How to make community safer? (Top 5 economical and effective ideas)

how to make community safer

Living in community which is unsafe and vulnerable can be a mental stress. Thus, start working on how to make community safer for improved quality of living!

People need to feel safe and secure. It is one of the physiological needs of every human being. Thus, it is important that when communities are formed, they are equipped with safety and security measures.  People do not live alone, they mostly live with their loved ones and their valuable belongings. People themselves are vulnerable as their are cruel and merciless people. Thus, going back home with a sense of safety is a blessing.

However, you cannot just be casual about your safety. If you are living in a developed country, and in a very secure community, even then you cannot sleep with locks and doors open. You will need to have certain safety equipment and security precautions in order to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

Embarking Safer Communities

Even in the safest cities of the US, one of the most developed countries of the world, crimes do take place. In-fact, the crime rate in such cities is more or less 8.6 per 1000 people. Which means that every 8-9 person among 1000 is subjected to a crime or a violence. Thereby it is important to make communities safer and learn how to make community safer.

Developed countries like US, have been able to craft out secure and safe communities which has enabled to reduce the house break in and burglaries effectively, reportedly by 2.3 times. Thus, it is high time that we learn how to make community safer.

How to make community Safer?

In order to make communities safe, it is important to invest in certain technologies. These technologies will help reduce the crime rates in the communities, will help you get rid of burglars and will make you feel safer. Here are some of the effective ways which will lend you in developing safer communities.

Make a community Group

With advent of technology, it is high time that you make a community group. So that if you feel something suspicious or wrong, you can inform the community member. This is a total free thing yet is a primary step in how to make community safer. Allow all community members to enter the group and give in their valuable suggestions and insights. This will also help in developing cohesive and social community. You can even make arrangements for funds and amenities like parks, water etc.

Install Safety equipment

Make sure that the entrance of the community is checked. All people coming and going leave through a  monitored process such as a barrier which will not only make the community safe and sound, but also will help regulate the flow of people and become a red flag for burglars. You can even use under vehicle safety mirrors, convex mirrors and cones to help improve the safety of the community. Thus, each vehicle will be checked thoroughly with a under vehicle search mirror, and will get examined look through a safety convex mirror.

Install Safety Cameras

Invest in cameras at maximum places in community. At all exit and entry points, make sure you have installed a camera that is able to record all movements in the community. If you ask me how to make a community safer, you should for surveillance cameras, at least at vulnerable and entry/exit places. If your community contributes, get them at all streets, under the street lights.

how to make community safer

Install burglar alarms

For houses that are more vulnerable, shall be equipped with safety alarms and safety equipment which shall let you know if any one is trying to break in the house. House which have residents who travel, or who keep their house abandon for long time as they are on job shall be equipped with a burglar alarm. Thus, if you are a pilot, air hostess, person with double shift job, your house is most vulnerable!

Appoint a good security company

A good security company is one of the best options. They can patrol the area, assure that all people entering and exiting the community are recorded and under surveillance and are equipped with safety equipment in case there is a mishap. Thus, you will be carefree of your community safety.


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