Best Blogging Websites For Beginners – 2023

If you’re looking for the Best Blogging Websites For Beginners to start your blog in 2021 then you’re at the perfect place, you would be able to connect to a larger audience to share your views on any trending topics or the latest news, we have worked hard to shortlist the best websites that are on the top of the list of blogging in these times.

Best Blogging Websites For Beginners

Below the List of 8 Best Blogging Websites For Beginners choose best one for yourself

Best Blogging Websites For Beginners

Wix is ​​a free blog website builder that can be completely controlled from the front-end.

The main feature of this platform is that it comes with drag and drop options, so you don’t have to indulge in the complexities of coding and working in the backend.

The website design is very accurate and modern, which can be used by beginners and advanced due to its extremely easy usability.

The great thing about Wix is ​​that it has free hosting installed, so you just need to configure the layouts, select a template, and you are all set.

It offers a great collection of free and premium themes and templates for a variety of purposes, including blogging.

There is also a lot of flexibility in how you can edit posts, with clean touches such as being able to set things up so that posts are automatically posted to Facebook when published.

For example, there is a feature called Wix Bookings that allows customers to schedule appointments and classes directly on your website.

And what makes Wix compelling is that in addition to this, you get to build other exciting websites with this website builder other than just blog support.

That includes using ADI’s Wix (Artificial Design Intelligence) editor, which will ask for some basic information about the type of site you want to create, the features you want, and that will quickly generate something for those lines. That’s an impressive feature for novices, of course.


WordPress Best Blogging Websites For Beginners is the master of free blogging sites. It’s a free platform, but you need to build a site with a touch of your taste.

You have to install WordPress in your system and after that, you can use its interactive GUI to create your best blogging websites.

While you can get free WordPress hosting, the best long-term strategy is to pay the estimated amount of a solid WordPress host.

Because you own WordPress software yourself, you have full control over what your site looks like and how it works, and how you make money from your site.

Unlike other blogging sites, WordPress is not entirely based on a drag and drop interface, and you will need to familiarize yourself with its menu system.

Doing so is well worth the effort, and it enables you to create something personal. The editor also allows you to create static pages – like author biography, about, etc.

The interface that is provided for the assistance of writing a post is similar to a standard desktop word processor, some options are displayed in the toolbar at the top, and some are in the menu on the side, which may be a bit confusing at first.

Also, the time spent in making yourself familiar with the interface is rewarded with advanced features like social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and the ability to choose a custom style for each post.

Weebly is another website builder that not only uses blogging but also sells products or showcases your portfolio.

It is the same as Wix until it offers the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor with drag and drop tools.

If you want to install a specific button, you can simply drag it to the page and customize it. The same thing happens with photo shows, slideshows, or any other multimedia object.

Weebly offers sidebars, media boxes, forms, ad spaces, social media icons, news subscriptions, and much more.

Besides, the platform comes with built-in statistics and allows you to use your custom domain (which you have to pay for).

In the free program, you get five custom pages, a Weebly domain, 500MB of storage, and ad spaces.

Blog posts are written the same way, drag text boxes, photo frames, buttons, and page breaks into the format, and click to edit them using the interactive GUI.

One great feature is the ‘private draft link’, which lets you preview your unpublished posts, and share them with others via email before taking them out to the wild.

The features that provides helps bloggers save their time in making the Best Blogging Websites For Beginners and to put more of their efforts into writing exciting blog posts.

Medium | Best Blogging Websites For Beginners

Best Blogging Websites

Medium is a multi-purpose platform that deals with a variety of topics, where anyone with an account can write.

Unlike other free blogging sites, Medium’s biggest advantage is that your articles will be revealed to a wider audience since the platform is visited by 60 million readers per month and the number of readers is increasing gradually.

It’s very easy to use – this portal would be a great option for you to sign up and start writing. But the downside is that all your content is in Medium.

That means you don’t own your blog website but you’re only posting your writings to unlike you would do with WordPress where you build your blogging website and start posting. isn’t all about writing blogs and all that, it’s more like a social website where people are provided options to comments and like other’s blogs.

The process is easy you just have to sign up, and you’re ready to write your very first blog, provides a great user interface and a great writing experience.


This is a blog-only publishing platform. The idea was to make the WordPress version more organized and modern. As a result, the platform is built on JavaScript. It is also available in a managed or customized version.

This is another blogging platform very close to. The process to use this blog software is also the same as WordPress, you can download the Ghost for free, but you would have to buy hosting to live your blog website.

Ghost focuses more on writing and blogging, which makes it a specialized portal only for bloggers, its great GUI also helps in building a stylish and catchy blog website. It provides the user with a clean, intuitive, organized user interface

When we talk about performance then it’s super-fast because it is built on JavaScript, with every blog there comes a headache of SEO and social media sharing, you’re in safe hands if you’re using Ghost because of the power of SEO and social media is built-in.

With its integrated functionality of accelerated mobile pages, the only thing that would hinder you is that installing Ghost isn’t as straightforward as WordPress, and you may need to get your hands dirty with a particular server function – depending on the host you chose for your blog.

Creating a Ghost post is easy when setting up your website. The editor is simple and compact and offers a live preview of your text on the right side of the screen. Previously, you get a Medium vibe, so it’s good.

Next to the editor screen, there is a sidebar with settings, where you can select your preferences.

Blogger | Best Blogging Websites For Beginners


Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms. It’s not as powerful as WordPress, but on the other hand, it’s easily accessible to new users, which is not surprising when you learn that it belongs to Google which makes it in the list of Best Blogging Websites For Beginners.

Blogger offers an excellent selection of templates, these templates are mobile responsive that means you get all screen size responsive blog at your service which is because of many people accessing online content through smartphones these days.

This hosted blog platform was launched in 1999 and later acquired by Google. You don’t need a hosting provider to start using it.

All you need to do is log in using a Google account – you’ll be asked to follow the simple guidelines provided on the Blogger to make a blog for free.

There’s no need for technical knowledge or coding experience as the site is quite intuitive in design and setup. It remains a widely used solution; however, I see more people moving away from it.

The good news is that the platform is free, and you can test it without any commitment.

Blogger’s GUI, the dashboard is similar to WordPress but offers fewer options. As a result, its toolbars are less confusing – trading between power and consumption.

Blogger’s one of the renowned features is its integration with other Google services. For example, it uses your Google Drive account to store photos and other files on your blog.

Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space, so Blogger is a good choice if you plan to share more high-quality photos.

You can monitor the comments with the Blogger dashboard, which lets you see visitor statistics. There are practical visuals here, including a world map to show the global distribution of your readers.

This feature would help you tackle spam and fake comments, you have all the control of your website and you can deal with these comments.

Your blog will have an address in format, and, like all Google services, will include ads.

Support is available through the Blogger user forum, which is very efficient but has an unusual layout that can be a bit slow.



Substack is a new platform in the arena that has recently made huge waves in the media industry. That’s because they allow you to build a newspaper and a blog. You can charge subscribers to your newsletter for your content.

The feature that makes Substack one of the best blogging websites is the feature of charging your subscribers pr not, it’s all up to you.

So in the meantime, you want to develop a blog and also want to run a business this platform would be the best one to earn money through your writing and also creating a huge fan audience who would eagerly wait for your next blog to come up.

Every newsletter you submit can be published on your Substack page which acts as a blog. You can allow readers and subscribers to access as much or as little of this content as you want.

You can target a specific audience using this blogging website, for example, if you set a specific niche like gaming or science, you’ll be able to attract more of the targeted audience, consequently a more successful blog.

Along with the feature of the newsletter, you can do more tactics like a better SEO-optimized blog to use AdSense services and or other ad-based services that would pay you per click, thus SubStack is the Best Blogging Websites For Beginners if you want to write and earn as well.


Best Blogging Websites For Beginners Squarespace

Squarespace is an all-in-one internet blog site builder, like Wix. But it’s well-known for its beautiful pre-built-in themes, making it perfect for enterprise-based businesses along with photographers, designers, and artists.

Because it’s quite the best option as your posted work appears in Squarespace, it is an effortless platform you can use. Also, includes net website hosting offerings and loose first-12 months area (if you select an annual premium plan).

Ideal for bloggers seeking out an easy, stunning way to share pix, movies, and portfolio pieces, as well as long and short shape blog posts.

And with Squarespace, you create blog posts in the same way as you create pages.

Once you have got to found out how the drag and drop editor works, you are capable of using the complete platform.

You will get tons of free templates there that creating your blog would not be any problem for you, you can also categorize your posts with tags, featured or recent posts, you can also write a post and schedule it for some time in the future, Squarespace would automatically post your blog at the time.

You do not need to find solutions on the internet for SEO, as Squarespace gives you SEO and social media tools along with our blog.

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