What is SEO in WordPress (Complete guide-2023)

What is SEO in WordPress

What is SEO

What is SEO?

Before digging down into What is SEO in WordPress, we should have a basic knowledge of what SEO is.

SEO is a collection of techniques that are used to enhance the ranking of your site in relevant searches on search engines, the better the SEO the more the traffic you get.

There are multiple types of SEO, On-Page, Off-Page, Technical SEO…etc, each one dealing with a different area of enhancement.

Whether you launch a new blog site or managing a complex business website, your success depends on traffic – stable visitor traffic.

To do this, search engine optimization or SEO is an important key factor that can attract reader, customer, and potential clients to your website, but make the new WordPress website as much as possible seems to be daunting, especially when you are not familiar with the website development And SEO strategy.

However, from the website setting menu management dashboard, Word Press provides a list of tools to improve the website search for all important SEO features.

In this article, we will discuss how you can enhance the SEO of your website and what are the different perspectives of WordPress website SEO.

What is WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress.org is the master of free blogging sites. It’s a free platform, but you need to build a site with a touch of your taste.

You have to install WordPress in your system and after that, you can use its interactive GUI to create your best blogging websites.

While you can get free WordPress hosting, the best long-term strategy is to pay the estimated amount of a solid WordPress host.

Because you own WordPress software yourself, you have full control over what your site looks like and how it works, and how you make money from your site.

Unlike other blogging sites, WordPress is not entirely based on a drag and drop interface, and you will need to familiarize yourself with its menu system.

Doing so is well worth the effort, and it enables you to create something personal. The editor also allows you to create static pages – like author biography, about, etc.

The interface that is provided for the assistance of writing a post is similar to a standard desktop word processor, some options are displayed in the toolbar at the top, and some are in the menu on the side, which may be a bit confusing at first.

Also, the time spent in making yourself familiar with the interface is rewarded with advanced features like social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and the ability to choose a custom style for each post. After what is WordPress now it’s time to understand What is SEO in WordPress.

Several renowned companies work on WordPress:

  • BBC America
  • Mercedez Benz
  • The Walt and Disney Company

SEO in WordPress

What is SEO in WordPress

WordPress dashboard and external plugins would help to in a better SEO of your website, that is the reason the big companies and the bloggers always tend to develop a WordPress website for content management. It is easy to develop and much more simpler and swift when it comes to site SEO.

This means that Word Press brings you with an of the best SEO practice to open your business online. What is SEO in WordPress complete information.

It’s a popular blogging site builder because of having a large number of SEO plugins here – many of which are free. This does not mean that the Word Press is equivalent to a fully loaded SEO-equipped website, nor does it require other SEO adjustments.

Word Press is a tool that makes it easy to use traditional SEO technology. Therefore, there is no difference in the performance of WordPress SEO to conventional search engines, the process would be the same WordPress would only help you compactly do the SEO.

Therefore, the focus of this guide is to teach you how to use the most common SEO and page SEO technology in WordPress.

When we talk about the Off-page SEO, the one that is relevant to link building, backlinks are the same in WordPress sites as it’s done in other site builders.

Install SEO friendly theme

Install SEO friendly theme

When you install WordPress, you are greeted with a not-so-looking good theme, because it’s a default theme and no one would use that one, you have to install a new theme yourself.

The good news is that there is no shortage of better-looking WordPress themes. The bad news is that most of them aren’t good for SEO.

So the question arises that what makes a WordPress-friendly SEO theme?

Two main factors make a WordPress theme SEO friendly, these are Responsive design and lightweight themes.

Responsive design:

It has been seen that most of the people who read blogs reach out to the websites using their mobiles and not the laptops or desktop computers, which makes sense as you won’t be sitting on your desk to read informative or entertainment-based content in your leisure time.

Lightweight theme:

As simple as it sounds, your theme should not be heavy enough that the server takes ages to load the resources on the screen, you have to sacrifice using 3rd party plugins because those plugins would create hurdles in your site’s performance and speed.

Many theme descriptions will tell you that they are responsive and compatible with mobile. But to be sure, use a theme demo with the Google mobile-enabled tool. All these theme related things are important in What is SEO in WordPress because lightweight theme has fast loading speed.


Keyword-based titles and taglines | What is SEO in WordPress

Each part of the website can play a role in improving the visibility of your site in relevant keyword searches, which start from the name of the website.

When you install a new WordPress website on your computer, its appearance provides options for setting the title and tag, both of which are sued by the search engine to render your website in search results.

Add keywords as much as possible in these two rows to help your site become more SEO friendly – especially if your domain name does not only contain a keyword or a description of your website.

Title and description are very important in aspect of SEO in WordPress.

Optimizing the site speed

Optimizing the site speed

It is a wide known research and you can relate this thing to yourself that a user when comes to a website, decides if he wants to stay on the website or not n the first few moments of his visit.

A website that takes a long to load resources (content, picture, forms) would irritate the reader by making him wait.

As a consequence, you will lose a reader and thus your site traffic would be decreased, Search engines like google won’t rank your website once your site has started losing traffic.

Thus, for a better SEO, you have to select a theme on WordPress that is fast, use plugins for images to load them faster, and also use small-sized images so that the server loads them faster. We can easily optimize speed in WordPress with the help of Plugins SEO in WordPress is very easy.

Optimizing WordPress site URLs – What is SEO in WordPress

Each page and published article on your WordPress website have a unique URL, but the default Word-press format provides a set of numbers for each content.

The addition of a keyword into these permanent links can help make a single page a page that can be searched. On the Dashboard Settings tab, select “Permalink” and select a layout from available options, including your post item and page title – which must also contain keywords related to your market segment.

High-quality links help increase search rankings, including internal links, as well as reverse links (Backlinks) from external websites for your website and content.

For each article or page, you created, add a link to other pages of articles on the site, such as content or saved pages containing more details.

This would help out in doing the internal linking, when you keep your site traffic inside your website, just redirecting them to your content, and if your content is good enough then you can achieve a good SEO with this tactic. Now I’m hopping you can understand What is SEO in WordPress.

Optimizing Images in WordPress website

The photo is more than the text, but it takes a longer load. If you do not pay attention to the size and quality of the image, they can slow down your website.

You must make sure that you use images for fast download. Another policy that you can use is to add your images to the search engine using descriptive headers and Alt tags.

These tags can help search engines understand what your images are about. They can also help users suffer from visual barriers since their screen readers can read the text to them.

In WordPress, you can easily add title and alt tags every time you upload an image to your blog.

Choosing between www and non-www

Have you ever wondered that some websites have a domain like (www.google.com) and some have like (aaasanlearning.com)?

For example, the URL of the Aaasan Learning Blog is (https://www.aaasanlearning.com).

Google views the same www and non-URL types as different references for different pages.

WordPress will redirect another version to your preferred one.

Does it make a difference in which version you choose? For new websites, no. It depends on your will.

But if your site is currently available on both www and non-www URLs (type in your browser for redirecting), then you should choose the type Google seems to already like.

What is SEO in WordPress | WordPress SEO plugins

Word Press offers many ways to expand the site’s search appearance when relevant keywords are searched in the search engines, but this can be a process of much time consumption.

Many SEO plugins provide complete and advanced management of all types, free and advanced types of SEO plug-in options on your website, such All in One SEO Pack, JetPack, and Yoast, available in the WordPress plug-in directory and third-party plugin developers from around the world.

Yoast is one of the most popular words of the SEO press. Use tools to ensure that all parts of the site are environmentally friendly.

This free SEO plug-in version can be installed from the WordPress file directory, which adds custom referencing settings to the WordPress dashboard. Yoast SEO includes the description of the adjustment tools in the messages and pages and analyzing each of the contents of the keyword you entered.

The ready content is green, the bad content is red, the yellow light is intended to improve the work. JOST and similar plug-ins provide many advanced versions related to specific needs, such as the local SEO extension of Joste`s, which follows your website visibility in local search, as well as specialized videos in the Referencing video content.

With this extension, the SEO plug-in can save your time and energy and make sure all parts of your website are well designed.

Word Press authorized about one-third of the world and aims to follow the best SEO practices. From the tools available to the dashboard of each website and many plugins that support search engine optimization, Keywords are made for SEO.

WordPress provides you lots of caching plugins with the help of which your browser can save site data in the cache and the next time your user visits your site, the static data would be loaded faster and your users would feel great.

This is because of simple human behavior, we want things to be swift, we want our job to be done in seconds, thus speed matters when we talk about What is SEO in WordPress, the fast your website loads the more is the chance that the user would stay longer to see your website in-depth.

You can also compress and resize your images, an image with a small storage size would be loaded faster than an image of a larger size, glad that you can do this thing from the WordPress dashboard.

Once you get to know the basic SEO techniques for your WordPress site then you’ll never sit back on persistent settings, but you’ll have to constantly work on the site’s SEO to grow your website in your domain competition.

We hope that this article would have helped your understanding of WordPress site SEO, now you can install the WordPress software and start making yourself great stuff to reach out to millions and you can go on and start your research and grow your business to the next level by targeting your audience. get Free SEO Course in WordPress and learn WordPress course online

That’s all for What is SEO in WordPress For more interesting articles visit daily The Planet Today.


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