Yoshihide Suga: Strawberry Farmer’s son – Interesting story of Ex-Prime Minster of Japan!

Born in 1948 and raised in a farmer’s family, Yoshihide Suga has enjoyed being PM of Japan.  His steady rise in politics without having any political background sets him apart from the political elite that has long dominated Japanese politics.

Who is Yoshihide Suga?

Yoshihide Suga, 71 a son of a strawberry farmer from Northern Japan started his career in politics as a local assemblyman. In 2012 he became Chief Cabinet Secretary where he acted as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s top government spokesman.

Yoshihide Suga elected as the next PM

In August 2020, Shinzo Abe announced quitting politics soon following his ill health. This incident was followed by elections in Japan to elect the new Prime Minister. Yoshihide Suga won 377 votes from 534 votes total cast. And also, 535 possible votes in the Liberal Democratic Party election (LDP).

The opposition leader Rival Shigeru Ishiba, a former defense Minister won 68 votes whereas Fumio Kishida, the ex-foreign Minister won 89 votes.

Yoshihide Suga won the most votes. Certainly, he will be the next Prime Minister. He will serve Shinzo Abe’s term as a party leader from September 2021.

After getting elected as the next Prime Minister of the world’s rising power, Suga could not hold his emotions and finally uttered his feelings saying;

“I was born as the oldest son of a farmer in Akita, I launched myself into the world of Politics starting from zero without possessing any knowledge or blood ties with the politics. I am able to become the leader of LDP with all its traditions and history.”

He also added;

“I will devote all of myself to working for Japan and its people”.

Yoshihide Suga

Yoshihide Suga’s plans

Yoshihide Suga plans to continue Shinzo Abe’s signature “Abenomics”, the economic strategies advocated by Shinzo Abe since December 2012.  The strategy is built on monetary easing, structural reforms, and fiscal stimulus. His plans are to maintain Abe’s policy of prioritizing economic growth to fix the country’s tattered finance. For now, he has clarified that his main priority is to deal with the ongoing Pandemic and the economic fallout in the country.

Suga’s plans for the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

He has planned to expand the testing facility in the country. He aims to procure enough vaccine doses for the entire Japanese population by 2021. In order to deal with the economic fallout, he is planning to revitalize regional economics by raising the minimum wages, boosting tourism, and promoting agriculture reforms in the country.

Suga’s Foreign policies

According to Yoshihide Suga, he aims to maintain stable relations with China. He is keen to face the challenge of building ties with the next elected President of US as well. He envisions a free and open Indo-Pacific. Mr. Suga also talked to resolve the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korea in the 1970s and 1980s. He is seeking a meeting with the North Korean supreme leader Kin Jong Un.

Olympic 2021 and Japan

Talking to Reuters he said that Japan would do whatever it takes. So, that it could host the Olympics next year.

Why did Yoshihide Suga step down as the Prime Minister of Japan?

According to the news,  Yoshihide Suga decided to step down from his PM office due to the covid-19 crisis. Like many other countries of the world, Japan had been facing a pandemic-driven crisis that had led the country into a state of emergency. After a year of appointments, Yoshihide Suga decided to step down from his office.

The decision of hosting the Olympics despite of pandemic was also one of the decisions that caused a blow to his leadership. 

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