How to open a Jazz Cash account? (Complete guide-2023)

Most of us are totally unaware of how to open a Jazz cash account. Today in this article The Planet Today explains the easiest way of opening a Jazz Cash account. Which is effective and easy! 

Jazz Cash which is also known as Mobicash was first launched in 2012. It is a branchless banking services provider. JazzCash was founded by Jazz in partnership with their subsidiary Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

It offers several services for its users like money transfer, online bill payments, bank deposits, mobile loans, and International remittance and many other services. It also provides digital payment services with a QR scan.

How to open a Jazz Cash Account for Jazz and Warid Customers

  1. First, you should have a registered mobile phone number.
  2. Secondly, if you are a Mobilink or Warid user, you can simply register yourself by dialling *786# or download Jazz Cash Mobile app.
  3. The next step is you will have to create a 4 digit MPIN which could be created either by dialling *786# or through the app.
  4. That’s it, your Jazz cash account is opened and now you can deposit money in your account by visiting any Jazz Cash agent or franchise.
  5. To locate the nearest Jazz Cash agent, you will simply have to write M and send this message to 2179 (No charges applied) and also by calling 4444 from your Jazz and Warid numbers.
  6. Now you can easily transfer funds and avail all the other services of Jazz Cash.
  7. Jazz and Warid customers can easily transfer funds anytime and from anywhere in the world simply by dialling *786# from their mobile number and following the guideline.

How to open a Jazz Cash account for non-Jazz and non-Warid Customers

  1. If you are using a sim of any network other than Jazz and Warid you will have to visit Jazz Cash agents or its franchise to register your account through Biometric verification.
  2. Once you are done, you can download Mobicash app and create your 4-digit MPIN.
  3. Your Jazz cash account is opened. Now you can avail the services of Mobicash.
  4. Now you will have to visit Jazz cash agent for depositing money in your account.
  5. You will always need a mobile app to transfer fund or avail any of the services of JazzCash.
  6.  After every transaction, you will get a digital receipt that will be sent from 8558.
  7. In case of any further queries or help, you can call 111-124-444 along with the city code.

JazzCash & Banking

Mobicash users can also transfer the funds into their account through a bank account by ATM or online banking. For this purpose, you will have to choose Microfinance Bank as the receiver’s bank. In this purpose, your mobile number will be your Jazz cash Account number.

Payment Charges for sending money from CNIC to CNIC through JazzCash or franchise

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Charges for sending money from Mobile account to CNIC

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Sending money from Jazz cash mobile account to another jazz cash account

how to open a jazz cash account

If you are willing to send money from your Jazz account to anyone owing another Jazz cash account then you must know that the first ten Jazzcash mobile account transfers to another Jazzcash mobile account are free every month. After that, you will be charged 0.5% transaction charges including all the taxes.