What is Al-Nakba?

1948 Palestinian exodus is literally known as Al-Nakba in Arabic language relating the catastrophe of 1948 when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs were forcefully expelled from their homeland.

Al-Nakba is also known as the period of war itself that started from December 1947 to January 1949 when more than 600 Palestinian villages were sacked and urban Palestinians were entirely extinguished. They were pushed to refugeeā€™s camps in East Jerusalem, The West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and other neighboring countries.

How did all this happen?

Palestine was once a peaceful land consisting of Muslims, Christians, and minority of Jews. When the persecution of Jews started across Europe. Most of the Jews found a way to Palestine. They thought they were not safe there and hence saw a peaceful land Palestine for their prime location.

History claims that when Zionist moved to Palestine, they thought the only way to lead an independent and secure life here was to make the Palestinians leave their land. Hence the Jewish Zionist movement began with their first step to turn Palestine into a Jewish homeland. They planned to organize immigration and buying land in Palestine.

Balfour declaration

Then the World War 1 began and Balfour declaration was made by British Government. They announced to support Zionists for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population. However, it also read that Britain will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object and it also clearly stated that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish Palestinian community.

During World War 1, the Ottomans were defeated and Britain occupied Palestine. British provided the muscles the under which they could simply emigrate. The crucial battle in its early stage lead the Jews to enter Palestine. They acquired lands and the British Government was sponsoring them to achieve their goal.

This Jewish migration in Palestine continued for decades. In 1936, Palestinian people organized a large demonstration against this invasion. They saw British support of Zionism as biased and unfair.

The people of Palestine also revolted against the Zionist and Jewish. Thousands of Palestinians were killed during this uprising against the Zionists. However, many Zionists and Jews also died.

Britain dismantled the Palestinian revolution leaving them with no political or military leadership. After some time the British also began limiting the Jewish migration. This thing upset the Jews who had fought with the British and it led them to create their own forces.

They successfully created their own forces and carried out attacks against both Britain and Palestine killing thousands of their people. When things got out of hands the British in 1947 announced that they would be ending their mandate on Palestine.

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Hence then Palestinian file was transferred in UN. UN suggested dividing Palestine into two different states, an Arab and a Jewish state. When the British planned to leave the new Jewish population began taking over and started the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The Zionists took over major cities and villages forcing thousands of Palestinians into neighboring countries.

Historians claim that several times Israeli soldiers took 10 youngsters to the middle of the village and shot them in front of the people so that they could see it and leave their land. This was the time of Nakba. It is said that it ended in 1948 but generally it never ended. It is still affecting more than 12 million people and the Palestinians are still left suffering stateless and homeless.


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