Why is China interested in Afghanistan despite the Taliban overtake there?

However, the news is that, China is interested in Afghanistan.  Yes, the world’s strongest economy is interested in Afghanistan despite the takeover!

There is no news but the novel virus! This is what you believe. The fact is  a lot is changing. A lot around the world is happening.  Let’s take Afghanistan for that matter. Afghanistan might be one of the countries the world shows the least interest in.

US finally ends its military rule in Afghanistan. However, the luck of Afghanistan is no better, it has now been overtaken by the Taliban. Taliban is an extremist group. The president of Afghanistan has flown away.  Such an overtake has led for unrest in the country. the political situation in Afghanistan is worse than ever!

During such a situation  the world is backing from Afghanistan. Strangely , China is showing interests in Afghanistan during the crisis.

Why is China interested in Afghanistan?

There had been talks between Chinese officials and Takeover leaders. Also the extremist group is invited for having relations with China. This has made the world eager to know about the interests of China in Afghanistan.

Why is China interested in Afghanistan is a trending question!

Chinese interest is not solely towards gaining the influence in Asia. Nor the interest of China is limited to the $1 trillion worth minerals. Yes, Afghanistan does has such heavy reserves, yet this is not only thing China is interested in,  China might have its own interests.

The interests of China into Afghanistan is something that needs attention.

The policymakers suggests that the situation in Afghanistan is not getting better. After such a takeover, Afghanistan might be left alone.

Lets explore reasons why is China interested in Afghanistan!

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) interests

Dr. Sean Roberts is of view that the China’s interest in Afghanistan is mainly related to its trade in Asia  and the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

Afghanistan has geographical significance.  Through its position it can impact the China’s trade points in the Central Asia. Also it can effect the very import  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Thereby it is not easy for China to ignore the country and its impact.

What China has in mind is to have peace with Afghanistan.  Such will assure fulfillment of China’s trade interests.. By having trade relations with Afghanistan, China can easily trade with Central Asia.  Pakistan is one of the key countries for China.

What are the untapped minerals of Afghanistan?

China has commercial and economic benefits and interests in Afghanistan. Yet contrary to the media hypes, they are limited and minimum. For now, China has two major investments in Afghanistan.  China has under its sleeves the  Aynak copper mine and the Amu Darya projects in Afghanistan.  However, both these investments are useless over the years. Because they had been forced to stop.

China does have an eye on Afghanistan’s mineral sector. These include projects in Pakistan of having a cost of $60 billion and the $1 trillion mineral deposits of Afghanistan.

What threats and opportunities does China face now?

With the takeover, China has its own fears. China itself records the conduct of Anti-Islamic activities. Thus it might face trouble from the Taliban. What China had always wanted was Afghanistan as a n independent state. It had been aware of the strategic positioning of the country and rich natural minerals.  Thereby, it wanted US to leave with settling a government there, not ruining the government.

China has economic and political interests lying across the Asian region. Thereby, It has special concerns for the Pakistani economy. There might be inspirational impact on the other Taliban of the world. Such is true for the extremists groups within Pakistan. There is a fear of rise of extremism in Pakistan. Such can impact China negatively. As China relies on CPEC for trade in Asia.

For China, Afghanistan is not only about the opportunities there. It is also about the management of threats. Afghanistan can be a source of danger for China. Thereby China needs to manage it.

How can China assure diplomatic ties?  why is China interested in Afghanistan?

The Chinese government has ties with different types of governments. Nevertheless, China is having strategic ties with different countries. Yet it has no experience to work with such extremist groups.  It would be difficult for China to have peaceful relations with the new government of Afghanistan. Such is true if they become a threat for the peace, security, and interest of China.



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