World’s largest cruise ship – Whole World In One Ship – Symphony of the Seas

The cruise capital of the world has just introduced its newest and biggest cruise in the history of the world. “Symphony of the seas” is the largest cruise ship in the world and the fourth ship in its oasis class series. It is called the sister of “Harmony of seas” which is the second largest passenger ship in the world.

World largest cruise ship named as Symphony of the Seas

Construction and owner of the World largest ship

Symphony of the seas is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. The foundation of this ship was laid on 29 October 2015. It was built in Chantiers de I’Atlantique Shipyard in Saint Nazaire France in two years and finally on 9 June 2017, it was floated out in the water for the first time. This Cruise was officially turned over to the Royal Caribbean International on 23 March 2018. Since January 2019, it has joined the list of world largest cruise ships.

World largest cruise ship named as Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the seas has stood on the top of the list because it is designed perfectly for every type of passenger. It owns a number of features that make it different from all other cruise of its type. Let’s have a look at its characteristics.

Characteristics of Symphony of the seas

Symphony of the Seas is 1,185 feet long with a height of 238 feet. Its length is longer than the Eiffel Tower standing upright. It has a gross tonnage of 228,081 along with 18 decks. It consists of 24 water-slides, pools and flows riders altogether. 2,200 crew persons are working for the ship. and can carry nearly 6,600 passengers at a time.

Facilities at Symphony of the Seas

It includes a central park along with 20,000 tropical plants and nearly 52 trees. The cruise also contains a children’s park and basketball court. It has a ten stories slide that welcomes its guests to enjoy the pleasure of sliding. It has three stories twisting, turning dual racer slides where you can grab the hand of your friend and enjoy the thrills of the slide ‘Typhoon’ and ‘Cyclones’.

World largest cruise ship named as Symphony of the Seas - Largest central park

The ship has seven neighbourhoods. Passing through the lanes you will forget that you are at the sea! It also consists of two 43 feet high foot rock climbing walls for everyone to feel the adventure of rock climbing. An aqua theatre where you will witness the acrobats diving into the deepest pool at the sea.

Facilities for Children at Symphony of the Seas

The children will fall in love with it because there is a Children park and most of all, a Sugar Beach that offers 161 different types of candies. Sugar beach is stored with maximum candies with all your favourite confectioneries. So, don’t miss the opportunity to treat your tooth with every candy. Here the kids will also find an endless way to please their candies satisfaction.

Kids love to visit such places where there is a play maker’s arcade, a face painting place with live music. There is a Planet Z where two players clash in the glow-in-the-dark laser tag face-off for the control of the planet. There are several sports bars and game areas, Johnny Rockets, lucky climber and carousel where kids will have an endless way to fun and recreation.

Facilities for Adults at Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the seas also offers high tech bars to its adult guests. There are self-rising bars that let you drink your way to the top. The ship includes 42 bars and lounges and 22 restaurants where more than 1000 drinks are served every day and are the places where you can snag the real taste of the different style of seafood, sandwiches, desserts, and other unique and variety of foods.

World largest cruise ship named as Symphony of the Seas - Largest cuisine bar in world

Besides these, there is also a Bionic bar which is served by robot bartenders. It also features the ultimate family suite. The two-level suite has air hockey, table tennis, mini golf and a chalkboard wall for its guests. There are also several sports bar and shuffleboards for adults to enjoy the sensation of different sports.

World largest cruise ship named as Symphony of the Seas

The ship also features a giant slide and a skating rink and many other enjoyable facilities which are the only way for leisure with your family during the holidays.


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