How to get rid of lizards during this summer?

How to get rid of lizards? What are the most effective ways of getting rid of Lizards? Are lizards dangerous? Can i prevent lizards from entering my house?

What are lizards?

We really want to share the ways on how to get rid of lizards but let us first clear the air by describing what a lizard is (Just in case you don’t try these methods on some other reptiles). Lizards are reptiles with more than 6000 species all around the world. Lizards usually have four legs while there are also some lizards that do not have any legs and their locomotion is carried with their quadric bone same as a snake. They are of different size and shape and their size varies from few centimeters to almost 3 to 4 meters.

Are Lizards poisonous?

Not all the lizards are poisonous. Their species Komodo dragon, Gila Monster, and Mexican Beaded lizard are poisonous and actually dangerous to human. These three lizards can attack and also kill humans. However, you do not have to worry about these three or their attack because they are not found on the walls of your home.

Undoubtedly lizards look filthy and if your house is having lizard then you will surely be under the risk of several contagious diseases because lizard droppings contain diseases. Lizards eat insects, mosquitoes and other blood-feeding species that include a variety of nasty illness.

How can I eliminate lizards from my house?

Lizards look ugly and terrible too and yes we can say that we all hate lizards. We often think that eliminating lizards from our house during summer is a difficult task but however it is not as difficult as it seems. There are several easy solutions to get rid of the horrifying lizards.

It is a big win for you

Getting rid of lizards also means getting rid of many other pests so it is a successful mission to eliminate lizards from your home. It will be a big win if you succeed in your mission because it is said that lizard is always found there where they can easily found food to eat.

In an urge to get rid of the nasty reptile you will succeed in getting rid of many hazardous diseases and also fatal insects. To get rid of lizards, the first important step is to get rid of insects infesting your house because lizards feed on the insects and they enter your home tracing the insects.

How to get rid of lizards? Effective ways! 

Besides this, mentioned below are some easy and effective remedies to get rid of ugly lizards.

Peacock feather

How to get rid of lizards

Use peacock feather to scare away the lizards from your home. Most of us don’t know that peacock love to feed on reptiles and their favorite one is a lizard. Lizard is afraid of peacock thus by placing peacock’s feather at the entry point of your house no lizard will dare to enter your house.

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Bird’s feather

Lizards are always afraid of birds. To trick a lizard, place some birds feather in your home. They will never enter the house thinking there is a bird. You can make several decorations with bird’s feathers like baskets etc or keep it as it is.

Naphthalene balls

We all know that Naphthalene balls are kept to keep the insects away but did you know that they can also prove helpful in case of lizards. Place some Naphthalene balls on the entry points or on the top of the cupboards or shelves. If you have kids in your home then avoid this thing.

How to get rid of lizards

Phenyl balls

Phenyl is an anti-bacterial and used to clean the floor or washrooms. Lizards hate phenyl thereby placing some phenyl balls near your windows or doors or other entry points will prove helpful to repel the lizards from your home. Avoid this activity if you have small kids at home.

Garlic and onion

Lizards have aversion to garlic and onion odor. The pungent smell of these 2 vegetables keeps the insects far away from your home. In the past, people used to hang these two vegetables in their home or spray garlic or onion water at the walls of their home.

How to get rid of lizards

It is said that onion keeps the lizard away from your home because lizard hates such pungent smell.

Homemade pepper spray

Take a small amount of ground black pepper and red chili powder, mix them with water and add in a spray bottle. This is your homemade pepper spray or insecticide. Although lizard is not an insect, this pepper spray will keep them away from your home because they are allergic to pepper.

Just spray it on the entrance of your home or on the windows from where the lizards enter. You can also make the pepper spray by using black pepper and water only.


This is an ancient remedy passed from generation to generation. Our ancestors used to tell us that lizards hate eggs smell and thus remain away from it.

All you have to do is just crush some eggshells and place it on the lizard’s way or you can also hang some eggshells on a string and tie it to the windows or any entrance zone of your home. You can also decorate these shells with colors so that they don’t look bad.

Coffee or Tobacco powder

Coffee and tobacco powder have proven a very effective way to kill the lizards. All you have to do is add these two powders and make small balls. Take a match stick and insert it in the balls. Keep these balls in lizard’s place or high up on the cupboard or shelves. The lizard will instantly die after eating these.

Tabasco sauce

Take a small amount of tabasco sauce and add it into water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle; now spray it around the cupboards, window panes, lizard entering points and every corner of your house. This will help you to get rid of lizards instantly.


This is the easiest way to kill a lizard. Whenever you spot any lizard, just rush to your fridge and get ice cold water. Pour or spray the cold water directly on the lizard as it will immobilize the lizard for a while and you can kill it or throw out easily.


Flypaper is not just an efficient tool for trapping flies or mosquitoes but also lizards. All you have to do is just place the flypaper on the way of the lizard. As soon as the lizard walks onto it, it will get pasted on it and you can easily dispose of it out of your home.

how to get rid of lizards

Pet a cat

It is indeed an optional way. Petting a cat is the most efficient way to purge your house of lizards. The cat will stray the lizard making it run for its life tending not to return back. Some cats help to eliminate the lizards by eating them.

Methods to prevent lizard’s infestation from your home

  • The first and most important thing to prevent lizards from entering your home is cleanliness. In summers, try to keep your house extra clean and always mop the floor with phenyl. Also check all the drains and sanitation pipes as it will help eliminate all the insects as well as lizards.
  • Remove their source of food. Lizards usually feed on insects and the most important work you have to do is just keep your house pest-free. Lizard enters the house tracing their food and they will eventually leave the house when they will not find any food.
  • Seal all the cracks and holes as this will also reduce the lizard’s entrance.
  • Lizard gets attracted to light. If you witness any lizard outside of your room, make that room dark and lower its temperature. By doing this, lizard will not enter the house. Lizard often avoid dark and cool places.
  • Avoid keeping all the doors and windows open after the sunset.


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