How to Get Easypaisa Debit Card?

Easypaisa has also launched its Debit card services. If you are an Easypaisa user and looking forward for an Easypaisa Debit card. Then this article will help you. In this article, the planet today will tell you methods on how to get an Easypaisa debit card.

Easypaisa, which is becoming a popular e-banking service in Pakistan, is powered by Telenor Microfinance Bank. Easypaisa provides the access to all the digital banking services for its customers.  It allows people to enjoy unlimited banking services while staying at their home without waiting for their turn in queues. More importantly, from paying your utility bills to the transaction of the financial payment, Easypaisa has become the first choice of the people. 

Methods for obtaining Easypaisa Debit card

There are two methods to order your Easypaisa debit card. The first one is through Easypaisa mobile app and the second one is by calling the Easy Paisa helpline. Both methods are mentioned below.

Get an Easypaisa debit card by requesting from your Mobile App

  • Firstly, Open your Easypaisa Mobile App and login to your account.
  •  Go to “My account” option.
  •  There you will the option of “order your Easypaisa debit card”. Tap on this option
  •  The next screen opens with the option, “select your card type” Easypaisa is offering two types of cards; Union paycard and PayPak Easypaisa card.
  •  After selecting the card tap on the “Next” option and click on “order now”.
  •  The next step will ask about your residential details like your address where you want your card delivered.
  • You have to enter your complete address, area, and city.
  •  After entering the address tap on proceed.
  •  At last tap on “confirm and pay” to get your Easypaisa debit card. You must have the required amount in your account to pay for your debit card.
  •  The maximum required amount is Rs500. This amount will be deducted from your Easypaisa account. If the amount is not present in your account. Your request will be rejected.
  • Once your request is successful, you will receive your Easypaisa debit card in the next 15 working days.

Get your Easypaisa debit card by calling the helpline

  •  This is the second method to get your Easypaisa debit card. The method is fairly simple for everyone to use.
  • All you have to do is to open your phone dialer and call the helpline number.
  •  The helpline number for Telenor user is 3737.
  •  Other network Easypaisa users should dial 042-111-003737 from their number.
  • Wait for your call to connect to the call center agent.
  •  Although the call center agent will approve your Debit card request and demand for your complete address.
  • The agent will also ask your consent for the deduction of the card fee from your account.
  • Lastly, if you are ready to pay the fee, your request will get approved.
  • You will receive your card in the next 15 working days.
  • This is the procedure for getting the debit card by calling the helpline number.

Undoubtedly, you will get your Debit card in 15 days. The next step you have to do after receiving your debit card is to set the 4 digit pin for your card. You can simply do this by calling the helpline number or through your Easypaisa mobile account.

This is the complete procedure on how to get  Easypaisa Debit card. Hope this article will prove helpful to you.


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