Why visit Pakistan? Top reasons to spend vacations in Pakistan!

Why visit Pakistan? A small country with high hospitality and high rumors!

A couple of years ago, whenever any foreigner talked about Pakistan, the very first thing that came to their mind is terrorism. This is unfortunate because we have degraded Pakistan a lot. However, the situation has become better, and Pakistan’s tourism is increasing. There is more to this country than what is in the news and social media. 

Discover Through Visit Pakistan

One has a lot to discover in Pakistan. It is one of the most intriguing countries in the world. With its deep mountainous boundaries, desert dunes and over-crowded cities, it has different types of fascinating cultures stemming from a great variety of ethnic groups, a variety of food, and enchanting myths. Its beauty and diversity doesn’t end here. Let’s have a look at the top reasons to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan Natural Beauty

The geographical map of Pakistan is quite fascinating. Pakistan is the only country to contain a variety of natural phenomena. It has a rolling hill leading to towering peaks in the northern part of the country. Vast fields and rivers in the south. The noticeable sea view and the vast desert in the Sindh province is one of the rarest gifts. One amazing thing about Pakistan is that you will find beauty in its natural form. Most of its natural beauty is still in its most preserved form. Pakistan is also the country to claim five of the highest peaks in the world

Why Visit Pakistan- for Affordable Tourism

If we talk about affordability, Pakistan is the most affordable country for tourists in the world. Pakistan is extremely affordable as compared to other countries. From local food to transportation or hotels, you can get everything at affordable rates. Some of the tourists who have visited the country before have expressed their friendly views about the people of the country. They say the people of the country are quite amazed to see foreign tourists in their country and that they won’t even charge a penny from you for the things you buy.

Easy communication Language

One of the reasons to visit Pakistan is the language. In Pakistan, English is well-spoken and understood by most in urban and other tourist areas. Hence, here, you don’t have to worry about the language issue. You can easily communicate with people in English.

Why Visit Pakistan-Cultural diversity

Pakistan has five provinces, each with its own culture, tradition , arts, dialect, and food. Visiting Pakistan from province to province seems like visiting different countries. The lifestyle, culture, tradition, taste of food, each and everything changes as a whole.

People of each province have different tastes for everything including the love for music and musical instruments. It is the uniqueness in the culture of Pakistan that attracts people. One of the reasons to visit Pakistan is to study the diversity of the cultures in the country.

why visit pakistan

Traditional local food in Pakistan

The taste of Pakistani food is quite famous in South Asia because of its specialized use of herbs and spices. Every traditional dish will have a different and unique taste. Moreover, there is a variety of local food that you will fall in love with. In breakfast, you can taste some Halwa Puri, Nihari, or Lassi to give a different start to your Morning. Similarly, there are many options to explore for lunch and dinner. The country is also famous for its unique sweets, “Mithae”.

Visit Pakistan’s local markets

If you visit the local markets of Pakistan at night, you will feel that the festivity, the thriving local bazaars culture of Pakistan are still alive in each city of Pakistan.

The most amazing thing about the local market is that you can get any type of thing at affordable prices. There are food stalls too where people still sit to fill their appetite while roaming in the markets for shopping.

why visit pakistan

Another amazing fact about the local markets of the country is that the owners of the shops have been there for decades and answer each and every question related to their occupation.

Beautiful handicrafts enhance beauty of these bazaars. Skilled people marvelously manufacture the handicrafts. The skilled people are those who attain the skill from their ancestors. There is a lot more to witness in the markets.

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Beautiful shrines, glorious mosques, and ancient temples

Yet another reason to visit Pakistan . Pakistan is a home to several shrines, ancient temples and glorious mosque. The Mughals who reigned over the subcontinent hired the most illustrious artists to build marvelous mosques of that time. Precious marbles and stones were used to build these mosques.

why visit pakistan

The architecture, minarets of the mosques are decorated with attractive artwork and calligraphy. Similarly, there is a multitude of several ancient temples in Pakistan. Most of the ancient temples date back to the 8th century BC. All the ancient temples in Pakistan carry magnificence of antiquity to pay tribute to the deities of the Hindu religion.

Not too many tourists

Pakistan is the country which is least visited by tourists. There are several tourist spots in the country. But the most awkward thing is that no one is available there to visit except some local people. Sometimes when you go to visit the sites, it is vacant and peaceful.

Famous sites to View

In Pakistan, you have a chance to visit a variety of famous sites like, Lahore Fort, Border crossing and the ancient city of Multan. The entire land of Pakistan is a unique treasure chest. In its city Taxila, you will get a chance to visit the significant remains of Buddhist monasteries. Rail roads and prestigious clock towers are still present in the country to show the testaments to the British rule. You can also witness the remnants of the Greek culture in the form of utensils , sword and statues from the time of Alexander the Great. Moreover, the land of Pakistan is the chest of history.

The hospitality of Pakistanis

The people of Pakistan are quite friendly. Anyone who comes from abroad to their country is warmly welcomed. The locals are quite hospitable to their guests. You will hardly find someone who is not friendly to a foreigner. Whenever you go out, the people of Pakistan warmly treat their guests. There are several countries in which the people try to upsell and rip off the foreigners. It does not happen in Pakistan, no one tries to upsell its tourist or scam them in any way. Perhaps the foreigners are loved and treated well by the people of Pakistan.


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