Tips and tricks for good posture! 11 best tips to improve your posture!

All the medically proven tips and tricks for good posture that will help you overcome back pain and other issues!

What is posture?

Posture is the way you hold your body while sitting or moving: thus it relates to both static and dynamic posture. While we want to have a perfect posture to look great, even in pictures, it is important to maintain a healthy posture for your health!


People with bad postures can become victims of back and shoulder pain, injuries, and other health-related issues. If you are more likely to sit in front of a computer or at a desk, then you should improve your static posture. On the other hand, if you are a kind of a person, like a sales representative or a teacher. Who has to have a standing position, then you have to improve your dynamic posture.

If you are a health and fitness freak who sees young people suffering from back pain and other issues due to bad postures, we got your back with tips and tricks for a good posture!

Why have a good posture?

Even though we all know that posture can affect back and shoulder pain, let us explore more of the health benefits of having a perfect posture:

  • A good posture helps you attain a healthy musculoskeletal system. A bad posture would simply misalign it. People can suffer gaps in muscles and bones.
  • It is important to have a better posture so that your spine is healthy. A bad posture leads to spine wear and tear and is prone to injury. You can also suffer dislocation of spinal disks.
  • The most common reason for back pain stretching up to the neck and shoulders is due to a bad posture!
  • A bad posture would make your bones and joints stiff, reducing your flexibility.
  • Improving postures help maintain balance, which is necessary in case of accidents, and falls.
  • A stable and right posture improves gut health. improper posture would lead to poor digestion and issues like bloating and constipation.
  • The respiratory system is also affected by posture. A poor posture will cause breathing issues.

How to improve my posture? Tips and tricks for good posture:

There are simple tricks and tips for good posture. And here are a few which have been medically approved by Orthopedics and Psychologists.

1. Be motivated

Nothing can be achieved unless one is motivated for it! Motivation is the key. Look around people who suffer issues due to bad postures. Observe the negative impacts of bad postures and become determined to improve yours. Remember the time when a healthy adult was crying with back pain as he never bothered about his bad posture? Recall different incidents! Bear in mind, that only motivation will help you sit or stand straight when you want to lean! Thereby be motivated! This will help you in being attentive to your posture!

2. Have an active life!

Having an active life is a healthy life. If you are not involved in a healthy lifestyle, opt for healthy lifestyle options. Go for walk or start Yoga or any other exercise to build stamina to have a straight back and maintain a healthy posture.

Yoga, by no doubt, is the best exercise to develop flexibility, and stamina and improve posture. it also helps in relieving pain.

3. Shed off those extra kilos!

While I don’t want to body shame, but you cannot have a perfect posture and body shape unless you maintain a healthy weight. To understand this, you need to know that the posture is actually the bones holding mass. The capability of bones would defiantly be reduced if your weight is more. Thus, maintain a healthy weight for a healthy posture!


4. Be comfortable!

While they say you need to have a fitted waist and heels to maintain a posture, this is wrong. Doctors agree that heels make you uncomfortable thus reducing your stamina to sit and stand straight. Wearing heels all day long is not good for bones and hips. be in your comfort, don’t stress out your body!

5. Height matters!

The height of your tables, even if you are cooking, reading, or working on desktops matters. Have tables that are of ideal height, and have your chairs adjusted to a good height that won’t make you lean over!

Have you heard of “text neck”? It’s when you are on mobile all day long and then your neck aches or pains. This is because you have put your phone too low and your neck has now strained. Prolong effects would be shoulder and back pain!

Tips and tricks for good posture while sitting

Have to ever thought about how long you sit in a day? Students, people working in the office and people at home spend most of their time sitting. Now, while we sit, we couch. which is not good for us. Thereby, it is important to learn some tips and tricks for maintaining our posture while sitting. These are:

1. Changing sitting positions:

It is suggested to change the sitting position if you are working on stretching. This will help you to have the right posture while you work and would not cause fatigue.

2. Sit properly

Sitting cross leg does not help in the right posture. To sit rightly, you need to make sure that both your feet touch the ground, keep your shoulders relaxed and keep your elbows close to the body. Make sure that your back and elbow and form a 90-degree angle and so do your hips and knees.

3. Have a comfortable chair

Make sure that the chair you sit on is comfortable and is properly adjusted. The height of the chair should be supportive of the right posture.

4. Have breaks

Take a break. roam around, fetch a glass of water or so. Stretch your muscles to feel relaxed!

tips and tricks for good posture

Tips and tricks for good posture while standing

Have you ever been ashamed of those random pictures? while people post “candid” you get ashamed that your poster was too bad to post it. Well, the thing is that your bad posture is not only bad for your pictures, but also for your health!

Here are tips and tricks for good posture while standing:

1. Stand straight

Stand straight, do not pull your shoulders in and make a hump. Pull your shoulders outwards. Also, make sure to have your stomach straight. push in your stomach. Do not pull out your hips.

2. The feet trick

Don’t stand with feet without any distance. Have some distance among the feet but make sure that they are shoulder-width apart! Don’t bend your knees.

tips and tricks for good posture


Let us know how did you like our tips and tricks for good posture!


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