The Cause of Beirut Explosion [2020]

Beirut explosion was one of the deadlist explosions in the history. It was August 4th, 2020, when the City of Lebanon, Beirut witnessed a horrible incident.

A deadly explosion that killed hundreds, and injured thousands. Not just that, but this unfortunate event made a great number of citizens homeless as buildings collapsed and homes were destroyed due to the blast. The catastrophic explosion was so powerful that it was felt in Cyprus as well which is almost 250 KM away from the capital of Lebanon. The point which arises after the incident is to identify the cause of Beirut Explosion.

Various causes of Beirut Explosion explained

Now there are different opinions regarding the causes of the explosion. In this article, we will analyze different perspectives and causes of the explosion.

beirut explosion
Beirut explosion Drone image

Fireworks Factory

After the strong explosion took place in the capital of Lebanon, the initial reports suggested that a fireworks factory went up and due to that a massive blast was initiated. Even though a fireworks factory can cause an explosion, but it would be of low scale.

The explosion in Beirut was horrible and it was of a larger scale, and therefore it does not sound much appropriate to suggest that the fireworks factory would be the reason due to the scale of damage that has been caused.

Stash of Ammonium Nitrate

Basically, ammonium nitrate is a substance that is used by common people for various purposes . It is used for fertilizing, and by the armed forces as well for different uses.

However, in contrast to its common use, ammonium nitrate is a highly explosive substance. This substance is used by militaries and terrorist groups to cause explosions and blasts.

According to reports, ammonium nitrate was kept at the port in Beirut for around 8 years. The reason behind it was that in 2013 a ship from Europe was carrying the ammonium nitrate to the African continent. However, for some reason, it was impounded in Beirut.

The reason which has come forward is a dispute over staff and port fees. Resultantly, the substance was kept in a warehouse at the port for a long time. On 4th August it ended up in a catastrophic explosion.

Lebanon Blast was an attack

Recently, the President of the USA, Donald Trump has stated that the blast in Lebanese Capital can possibly be an attack. He has told that nobody can say whether the blast was an attack or a human error. Moreover, an Israeli official was also seen making fun of the incident and it has certainly created a state of anxiety in people’s minds.

Conclusion| Beruit Explosion 

After analyzing all the reasons and doing comprehensive research, the reports and evidences suggest that the cause of the Beirut explosion was the stash of ammonium nitrate. The concerned authorities should look at the matter and identify the culprits.

The explosion has caused massive damage to the Lebanese Capital and has made thousands of people homeless. In this difficult time, the nations around the globe should stand to unite against the evil. We should move forward to assist Lebanon to recover from this calamity.


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