Most Powerful Countries of the World (Top 25)

The ranking for most powerful countries of the world has been done by US News and the World Report Ranking. For this ranking, they collaborated with the University of Pennsylvania and surveyed more than 20,000 people. The people’s opinions regarding countries were recorded and a ranking list named ” Best Countries” was established. The world ranking for the most powerful countries is analysed and detailed review in the post.

By no doubt, US and its allies have made it to the top ranks, yet there are some countries which have surprised us with their ranks.

25. Belgium

Belgium has amazed us with its performance within a year. In 2018, it wasn’t able to rank among the top 80 countries of the world, in 2019 it holds 25th rank. Belgium, a small yet developed country is among the founding 6 nations of EU. International organizations such as NATO and the European Council are also hosted by Belgium.

24. Qatar

One of the richest countries of the world, Qatar, is a country blessed with abundant natural resources such as oil and gas. Living there is no less than a perk, as education and healthcare is free. Qatar is all set to host the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar, however has been facing issues with its neighbors: most of its neighbors have imposed an economic embargo which ban Qatar from importing and exporting. This is one of the reasons to why Qatar rank of power has dropped to 24 from 20. It is now looking to expand into new markets.

23. Spain

According to US news, Spain has been able to recover economically by following the EU fund restriction and strong export market. Spain has also emerged as a powerful country as it tends to have a cultural influence. Its culture and Unity, however are under threat due to separatist movements taking place in the Basque region and Catalonia.

22. Pakistan

The Asian country Pakistan, is among the populous countries of the world. It is rich in human resource as its population is young. It has loads of potential to grow, yet conflicts with India over Kashmir and terrorism has been hindering its progress.

21. Sweden

According to the US news, Sweden is a country where not only healthcare but education till college is free. The people of Sweden exhibit the longest life expectancy. It is among one of the cleanest countries of the world as it tends to recycle all of its trash. Sweden is a member of EU, in fact it is by size the largest country of EU. One of the reasons of Sweden’s might is that it tends to respect human rights. It has emerged as a leader in protecting human rights. In 2019 year, however, Sweden’s rank has fallen by 2 positions.

20. Singapore

The wealthiest country of the world with the highest employment rates is Singapore. It has improved its power rank by four positions within a year. Even though the cost of living in Singapore has increased, yet it is among the Asia’s four economic tigers. Innovation and massive growth of electronics and pharmaceutical industries has allowed Singapore to reap impressive growth rates.

19. Iraq

Iraq has an impressive portfolio: a country with largest oil reserves of the world, a member of international and regional organizations like IMF, Arab league and OIC.

However, due to an unstable economy, it wasn’t even listed among the world’s 80 most powerful countries in 2018. Seeing it at 19th rank in 2019 is a bit too impressive.

18. Italy

Italy’s fashion and culture has a powerful influence on others. It is among the largest countries of Euro-zone. Since last year, the country is facing recession.

17. India

India has dropped in rank by two positions this year. It is regarded as the world’s largest democracy. India has taken over the world by its massive technological influence. Also the cultural influence is great. It tends to have an entertainment industry, named as Bollywood, which releases the most number of feature films than any other in the world.

16. Turkey

Turkey, due to its geographical positioning has faced regional conflicts. It rests between Europe and the Middle East, making it vulnerable to regional disparities. It has lost its 14th rank due to internal conflict of failed military coup. Yet, now it is believed that it would be among the world’s fastest growing economies. It is a founding member of the UN and the OECD, and is active participant in NATO.

15. Australia

Australia, the country with the most Cricket World Cups, is an active member of various international organizations. It is ranked as one of the wealthiest nation of the world with improved quality of life.

14. Switzerland

Switzerland is among the strongest economies of the world with highest GDPs. It is among the wealthiest nations of the world. With a strong banking sector, Switzerland has improved its power rank by 3 places this year. Geneva tends to house international headquarters of most of the international organizations such as UN.

13. Iran

Iran holds a strategic geographical location along with great amounts of old reserves. It is a blessed nation as natural resources in abundance are allocated there.

12. Canada

Holding world’s fifth-largest oil reserves and being the largest country of the World, Canada is a country with impressive growth.

11. United Arab Emirates

The country marked as one of the liberal countries of the world, UAE, has emerged as dream place for many. The World Economic Forum labelled it as one of the most competitive economies of the Arab region!

10. South Korea

South Korea has an impressive economic outlook: It is the world’s seventh-largest exporter and 11th-largest economy of the world. It is the country that has record exports of technology and cars. It is a member of G20 and WTO: both are renowned international organizations.

9. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the most sacred country for all the Muslims as it houses the Holy Kabah in Mecca. It is a country full of wealth and oil reserves. The US news labeled it as the giant of the Middle East. Since the new Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salam has resumed office, Saudi Arabia is moving towards moderate Islamic policies and liberalization. The Vision 2030 aims at making Saudi Arabia less vulnerable to oil price shocks.

8. Israel

Israel-Palestine issues have been on hype, still the country has been able to retain a strategic position at power rank. US News also views that the small country has played a major role in global affairs.

7. Japan

Holding world’s third largest economy, Japan is the one of the world’s most literate and technically advanced nations.

6. France

One of the oldest countries of the world, France, is known for science, politics, economics and culture. it faces issues of terrorism and needs to learn how to deal with Islam.

5. United Kingdom

UK holds a strategic position and influence, be it political or economic. However, leaving EU has put loads of questions over its role on a global platform.

4. Germany

Germany has embarked to progress because of its highly skilled labor force.

3. China

China: the world’s most populous country has seen rapid economic development.

2. Russia

Russia, the world largest country rests for its progress on its oil and coal reserves.

 1. United States

The world’s most dominant country has a dominant position in power rank. Ans we all know it too that its the strongest country and influencing one too.


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