5 Easy Tips to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

How to make a perfect cup of coffee. With easy tips and tricks enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at home!

A perfect cup of coffee at home!

Attention coffee lovers! Are you someone who can only wake up in the morning when you have thrown back your first cup of coffee? Maybe a second and maybe a third? Then read carefully at coffeelifious.com about how you can make that cup of coffee extra tasty.

perfect cup of coffee

1. Use whole beans

Did you know that the aromas of ground coffee beans evaporate very quickly? Already after 20 minutes 90 percent has disappeared! That means buying whole beans and grinding just before you make your coffee. Make sure you have a coffee grinder with grinding discs instead of knives or blades. These ensure that your grains are of equal size with the result that the water runs through them more easily. This gives the coffee a better chance of giving up its taste and lead to being a perfect cup of coffee.

2. Use clean water

Make sure that the water you use is as clean and pure as possible, use a water filter if necessary. What you have to pay attention to is that the water you use is between 90 and 96 degrees. Hotter water burns your coffee and cold water ensures reduced taste absorption. Did you not just have to grind your coffee beans by hand for nothing?

3. Stop adding sugar to your coffee

Do you really want to taste your coffee? Then do not use sugar. This conceals the actual taste of your cup of coffee. Only bad coffee gets better from sugar. If you no longer want to taste that you have just bought the tastiest coffee beans and then have them grinded by hand, you have to put sugar in your coffee.

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4. Clean your coffee machine regularly

Not a very crazy rule, but strangely enough, it is not often done.

5. Ensure the correct ratio between coffee and water

Finally, to make the perfect cup of coffee, the relationship that you use between coffee and water is very important. On average, a good ratio is 120 ml of water to 7 grams of coffee. Keep this in mind and play with the amount until you like it best.


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