IBM foldable smartwatch: A watch that can turn into a smartphone and tablet

IBM foldable smartwatch is a game-changer. It is a next step to innovation and tech! 

Foldable smartphones have not even properly arrived and they are already old. Samsung launched its galaxy fold which was a failed project. On the other hand, Huawei delayed the launch of its Foldable Mate X. Before any other telecommunication company could launch its foldable smartphones, IBM represented the idea of their foldable smartwatch which is like a mini tablet on your wrist.

Dutch Blog LetsGoDigital have mocked with a series of high resolution images of a new foldable smartwatch with the IBM patent.

IBM foldable smartwatch
IBM foldable smartwatch

How will this smartwatch split into smartphone and tablet?

The images shows that the ambitious IBM SmartWatch uses foldable display technology to squeeze a tablet-size screen into a wearable gadget on your wrists. The wrist sized single panel smartwatch will be able to unfold into four-panel smartphone. This can also be turned into an eight-panel tablet which still have a smartwatch band attached to the hindmost side of the panel.

Size of the panels

The size of all the eight panels measures 2 x 3 inches each. This smartwatch when unfolded to smartphone gives you 4 x 6 inch panel on your wrist. The unfolded form of a tablet will be as huge as 12 x 8 inches. The diagrams shows that the users will be able to open up the display into two then four or eight.

Working of the foldable smartwatch

The diagram does not describe the working of this foldable wearing gadget. However we can assume that the one way might be the sliding screen panel stored almost like a deck of cards which slides and unfolds into a smartphone or a tablet.

A new thing in the future

However we are not sure if IBM will be able to pull this off but if it ever make it to the shelves worldwide. It is going to be a new thing we will ever see in the future. Besides, this will be a very pricey gadget because it will take the place of your smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets. It is going to be a useful gadget on your wrist that could be carried everywhere and which on-the-go is available for you to use it more sustainably to read your full text messages, emails, and articles as it was not possible before with the previous smartwatches.

All the new technologies in the future are expected to be 5G variants and more expensive than the previous one. This might also be a reason that this gadget could be more expensive. However we are clear that whenever this gadget will launch, it will become one of the most popular gadgets.

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