AirFreez – A powerful and successful gadget of 2019

Summer is here and everyone is worried about installing Air conditioner and fans to cool them in the hot humid summers. Besides this, people are always looking for other methods to keep their home cool in the hot humid summers.

Are you prepared for this summer?

No doubt to say that our first choice is a fan. They are cheaper and are installed in every room as well as in open places. Although it is okay sometimes but what happens when the atmosphere is too hot? In very hot weather, fans make you feel even worse when it makes hot air move around you.

The second choice is the traditional Air Conditioner. Indeed they are costly but they make us feel relaxed in the hot summers. At least they cool our rooms at any time of the day. But the main problem is that you cannot move them with you everywhere. You might be wondering why am I talking about carrying an Air Conditioner with you. Indeed it is impossible as ACs require installation and electricity to run.

A unique innovation to Air Conditioners

Two Swiss Engineers have made a unique invention. You will be amazed to know that this new invention lets you carry your Air Conditioner with you everywhere.

It is AirFreez, an innovative solution to traditional Air Conditioner. This invention is taking the world by storm. It is much cheaper and cools you the same as an AC. With over millions of this unit sold worldwide, this new invention is becoming most popular and one of the most successful gadget of 2019. Thousands of people love to use AirFreez as it is a perfect solution for hot summers.

Swiss engineers made a perfect solution for hot summers

AirFreez was designed by two Swiss Engineers who were fed up suffering in the hot summers. At the time they realized that the traditional Air conditioners are incompetent as well as costly and also it cannot be carried everywhere.

AirFreez cooling

This made them invent an alternative to AC named AirFreez which is lightweight and can be carried everywhere because it is ultra-compact, small and easy to use and cools you just like an AC. It is not very costly and uses a very small fraction of the electricity but provides complete cooling. Besides cooling it also purifies the air. You can also say that it is a powerful replacement to common fans.

How does AirFreez work?

Airfreez is easy to use. You just need to plug it into a socket or any USB port. After that, you have to fill the inbuilt reservoir with 0.6 L of cold water. After filling the water you just have to press the power button and enjoy the cool air.

AirFreez working

Features of AirFreez

Its water tank lasts up to eight hours. AirFreez can be powered by USB, pocket solar panel or battery pack. This new and relatively small AC is easy to use as its fan has three different speeds. It has seven different mood light color options.

Besides this, it also has health benefits. It filters your air and makes you breathe the clean air, improving your immunity as compared to traditional AC units which are full of dust and harmful bacteria and makes you breathe the toxic air causing several health problems.

AirFreez connectivity

People are giving 5 star reviews to this new gadget

AirFreez is no bigger than your lunch box and it recommends you to replace the filter once in six months. You can also add ice instead of water and also add a few drops of scented essential oil to the water for more relaxing atmosphere.

People around the world are loving to buy AirFreez as it is portable, powerful, effective and cheap to run.

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