7 best apps to watch movies and tv shows

Here are the 7 best apps to watch movies and tv shows.

Out in the market looking for the best movies app for your Android device? There are innumerable apps claiming to be the best, but few stand above the rest of them. Some of them also offer exclusive content which may not be found anywhere else legally. Others offer additional functionalities which provide them and edge.

Before you start off your vigil for the best movies app in the market, you must know what you are looking for. It will make your job easier and smoother. To make your task easier, we have made a list of several apps in the Android market which are amongst the best that we could find. Without any ado, let’s get started. Here are the 7 best apps to watch movies and tv shows.


netflix - best movies and tv show app

Netflix is an American media production and media-services provider company which has an app for its content. It offers subscription based services which lets you exclusive watch content from all over the world. You can watch movies like Panic Room and Groundhog Day which won’t be available anywhere else. It also offers a one-month trial period which lets you decide if the subscription is worth paying for or not.

The value of subscription differs worldwide but are reasonable irrespective of where you live. Here is the link to download the app directly from Google Play Store.

Mediabox HD

mediabox hd - best tv show app

Mediabox HD is a 100% secure application which comes in two variants – basic and VIP. It is an app that helps you to watch movies from all over the world. In addition to that, you can also cast it to the big screen using the Cast option present in the app. You can use its in-built video player or an external player to watch your favourite movies on-the-go.

Unfortunately, it is not available on the Google Play Store and you will have to side-load the application for it to work. We have covered the installation process in an entire article here.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

After venturing into so many services and offering so many products all over the world, Amazon decided to step into the world of content. It was initially launched in the year 2006 as Amazon Unbox and has never looked back. The quantity and quality of content has grown throughout and you get some exclusive as well as non-exclusive content on-the-go.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is subscription-based and you must pay for. You can choose monthly subscription or an annual subscription for yourself. Here is a link to download Amazon Prime Video app from Google Play Store.

Coto Movies

coto best movie app

Coto Movies is a free application that is known to support content from all over the world along with subtitles in over 250 languages. Unlike other apps, there is no need of subscription to boot up and you have no restrictions while you fiddle with the app. It is not available on Google Play Store and you will have to side-load the application to use it. Here is our article which covers everything regarding the installation of Coto Movies on your Android device.


hulu tv app

Hulu is a fast and efficient app that helps you to watch your favourite movies anytime and anywhere. To enhance your experience, the developers have introduced six personalized profiles to match your needs. You can store your favorites and access it all in My Stuff section of the app. If you want to decide what to watch next while watching the current movie, there is a section called Fliptray which allows you to do exactly that. An innovative feature is the ability to record live TV using Cloud DVR in the app. Here is a link to install the application on your Android device.


viewster movie app

Viewster is another app that can help you to watch movies on your Android device. Unlike most other apps, it also has a section for anime containing the most popular movies. You can watch movies from different eras and language using this app. It also lets you filter your search on the basis of Genre and Language to make it easier for you to choose. You can install this app in forty languages currently and a great part of content can be watched even without registration. You can download the app by clicking on the link here.

Pluto TV

pluto tv app

Pluto TV is an app by Viacom, the American media conglomerate which serves free TV and movie services to its users. It has an expansive library consisting of current blockbusters to cults and from action to horror. Pluto TV is a great initiative by Viacom to ensure that we do not have to pay a penny for what we see. This app is officially available on Google Play Store and you cannot go wrong with it. Here is the link to the app for you to download.


The list contains a host of great apps, some due to the ease of use and others due to the exclusivity of their content. We had a hard time in deciding which one to prefer over the rest. They all provide some common facilities and have some features that separate them from the rest. Choose the one that suits your need and you will definitely have a great time playing with it.


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