Pakistani students win Facebook ‘Integrity Research Challenge’ 2020

Facebook integrity research challenge aims to unite the world digitally and securely. As social media and its advancement is increasing thus, Facebook integrity research makes sure that every individual gets their safety. It makes sure that users on social media communicate openly, decently, and without any misinformation or danger for the world.

What was the Integrity Research Challenge?

Back in Feb 2020, Facebook offered its research awards for the researchers interested in exploring misinformation issues. The total Budget set for research was $2,000,000. The amount is for the research proposals that aim to understand the challenge.

Integrity research challenge purposes to grow the scientific community in this digital social era that understands the media industry perspective. Facebook held the research work but they have not restricted it to any social media.

Who won the “Integrity Research Challenge”

Well, In short, Pakistani researcher won the challenge.

A well-known university “LUMS” won the challenge. Lahore University of Management Sciences abbreviated as LUMS. They proposed the solution of Misinformation on social sites.

Researchers from LUMS who participated

As Lahore campus of LUMS participated in the research. Agha Ali Raza and Ihsan Ayyub Qazi solved the aimed problem.

Ali and Ayyub served the challenge by measuring the role of following;

  • Earlier convictions
  • Logical thinking

And how both affect social users.

Both have designed an educational system which aware the people on misinformation on social media.

Raza and qazi said:

“We are happy to be awarded by the Facebook research grant which will fulfill our growth towards completing our project. We want to understand how fake news and information is perceived by users. Especially, by those users who don’t have digital literacy. Also, view the shaping of the analytical reasoning of low knowledge users. We are confident that this project will contribute to fighting the battle of misinformation generated on the internet by our society.

Integration Research received 1000 research proposals. Facebook rejected all the contestants except 25.

All the winners will be researching the problem of Misinformation in Pakistan, the UK, Canada, and 40 other countries.


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