The FBISE’s failure – Pakistan’s Educational Boards amidst crisis

Since few years, FBISE, the Education department of Pakistan is heading towards destruction. As the curse of corruption has already taken over every department of the state, then how could education department resist?

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) is one of many educational boards in Pakistan. It is considered one of the best educational boards of the country, however it is not living up to the expectations.

We have heard of numerous incidents about the different education boards in Pakistan. Surely, Sindh board has made a joke of its reputation however we did not expect carelessness from the Federal Board. Studying under the Federal Board myself, i have always felt pride that it is the best educational board in Pakistan. However, recently i stumbled upon strange facts which led me to believe that even the best has become somewhat careless.

We’ve interviewed many students of different colleges under Federal Board and sadly, the situation we’ve got here is miserable. Unfair checking was always on the table BUT what’s happening now is far more than that.

Interview of an HSSC student

According to an interview of a number of students of HSSC from the college ICG F-6/2, there are innumerable cases where students confirmed many of their “ correct” questions marked zero and even some questions completely unchecked. A student confirmed this when she had a look on her answer script at Federal Board Office H-8 as per rechecking process. According to her, a long question was marked ZERO for no reason at all and many other marks were deducted unfairly. When the teachers were inquired about this during the rechecking process, the only thing they said was “Beta! Reassessment is not possible” because they themselves also agreed with the students.

It’s HILARIOUS to hear that a student got 84/85 in biology when her two objectives were surely incorrect.

So you can see where this is all going!!

There are many many other brilliant ones who are crying out of pain just because they haven’t got what they deserved.

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The trend is becoming popular in FBISE

Sadly, HSSC students have been worse victims of this brutality. The entire future of youth depends on these 2 years. This discouraging practice has started to detract the students now. We’ve witnessed many students U-turning from medical to non-medical fields in the past 2 years. THEY ARE PLAYING WITH THE FUTURE OF THESE KIDS.

But the saddest part is, that no one, literally no one talks about it on any of the social platforms and thus further risk the future of their loved ones..

As a part of this society, isn’t it our responsibility to raise our voice for our hardworking brothers, sisters and friends?

This year , the number of students who appeared for the “recounting” process has increased significantly. Other than that, the number of those who got their marks improved by recounting has increased even more. It appears to be a good gesture for a while BUT if you give it a second thought, you’ll get to know that it is just their event to attract more and more students, just to make money. Alas!

Who is responsible?

What is this carelessness for? What are they lacking in there? Funds? Examiners? Now, where is the government? What are they doing for it? Why aren’t they looking into this cryptic behavior?

How can the government expect the youth to be ambitious and cooperative under these conditions? Conditions where they can’t even give them a just checking system?


When students don’t get the result that they were expecting, they usually just let it go because they TRUST the system. If cases like these keep on increasing, the students will never feel comfortable with their results. It is the duty of our education department to provide a just system for the checking of papers. With demand of higher merits in Universities, students have set higher goals and have dedicated themselves fully to the task of achieving something extraordinary. Leaving an answer unchecked, not counting marks properly and only entertaining the methods in course books has become common and needs to stop before more people shift their focus to foreign educational boards.


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