first see what the company requires and according to that, you can make a strong and reliable CV that can get you noticed by the interviewer or hiring manager.

Besides that, you should not do too many changes to your CV, yet you should stick to your skills and be confident about that.

Here are some points you should note that is seen in your CV.

Expertise and Achievements

The point important points in your CV are your achievements and experience. Experience can get you a job very easily if a person is experienced, knows how to work, and can do his work more efficiently. An experienced worker has more links and can give the company a boost.

Your achievements are also proof that you have succeeded in your work and that you are professional at your work. A professional can handle situations more easily. So do mention your older experiences and achievements in your CV even if your achievements are not so big, they can make a huge impact.

 Always be particular about this as it will help you with how to create a CV that gets you hired! 

Relevant Skills selection-how to create a CV that gets you hired!

Most people are multi-talented and have several skills, but it can cause trouble while creating your CV. You should always stay relevant while selecting your skills for your CV. You should always check the requirements of the job you want to apply for and according to that you should select your skill.

Selecting the right skill can cause a major impact. The hiring manager is seeing a person who is perfect for the following job, and you can be selected company doesn’t need a multi-skilled person the company needs a person who is professional in the work they are offering a job for.

Data and Quantifiable Metrics

When a job application is released, the company receives dozens of applications but yours should be outstanding and unique. Quantifiable metrics can make a huge impact on your selection.

You should add data to your CV in addition you can also add measurable results while adding your achievements which can attract the reader. It will make your CV different and unique and there are more chances you can get the job.

Thus, if you are thinking of how to create a CV that get you hired, add data and quantifiable metrics!

how to create a cv

Proper Spelling and Grammar

How to create a CV that gets you hired? Pro-tip, make sure you use correct spelling and grammar!

Always be careful while creating your CV use of proper words can be very helpful. Always use unique words and use correct grammar it can make your CV more attractive.

Moreover, always double-check your spelling any wrong spelling can create a negative impact on your selection. Wrong spelling seems very unprofessional behavior be careful about it.

How lengthy should be a CV? How to create a CV that gets you hired?

There is a common misconception that a CV should be many pages long but that’s wrong. Your CV should be ONE page not more than that. One page is more than enough. A lengthy CV can make the hiring manager bore and it is not good for you.

A CV should be always on point. A long CV is difficult for the hiring manager to go through so one page is more than enough as it is easy to read, and the reader does not lose interest while reading.


In some situations, it is important to have two pages so always go for it but do not exceed two pages. Make it simple and easy for the hiring manager.

A good header is a must!

Personal details are written in the first section of the CV. All your details should be written in the right manner and don’t make any mistakes in your details it will be a negative point for you.

According to rules in some countries, you have to place a photo on your CV so if you are in a country where this rule is obeyed you should place a good photo of yours. Taking a photo in formal clothes can have a good impact on the viewer.

End Credits

Your pointers on how to create a CV that gets you hired don’t end here! Last but not least is the End credits! Before creating a CV always remember the points mentioned above and be confident in your skills and achievements. For getting your dream job you should create a strong CV that can easily get you that job. If you don’t have created your skills start reading them today.

These skills can become your identity and you can have a better future. So start working on your skills and create your CV as soon as possible so you can get a job.

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Concluding-How to create a CV that gets you hired?

We hope our guide “how to create a CV that gets you hired” was useful! Creating a CV is not hard. All you need to do is to showcase your talent on a piece of paper. You need to make an impression out of your CV that you have the potential to get the job! Write relevant skills, make a good structure, and make no spelling mistakes! You can rely on templates that are available for free for making an impressive CV!

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