How to open an Easy Paisa account?

Are you struggling with how to open an easy paisa account? Do you think its a tricky task and you wont be able to use digital wallet? Well, worry not! 

Gone are the days when you have to travel to different banks and wait in a long queue for sending and receiving payment through inter-banking. That was indeed a difficult task, you need to follow the timings and transaction difficulties. But nowadays, many telecommunication companies launched their branchless banking services in Pakistan. In 2009, Telenor Pakistan launched the Easy Paisa account system. They made it easy for its people to send and receive money to anyone and at any time of the day.

how to open an easy paisa account

Services provided by Easy Paisa Account

Now with the easy paisa account, it is more convenient to transfer funds from one account to another or any person not having an easypaisa account. Besides all these, you can also transfer the funds to your bank account, you can pay your utility bills, book your tickets and pay a fee of several schools. You can avail all these services at home without visiting any bank.

It also includes features like funds transfer to any other bank account, easy load to any network mobile number, donations, etc.

How to open an Easy Paisa account?

how to use an easy paisa account?
  • First of all, download Easy Paisa app on your smartphone.
  • You can select either English or Urdu language.
  • The first step is to enter your mobile number.
  • The second step, they will ask you to enter your CNIC number and the date of issuance of CNIC.
  • After that, you will have to select your city and submit the application.
  • Then make a secure password of 5 digits. You will have to enter the code two times. Make sure not to tell anyone. It will later be used for logging in.
  • You will either receive a call from Easy Paisa team or they will message you the verification code.
  • After verification, your account will be activated.
  • You can avail your easy paisa service by visiting any easy Paisa Franchise or dialling *786#.

How to open an Easy Paisa account without the app

If you are a Telenor Sim user you can create your Easy Paisa account on your Telenor sim without installing the app. Simply follow the following steps.

  • Dial 786 from your phone
  •  You will be asked to create a five digit code.
  • You will have to re-enter the pin code for confirmation.
  • This is a simple method. Your easy paisa account will be activated. Now you are free to avail any easy Paisa service simply by dialling 786 or by visiting any Telenor Franchise or Easy Paisa outlets.

How to open an Easy Paisa account without App for non-Telenor Users

Easy paisa service is not only for Telenor users but also for non-Telenor users. They can also avail this service by following the below mentioned steps.

  • First of all, take your CNIC and SMS “EP<space>CNIC Number to 0345-1113737.
  • Your request will be sent.
  • You will receive a call from Easy Paisa representative for registering your account. The representative will also ask you a few questions according to your CNIC.
  • After necessary verification, your account will be activated.
  •  You will have to create a 5 digit PIN Code and send through SMS to activate your account.
  • After the activation of the account, you will be allowed to avail the services provided by Easy Paisa.
  • You will use the EASY Paisa services through SMS. The number is 0345-111-3737
  • You can also visit Easy Paisa outlets or Telenor Franchises for biometric verification of your account

How can I deposit money in my Easy Paisa account?

For depositing money in your easy paisa account you can follow the following steps:

  1. Visit any of the Telenor franchise or easy paisa outlet
  2. You can transfer money from any other Easy Paisa account.
  3. If you are a local or International Visa/ MasterCard Credit or Debit card holder then you can also top up your Easypaisa account through your Visa or MasterCard.

Transferring Money from Bank Account

You can also transfer money from any bank account to your Easy Paisa account. In this process, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, go to the online portal of your bank.
  2. Add yourself as a beneficiary with your Easypaisa account details. Your mobile number will be your easy paisa account number.
  3. Choose Tameer bank as the beneficiary bank.
  4. Enter your Easy Paisa account number as your bank account number.
  5. The system will automatically show your name after fetching the details of your account number.
  6. Click submit and finalize the process.
  7. Now you can send money to your recently added own mobile account.