How to unsend an email in Gmail? A simple procedure

Sent an email by mistake? Don’t know how to unsend an email in Gmail? This article gives a simple guide!

This is the era of technology where a message once sent can be recalled. We are quite aware of several messaging apps that have unsending features. While using Whatsapp a person can delete the message once sent. Similarly, Facebook messenger too has the same feature to unsend a message. Today will tell you, how to unsend an email in Gmail.

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It often happens that you send a message that you were not supposed to. Have this ever happened with you in the case of an email? You will be amazed to know that some email services too have an unsending feature.

How to unsend an email in Gmail?

With Gmail unsending email option, you can call your sent emails back within the prespecified time limit.  Your email is on hold and won’t be sent until the time frame you have specified. During this specified time you can recall your email.

Worried about how to unsend an email in Gmail, follow the following steps.

  • Open your Gmail
  • Click on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • Select See all settings
  • General setting menu will appear. If you are not already on the General setting then open the General tab

  • On the fourth line, you will see an Undo Send option
  • Click on Send Cancellation period dropdown
  • Here you have to select the time you want to hold your emails before they are sent. You have the option to delay the time from five to thirty seconds.
  • After making the changes click on Save Changes It is at the bottom of the page

How to use the feature:

Follow the procedure to find answer of how to unsend an email in Gmail

  • Open Gmail
  • Compose a new email by clicking on the Compose option
  • Compose the content of the email
  • Press Send to send the email
  • You will see a prompt showing Message sent on your screen
  • To recall your sent email click on the Undo option
  • Your email will be unsent and a prompt of undoing message will appear on the screen which will later show sending undone
  • This means your message has been unsent.
  • The unsent message will appear in the Draft folder

This is it. A simple and easy procedure to unsend an email in Gmail.


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