8 Apps To Make Student Life Easier In Their Studies

8 Apps To Make Student Life Easier In Their Studies! These apps are a life saver and if you dont have it, you are missing big!

As we all know that this is an era of Education and technology. Today a person with education and technology is the richest person in the world. There is an open example of bill gates. When both of the things stand with each other you can do anything. Today’s student is very much dependent on technology. There are many applications available that can help modern students in their study. Here in this post, we are trying to cover 8 Apps to make students’ life easier in their educational era.

List of Apps to make Students Life easier

Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Smart Alarm
  • Audiobooks
  • MyScript Calculator
  • Blinkist: 15 minutes Book Insights
  • Scanbot
  • StudyBlue
  • EasyBib
  • Grammarly

Now we will discuss all of them in detail to give you an idea about how they work for students.

Smart Alarm

This is an application that helps the student to manage his/her time table. By its name, people think it is an alarm application just like an option on every mobile phone. This looks like a simple application but it is very useful.

An excellent example of this application is Alarmy. It is very useful for students to make their schedule specially hostilities who have problems waking up early in the morning. This special alarm clock will not stop until the task given by the application is not completed.

For example, it will force you to go to the washroom and take snaps of different items to stop the alarm. It is so irritating but the result achieved by it is worth it.


This application is very helpful for students who have to read a lot of things. When we have to study a lot of literature then some time it becomes difficult for our eyes to read and it also affects our eyesight.

In this case, the Audiobook helps the users. In these type of applications, you just have to find the book and play the audio and listen to it. This makes it easy as you can listen while traveling, resting or doing any other work. These applications have a good collection of books, podcasts, and a variety of shows.

MyScript Calculator

This calculator can be used to find the small daily routine calculation. The main function of this calculator is that it can understand the handwritten language.

This is just like a notepad on which we write the equation with fingertip like handwritten. It understands the language and converts it into a mathematical equation and gives the answer. It can solve simple mathematical action as well as a trigonometric function, logarithms, and constants, etc.

Blinkist: 15 minutes Book Insights

This is a service that helps users to get the important things out of the book instead of reading the whole book. As a result, a team of editors takes the most important content out of the book. They make a large article into a short form that can be read in 5-10 minutes. These articles contain all the useful information.

This is an ideal application for those students who just want to get the important things due to lack of time.

Class Timetable

If a student doesn’t want to carry a thick diary with the schedule all he/she needs is to install the class timetable application. In this you can assign the class to the days of week ,time of the class and venue of the classes. It also allows you to mark homework with the class and schedule other things.


Sometimes it is necessary to read the books and due to shortage of time you can make snaps and they will remain in your gallery. Thus, Scanbot and such applications allow you to scan the pages and make a separate album and Pdf to share.


This application helps the student to revise and prepare content for an exam. The application uses course information and makes flashcards. It allows users to create and share flashcards themselves.


Grammarly is an application that allows you to check mistakes in your text that is in soft copy. It helps the user to get rid of all the mistakes and make the text more appealing. This application is actually a need for everyone. Anyone can make mistakes while typing long paragraphs. It underlines the mistakes and gives all possible corrections to the user so he/she can choose the best option.


These apps are really useful for many student activities. They are helpful for them to fulfill their day to day tasks and educational activities. Thus, use these mentioned apps above and give us your feedback about how you like our post about 8 apps to make students life easier?


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