What is Digital Marketing? Complete guide 2024!

what is digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the new talk of the town! But, What is Digital Marketing? How to do it? What are its types and what is the scope of Digital Marketing? Let’s guide you!

Digital Marketing is a marketing terminology that refers to the type of marketing that uses electronic devices to promote products and services. This kind of marketing uses digital channels such as mobile apps, social media, SEO, and emails. Digital Marketing became popular with the advancement of the internet in the early 1990s.

Digital Marketing can be done online and offline, and both of these are important for a well-rounded Digital marketing strategy.

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Why Digital Marketing matter? What is Digital Marketing?

Did you know that until 2015 companies used to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on billboard advertising, today with the advancement of technology companies have moved over to Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a cheap way of reaching out to the potential customers!

That’s because Google and Facebook are generating more profit than other media companies and people tend to be on social media more often. Thus, Google, Facebook and Electronic media has allowed for digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing Works? What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing refers to the activity that a company uses to interact with its customers. This form of marketing uses websites, social media, and search engines to form a two-way communication with its customers as people can review the product and give their feedback.

What are the types of digital marketing?

As we already know that marketing was done through televisions, newspapers, and other traditional methods. Digital marketing is also evolving and will continue to do so here are the top eight most popular digital marketing channels.

  • Website marketing

Website is a very powerful channel and is the main centerpiece of all digital marketing. A website should represent a brand, product, or service in a way that is fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to use.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising allows marketers to reach internet users on different digital platforms through paid apps. Marketers can set up their PPC campaign that will allow users to see their ads on Google, Twitter, Bing, and Facebook according to their searches for terms related to their products or services. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most popular advertising platforms available.

  • Content marketing

The purpose of content marking is to reach potential customers through the use of content. Contents are usually posted on social media and then promoted. The tools used for content marketing include blogs, E-Books, and podcasts.

  • Email marketing

One of the most efficient digital marketing is Email marketing. Some people may think that email marketing is spam emails but, that is not true. Companies try to get in touch with potential customers who may be interested in their product or service. Many companies use other digital marketing channels to connect to the customer’s email.

  • Social media marketing

The main purpose of social media marketing is brand awareness or the promotion of new products to develop social trust between the brand and the customer. Promoted posts and tweets are an example of social media marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing

One of the oldest forms of marketing channels is Affiliate marketing. The company hires people or other businesses to sell their products for them in return they get a commission for every product that is being sold. The best example of affiliate marketing is Amazon which pays millions to companies that sell their products.

  • Video marketing

There are several video marketing platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Reels ad TikTok. The most popular search engine is YouTube, a lot of people tend to use YouTube before buying a product, to learn more about the product or get some reviews.

  • SMS marketing

Many companies and non-profit organizations use SMS marketing to aware people of their products. This helps people know of new products and gives an opportunity to willing customers, with the advancement of technology people can now pay using SMS.

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What is SEO in Digital Marketing? What is Digital marketing?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a tool that allows companies to increase their traffic on search engines to put their websites and names on the top list of search list results. When companies use SEO in their digital marketing strategies their names and websites become visible to more customers.

what is digital marketing

Digital marketing challenges

Digital marketing poses challenges as it is growing rapidly, and digital marketers need to keep up with it, they need to know how their channels work and how customers use them.

How to become a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketing requires strong writing and analytical skills a bachelor’s degree is a must to become a digital marketer you may also take boot camps for additional skills which will help you do things professionally. In the end, only skills matter no matter what you have done if you have the required skills, you can easily become a digital marketer.

Digital marketing creates growth, and it should be the main focus of every firm. The more you embrace the use of digital marketing the more you will be able to realize your business growth.

You can also trust reliable digital marketing companies for improved solutions!

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