Flying cars: It’s Finally Happening

Flying cars is a dream and dreams do come true. We all have read fictional stories on flying cars, wait until it comes true!

A Tokyo based Japanese company SkyDrive Plans to launch the first commercial service of flying cars – taxi by 2023. That will transform the world into a new era of technology. This will be for sure a great challenge for the vehicle industry.

The vision of flying cars is in science fiction form since years and it was a great challenge for the technological companies. But now it is going to be an act of real-life in the near future.

Many science fiction movies like Back to the Future 2 have elaborated the flying cars concept.

Future of Flying Cars

A tech-based, Japanese company Skydrive has taken the credit for making and launching the flying car challenge. For many decades we were seeing these fantasies in movies but now it has become the truth.

This technology will be the most emerging technology in the world in the upcoming decades. The CEO of the company Skydrive Tomohiro Fukuzawa predicts that by 2040 it will be a trillion-dollar market: “Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (eVTOL)”.

According to Rajeev Lalwani, Morgan Stanley’s aircraft analyst;

“Could likely begin as an ultra-niche add-on to existing transportation infrastructure, similar to how helicopters operate today. They could later transform into a cost-effective, time-efficient method of traveling short to medium distances, eventually taking business away from car and airline companies.”

Flying Car Competition

Skydrive is one of the 100 flying companies around the globe. The race is between Boeing Co. Airbus SE, and Uber Technologies Inc. Moreover, its plan is for a small car that includes two seats having 4 eVTOLs propellers at its corner on the upper half side of the car.

CEO Fukuzawa, described flying cars as;

The cars are designed in such a way that it will increase safety. Secondly, an interesting thing is that it is an electric powered car. Which is going to use power by an SD-xXX model battery. It can travel a dozen kilometers at 100kmh speed.

Final Words

Flying cars may seem dangerous to us now, but reality is that they are going to ease human travel more than ever. They are the answer to congested roads and long travelling in local areas. It is great to use tech for a better and convenient future. Thus, most of the people are looking forward to use flying cars in near future.


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